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GoDeena hot tub 0 12:00AM 14/02/2008
Shar Chelsia has joined Joshuah and Amanda in the hot tub. 0 12:01AM 14/02/2008
mattpd Parker called to DR. Alison now with Sharon. Sharon rehashing everything she just told Parker now. NT 0 12:01AM 14/02/2008
mattpd Ryan & Jen just did whip-its with the empty whipped cream bottle. NT 0 12:18AM 14/02/2008
mattpd Ryan just licked starburst out of Jen's tongue ring. NT 0 12:19AM 14/02/2008
Shar Alex, Adam, and Matt are playing pool, James is watching. 0 12:21AM 14/02/2008
mattpd Sharon managed to corner Ryan - she's now telling him the story about missing Jacob, etc. etc. etc. NT 0 12:23AM 14/02/2008
Shar Sharon and Ryan in kitchen; she is talking about Jacob again. He doesn't get to see the 0 12:24AM 14/02/2008
Shar Ryan has joined the group in the hot tub. Allison called to DR. NT 0 12:27AM 14/02/2008
Shar Chelsia thinks that James will go crazy and run around naked if they get HOH. NT 0 12:30AM 14/02/2008
Shar Parker is massaging Amanda in the sauna room while Sharon watches. 0 12:51AM 14/02/2008
Shar Allison and Ryan, talking in the store room: A asks if R will play for POV 0 1:16AM 14/02/2008
mattpd Sharon and Parker are going over the same thing about how much Jen bugs them NT 0 1:37AM 14/02/2008
mattpd Joshuah & Alison talking in bed 0 1:52AM 14/02/2008
Samma Sharon and Parker whispering in the living room 0 1:57AM 14/02/2008
Samma Sharon telling Parker about being nervous about being Joshuah's partner 0 2:06AM 14/02/2008
Samma Joshuah shown in DR asking for Tylenol because of a headache, from crying all day NT 0 2:06AM 14/02/2008
scandalous Parker said to Sharon, "do you think the internet people are watching us, getting off...." (lol) NT 0 2:11AM 14/02/2008
Samma Amanda out of the DR, talking to Jen and Ryan about not being compatible with Alex 0 2:12AM 14/02/2008
scandalous Parker said..."wait till I see Julie, he'd say, Julie, you lied to me" he's saying "this show sucks, f*ck you big brother".... 0 2:15AM 14/02/2008
scandalous Parker, Sharon & Amanda were chatting: 0 2:21AM 14/02/2008
scandalous Sharon & Parker talk about Neil... 0 2:24AM 14/02/2008
scandalous Sharon contemplating if everyone gets sequestered b/c of the small number of pairs & how she & Jacob were apparently sequestered NT 0 2:27AM 14/02/2008
scandalous Meanwhile Jen & Ryan have been cuddling & chatting on the loveseat in the wc NT 0 2:29AM 14/02/2008
scandalous Sharon says that wherever they were sequestered was similar to pre-show, that they didn't get very far (no sequester house); S & J just talked alot NT 0 2:33AM 14/02/2008
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