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Topic #7881877
scandalous - Nat showed James her battle wounds (I think from the POV comp); Chels puts a shirt on b/c she's self-conscious; thinks she's been eating too much NT 0 Replies #7881877 1:57AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7881885
scandalous - Nat leaves to let them go to sleep and gets into bed alone while cam switches and Alli has gotten into bed with Matt NT 0 Replies #7881885 1:58AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7881896
scandalous - Matt gets up to go to bed w/ Nat, b/c "she'll probably get mad" NT 0 Replies #7881896 2:00AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7881902
scandalous - Matt climbs into bed w/ Nat and gives her a quick kiss, mentions something about being sick while Nat rests her head on his shoulder NT 0 Replies #7881902 2:02AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7881918
scandalous - Meanwhile....Jen & Park in bathroom. Jen says, "Mattie will convince Nat to use it (the veto) on them"... 0 Replies #7881918 2:07AM 16/02/2008
Park says, but that heifer has been opening her mouth, trying to get them to not use it (referring to Alli)

Park says whenever Alli opens her mouth a plague comes out.

Park says Alli was crying and that he'd be crying, too, if he knew he was leaving.

Park & Jen just smack talking in general. They're pretty cocky, Jen says she feels badly for Ryan b/c he has to stay in sequester alone with Alli for a week before anyone shows up.
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Topic #7881929
scandalous - James & Chels are whispering really lightly (ala Dani) but Chels cracking her knuckles is extremely loud NT 0 Replies #7881929 2:11AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7881934
scandalous - Adam has the new nick "8-ball" b/c he used to do cocaine. James said he looks like a chipmunk on crack NT 0 Replies #7881934 2:13AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7881937
scandalous - Chels & James' bed is broken and they want to switch with Jen & Park NT 0 Replies #7881937 2:15AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7881942
scandalous - Chels says her feet smell bad compared to vinegar, Park comes in and turned on the light and pissed everyone off in both bedrooms NT 0 Replies #7881942 2:18AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7881958
scandalous - They're all laughing at Sheila b/c she said "for heaven's sake, I'm trying to sleep"; now all want some of the lipsh*t that Parker turned the... 0 Replies #7881958 2:26AM 16/02/2008
light on to use. They all realized someone was snoring incredibly loudly, but Adam was still they all went to wake up Ryan who was the culprit.

This has devolved into a pillow fight, at which point everyone realized how much Chels' feet really do smell and are laughing b/c she uses deoderant on them.

Matt asks James how he can sleep with "cheese feet" and James says he's farting, too.

Chels just went to wash her feet in the shower, and those awake learn about/watch Jen's ability to lick her own armpit.
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Topic #7881963
scandalous - There's a lot of very amusing banter going on between the 2 bedrooms NT 0 Replies #7881963 2:30AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7881966
scandalous - Cam switched to Alex & Amanda who are trying to sleep, but Amanda is complaining that she's all stuffy NT 0 Replies #7881966 2:30AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7881981
scandalous - Alex is telling Amanda that if they don't get physical or gain feelings for one another, don't let that f-up their game... 0 Replies #7881981 2:36AM 16/02/2008
AND tells her not to get attached to anyone else either so it won't mess up their game.

Amanda asked Alex if he has feelings for anyone, he says, yes, for her...but he said he's not going to force an issue or try anything on/with her. She says she's not the type to just be with someone after a week of knowing them, Alex says he understands that & for her to let him know if she wants anything. Basically he's saying he's not going to chase her around & beg, but if nothing evolves with him, he doesn't want her with anyone else either.
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Topic #7881992
scandalous - Amanda gets up & leaves the room, saying she's frustrated. Alex says, "what you're mad at me?"... 0 Replies #7881992 2:39AM 16/02/2008
After she leaves the room he says, I can't play like this...thank you very much f-ing America.

Amanda has now gone downstairs and is telling Chels that Alex is too jealous about her giving Park a massage & wearing short shorts, etc.

Chels says she asked Alex earlier in the day if he liked Amanda, and he says that he didn't think he did, but then he gets jealous when she wears promiscuous clothing & flirts, which to him means he must like her.
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Topic #7882010
scandalous - Amanda is confiding in Chels that she woke up to Alex touching her, when she woke she says he ..... 1 Replies #7882010 2:43AM 16/02/2008
turned over and pretended like he was asleep. That's when he grabbed the mic and told her what he did about if they're not going to be together, she shouldn't get caught up w/ anyone else either.
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scandalous - For the record, she has clarified that he was touching her genital area while she was "sleeping" NT #7882238 3:19AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7882030
scandalous - Meanwhile Alex is in the HOH Room, watching the spy screen (looking really creepy) NT 0 Replies #7882030 2:48AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7882051
scandalous - Chels is cleaning the kitchen while they're chatting, Parker just showed up too, he asked if Alex is watching... 0 Replies #7882051 2:51AM 16/02/2008
she said probably. Amanda is now telling Parker how Alex was touching her. She is reiterating Alex' new rule to Parker also.

Alex also said to her that she's only had sex with a couple of people.

Amanda tells Parker to stop flexing his boobs.

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Topic #7882057
scandalous - Alex has his glasses on, with the sheets pulled up under his chin and is watching the spy screen NT 0 Replies #7882057 2:52AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7882080
scandalous - Chels said if you don't have feelings for him, that's just the way it is (Amanda doesn't say that she does like him, as she leads him to believe) NT 0 Replies #7882080 2:56AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7882096
scandalous - Parker is now really worried about Alex swaying people to vote them out & wants to wake Mattie up & tell him he needs to use the veto on P/J NT 0 Replies #7882096 2:58AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7882119
scandalous - Chels is cleaning up & Alex was following her on the spy screen (as though to see if she was coming up to the HOH) but she was putting the chess... 0 Replies #7882119 3:01AM 16/02/2008
set up there.

Amanda is kind of freaked that she has to sleep in the same bed with Alex.

Amanda asks Park to not go off on him or get angry; Park says he won't.

Amanda just keeps saying how jealous he is and how the most attractive thing in a man (or a woman) is confidence.
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Topic #7882125
scandalous - Parker is just saying "why me", making it about him & how this will be a problem for his game NT 0 Replies #7882125 3:02AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7882131
scandalous - Amanda thinks that even when Nat goes home and sees that Matt doesn't like her that she still won't get it. Both she & Park say... 0 Replies #7882131 3:04AM 16/02/2008
they want to sit Nat down and tell her blatantly.

They also talk about how James likes Chels but she doesn't like him in the same way.
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Topic #7882150
scandalous - Park tells Amanda to go to the DR and tell them that she's uncomfortable... 0 Replies #7882150 3:06AM 16/02/2008
she said she already did!? and that they told her it would work out.

She definitely has not been to the DR since the "touching" incident happened (ed. so I don't know when she would have made this explicit comment to the DR. I can't believe they'd ignore if he was touching her), but Park & Amanda are saying, "we signed up for this so they don't care about our well-being"
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Topic #7882177
scandalous - Amanda & Chels are saying Alli causes all the trouble, but Sheila is growing on them NT 0 Replies #7882177 3:09AM 16/02/2008
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