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Amanda leaves to get a drink, says jokingly I better go before the gossiping starts-Parker thanks her for helping him w/ his hair NT - texasbytch420
12:39PM 13/02/2008

Amanda tells the group HER roadrage story that cant be topped... - Hippiebitch
12:46PM 13/02/2008

All four feeds on the sauna room Amanda talking with Sheila, Jen, Natalie, and Ryan talking about random past events that were in the news. NT - Melonie
12:46PM 13/02/2008

Back from flames...AM - I the old law firm I worked at I had ability to look people up found his house and knocked on door...more flames NT - Hippiebitch
12:47PM 13/02/2008

All four feeds now on Parker and Ryan in the boat room. Chit chatitng about Amanda helping with his hair. NT - Melonie
12:49PM 13/02/2008

Am - A car fulla lesbian girls ya know dykes with a butch haircut tried to help - Hippiebitch
12:49PM 13/02/2008

Parker reitterating his "misunderstanding" story to Matt saying him and Jen are now on the same page NT - Hippiebitch
12:52PM 13/02/2008

Parker says anger brings out the worst in people. Matt said like last night. He tells Matt he talked to her last night and she said Ryan gave his - Melonie
12:53PM 13/02/2008

Parker said he felt so bad he had to stand there and do that knowing he knew thier secret. He said he was just tore up. Matt said well what can you - Melonie
12:56PM 13/02/2008

Sounds as though Parker knew early on about Jen/Ryan, even before Sharon and Jacob were evicted, and - BBInsider1
12:57PM 13/02/2008

Joshuah and Ryan now alone in the sauna talking on all four feeds. Ryan talks about his pretty manucure Jen gave him - Melonie
12:59PM 13/02/2008

Jen to Amanda - Id have to vote Ryan out to earn you guys' trust actions speak louder than words - Hippiebitch
1:08PM 13/02/2008

Jen - Obviously Id rather be with you(Am) than Natalie and Parker wont choose between you two - Hippiebitch
1:10PM 13/02/2008

All four feeds in the Power Couple room with Jen and Amanda - Melonie
1:12PM 13/02/2008

Amanda says Alex is so messy, she's cleaning the HOH room. Eww..there were pubes in the shower NT - bbshannon
1:14PM 13/02/2008

Jen says she cant stand the paint job they did in the PC room. Jen is wondering what happened to the stuff they are supposed to get. Amanda said yea - Melonie
1:14PM 13/02/2008
there is paint all over the windows etc NT - bbshannon
1:16PM 13/02/2008

Amanda talking to alex and adam who are in the living room now. She doesn't know if she should get ready for noms today because they don't know if - Melonie
1:19PM 13/02/2008
Amanda also checked her ass out in the mirrow and said she hates the dimples at the top so she always covers them..okkayyy NT - bbshannon
1:29PM 13/02/2008

Parker and Amanda in the boat room talking to Sheila about them being on the block against Ryan and Allison. - Melonie
1:26PM 13/02/2008
Jen telling Sheila that people would be like wow Sheila kept her word if her and Adam keep their word. NT - Melonie
1:27PM 13/02/2008
Sheila agrees to keep her word if needed. NT - Melonie
1:34PM 13/02/2008

Sheila asks Parker and Jen what about Natalie? They both say Natalie loves them..Sheila says "thats not what I got from last night" NT - bbshannon
1:30PM 13/02/2008

Sheila gave her word that she will vote to keep Parker and Jen NT - KingMac
1:34PM 13/02/2008

Sheila agrees to keep Jen and Parker in the game but only for this week..cuz they saved her and Adam last week - bbshannon
1:36PM 13/02/2008
Sheila worried that Alison is gonna be really upset if she saves Jen and Parker NT - bbshannon
1:37PM 13/02/2008

Sheila talks to Matt and Natalie in the bathroom she wanted to find out if they were on Jen and Parkers side. Matt told Sheila she owed them. Sheila - Melonie
1:41PM 13/02/2008

Allison and Sheila talking upstairs at the chess set. Allison tells Sheila that if Ryan and Allison and Jen and Parker are up there that her and Ryan - Melonie
1:49PM 13/02/2008

Allison and Amanda and Jen in the HoH room. Allison tells Jen that she has to go in order for her to have a shot or Allison has to go for Jen to have - Melonie
1:53PM 13/02/2008

Oh my. Sheila tells Ryan that he and Allison have her word that she'll vote to keep them if they go up... LIAR. NT - KennyN
1:58PM 13/02/2008

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