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Melonie Alex and James in the lounger 0 12:50PM 14/02/2008
Melonie Josh and Allison in the kichen discussing possibly winning the veto.. 0 12:53PM 14/02/2008
Melonie Allison and Josh think Sheila and Adam will go up is Allison and Ryan come down. NT 0 12:54PM 14/02/2008
Melonie Allison tells Josh bottom line they have got to win pov. NT 0 12:55PM 14/02/2008
KennyN Allison tells Josh she's not sure if they'll even be doing food comps this year. She doesn't care either way. NT 0 12:56PM 14/02/2008
Melonie Alison tells Josh she want no drama.. 0 12:58PM 14/02/2008
Melonie Amanda says she was just informed that chelsia hates her and that she doesnt like people that are into 1 1:01PM 14/02/2008
Melonie Sharon and Amanda in the hammock cont 0 1:03PM 14/02/2008
KennyN Parker says again that this is the most unfair season ever. NT 0 1:06PM 14/02/2008
Melonie Parker is on the ground next to the hammock in the conversation 0 1:07PM 14/02/2008
PrincessManda Jen, Amanda and Parker chit chat...... 0 1:10PM 14/02/2008
Melonie Parker, Amanda and Sharon 0 1:11PM 14/02/2008
Melonie Sharon would love to see how they are being portrayed 0 1:13PM 14/02/2008
PrincessManda Amanda and Sharon 0 1:14PM 14/02/2008
Melonie Matt, James and Alex in the sauna discussing their jobs. 0 1:15PM 14/02/2008
PrincessManda Matt, James and Alex in saunna 0 1:17PM 14/02/2008
PrincessManda Amanda went into saunna room... 0 1:19PM 14/02/2008
PrincessManda More Saunna talk.... 0 1:22PM 14/02/2008
PrincessManda Parker and Amanda out back..... 0 1:26PM 14/02/2008
KennyN Allison/Sheila talking about how they're similar to Dick Donato because they dont care what others think of them, just like him. NT 1 1:31PM 14/02/2008
KennyN Allison says that she would rather get Jen out than win the money. That would be more of a victory for her, and she's not going to give up. NT 0 1:37PM 14/02/2008
Melonie Allison tells Sheila she wants to be here that she needs to be here 0 1:39PM 14/02/2008
Melonie Jen and Amanda in the bathroom 0 1:52PM 14/02/2008
Melonie All four feeds on Allison, Natalie and Sheila in the backyard 0 2:01PM 14/02/2008
KennyN Amanda/Parker in bed. She tells him that Alex wants her to let him talk to everyone for her. He thinks he's smarter than she is. She's annoyed. NT 0 2:20PM 14/02/2008
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