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cat8mysn Ok, amendment to Chelsia's breakfast, there is bacon as well NT 0 9:08AM 14/02/2008
cat8mysn I think this just bears mentioning, James said he doesn't use money and when he leaves will go back to cycling and living on the street NT 0 9:10AM 14/02/2008
BigBrother9 Sheila is hoping BB does wake up music soon so she doesn't have to wake up adam 0 9:20AM 14/02/2008
sodapopp Joshua up, tlaking Shiela and James. NT 0 9:24AM 14/02/2008
cat8mysn Sheila is off to serve Adam breakfast in bed!!!!!!! NT 0 9:24AM 14/02/2008
sodapopp Sheila just gave Adam his food. NT 0 9:24AM 14/02/2008
KennyN Sheila: "Adam, Happy Valentine's Day. I made you breakfast." Adam: "You're the best." Awwww, she just kissed his cheek & apologized for being mean. NT 0 9:25AM 14/02/2008
sodapopp Sheila said sorry for being so mean. NT 0 9:26AM 14/02/2008
cat8mysn Adam wanted to share his breakfast with Sheila, she said "no sweetheart, i made it for YOU" NT 0 9:28AM 14/02/2008
BigBrother9 Joshuah is now awake and in the kitchen; Sheila tells him about making breakfast for partner 0 9:28AM 14/02/2008
Hippiebitch Our Guinea Pig friends have returned. BB Wakeup call most likely NT 0 9:29AM 14/02/2008
cat8mysn This is funny, feeds are switching from Adam eating to GP cam, and the GP eating! HA! NT 0 9:29AM 14/02/2008
cat8mysn Before the feeds switched over Sheila and Adam had a small strategy talk, too quiet to hear 0 9:34AM 14/02/2008
cat8mysn BB: "Attention houseguests there are fresh batteries in the storage room" NT 0 9:35AM 14/02/2008
KennyN Natalie is awake and squeaky as usual. "We'll never forget this V-Day, huh?!" Ryan is awake. Parker is awake. Josh is awake. They're all waking up. NT 0 9:38AM 14/02/2008
cat8mysn Adam thanked Sheila again for the wonderful breakfast... 0 9:49AM 14/02/2008
cat8mysn Apparently James took Chelsia her breakfast and she said "aww, baby you didn't have to do that, I don't eat breakfast!" NT 0 9:50AM 14/02/2008
cat8mysn James is laughing about it, said she did eat it. NT 0 9:51AM 14/02/2008
cat8mysn The house is all abuzz over Sheila's breakfast in bed for Adam NT 0 9:52AM 14/02/2008
KennyN Sheila hugging Adam in the kitchen. NT 0 9:53AM 14/02/2008
KennyN Matt gave Natalie a V-Day card in the kitchen. He made it with nail polish. She thanks him and kisses his cheek. NT 0 9:54AM 14/02/2008
cat8mysn Ryan on feed 3 getting something from the med kit...a band aid or something...i'm out for a while NT 0 10:18AM 14/02/2008
cat8mysn wow, Parker just told Jen he had no faith in he and Jen and they had no chance to winning NT 0 10:22AM 14/02/2008
cat8mysn Jen's trying to pep talk Parker, he's being a real downer he's back to the "i've been screwed" talk NT 0 10:23AM 14/02/2008
bbshannon 4 feeds on guinea pig cage NT 0 10:26AM 14/02/2008
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