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Girls, Sheila, Natalie, Amanda, Jen, and Ryan in the sauna random chit chat, Jen on top of Ryan doing his nails. NT - Melonie
11:41AM 13/02/2008

Matt about to talk to Natalie but she's busy talking - bbshannon
11:42AM 13/02/2008

Neil tells Chelsia not to tell the Mexican how to clean the dishes! NT - bbshannon
11:43AM 13/02/2008

Josh talking to Alison in the bathroom. She has her hair in rollers and is doing her mascara NT - bbshannon
11:46AM 13/02/2008
She said she had to let loose last night..she has been stressed for the past 5 days NT - bbshannon
11:46AM 13/02/2008
Whips out the dreaded blowdryer. Josh primping, moving his mic around, pulling at his shirt. NT - bbshannon
11:48AM 13/02/2008

Matt tells James he has to stop joking with Natalie sexually. She takes it too literally. NT - KennyN
11:49AM 13/02/2008

Sheila- I dropped out .. as soon as son is 18 Im going back to school - Hippiebitch
11:50AM 13/02/2008

Sheila says she dropped out of school in the 8th grade NT - KingMac
11:51AM 13/02/2008

Parker and Matt back in the boat room talking about Natalie again. He says Natalie offered him favors if he is nice to her. - Melonie
11:52AM 13/02/2008

Matt said he left his match to be on this show, he said hopefully it works out. His match is 22. - Melonie
11:54AM 13/02/2008

Matt says he signed contract stating the prize would be $500,000. No splitting money with partner. NT - KennyN
11:59AM 13/02/2008

Sheila wants Lindsay Lohan to play her in a movie... Sheila says she left home at 14 NT - Hippiebitch
12:01PM 13/02/2008

Amanda wants Matt to let her talk to Natalie to find out if she really likes him "that way." NT - KennyN
12:03PM 13/02/2008

SHeila met Stan Milanowsky in Vegas, one of the biggest photogs who shot Christy Brinkley and for shot for Vogue - Hippiebitch
12:04PM 13/02/2008

Sheila why would I persue modelling if I didnt think I was hot. - Hippiebitch
12:06PM 13/02/2008

Jen went to a modelling school when she was little , "Paper Dolls" NT - Hippiebitch
12:07PM 13/02/2008

Neil and Chelsia are cleaning up the kitchen. Alex eating a mellon trying to determine what it is. NT - Melonie
12:07PM 13/02/2008

Sheila - long story short...they sent two polaroids to Hugh Hefner who didnt get them coz he was moving from Chicago - Hippiebitch
12:14PM 13/02/2008

Sheila talking about how she did a movie with Shelly Winters, Sheila tells them about telling her mom about doing nudity. - Melonie
12:14PM 13/02/2008
Now she is talking about how her mother was a single mother, and now she is in her shoes. NT - Melonie
12:16PM 13/02/2008
She says her mother and her son do not have a very good relationship. - Melonie
12:18PM 13/02/2008

Nat - my family found out I was a stripper coz my uncle saw me pulling outta the strip club parking lot and told my whole family - Hippiebitch
12:16PM 13/02/2008

Sheila - you wouldnt know my movies theyre B movies. I did Spring Break...Europeon Vacatiion - Hippiebitch
12:21PM 13/02/2008

Discovering alot of April Bdays in the house...Apr 7th Matts Bday Sheilas is the 12, Parker is the 6th - Hippiebitch
12:24PM 13/02/2008

Nominations today showing on feed one. NT - Melonie
12:26PM 13/02/2008

Joshuah, Parker, and Amanda on all four feeds In the boat room. Talking about how there is nothing to do. - Melonie
12:29PM 13/02/2008

We have confirmation: According to Amanda, they moved in on Thursday night. Sharon/Jacob were evicted late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. NT - BBInsider1
12:32PM 13/02/2008

All feeds on Parker & Amanda.. She's helping him w/ his hair, they are in his bed, (they look really cute together!) NT - texasbytch420
12:35PM 13/02/2008

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