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MaddyP Parker, Mattie, Amanda, Alex in HOH room talking about Oregon NT 0 10:36PM 14/02/2008
Starr Matt is complaing that he has to give natalie a massage. He doesn't really want to though but thinks he needs to keep her happy. He says she is 0 10:37PM 14/02/2008
MaddyP Parker complaining about his crappy situation with Jen (again) 0 10:40PM 14/02/2008
MaddyP Current Alliances 0 10:45PM 14/02/2008
MaddyP Alex is headed toward the Diary Room 0 10:47PM 14/02/2008
MaddyP Amanda complains that Alex is mean to her NT 1 10:48PM 14/02/2008
MaddyP Mattie's talking about moving to LA after the show NT 0 10:53PM 14/02/2008
bbshannon Amanda is in the middle of the HOH bed between Parker and Matt "her boys" 1 10:55PM 14/02/2008
MaddyP Mattie keeps complaining that Natalie is a 'crazy lunatic partner' NT 0 10:56PM 14/02/2008
Starr Parker, Matt, Amanda talking in the HOH bed. Alex is in the DR. Amanda is telling them about her talk with Alex earlier. She says Alex 0 10:57PM 14/02/2008
bbshannon Something happened downstairs on the screen and they are all laughing. Parker and Amanda are cuddling/flirting and Matt wants to leave 0 10:59PM 14/02/2008
bbshannon Matt: I hopes James bangs my partner NT 0 11:00PM 14/02/2008
MaddyP Amanda is upset that Alex is coming back 0 11:00PM 14/02/2008
bbshannon 3 boys left in HOH 1 11:06PM 14/02/2008
MaddyP Parker, Mattie, and Alex are talking about how much everyone likes Adam now NT 0 11:08PM 14/02/2008
KingMac Parker Matt and Alex say thier crew are the stars and the others... 0 11:09PM 14/02/2008
bbshannon Matt called to the DR, Parker and Alex left in HOH 0 11:15PM 14/02/2008
bbshannon Alex and Amanda left in HOH, Alex gives Amanda a big hug 1 11:23PM 14/02/2008
MaddyP Parker and Jen waving at the camera, talking 0 11:35PM 14/02/2008
bbshannon While Amanda and Alex do their little dance, feeds 3 and 4 are on the backyard 0 11:36PM 14/02/2008
bbshannon Around the feeds: Jen and Parker in bed with lights off chatting, Backyard people bashing other houseguests NT 0 11:37PM 14/02/2008
MaddyP Backyard people convo 0 11:39PM 14/02/2008
MaddyP Nat gives Matt a massage 0 11:40PM 14/02/2008
bbshannon Feed 3 switches to Natalie straddling Matt's back giving him a massage 0 11:44PM 14/02/2008
bbshannon Feed switches again to Alex and Amanda under the covers..she tells him to stop 0 11:46PM 14/02/2008
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