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Topic #7883478
cat8mysn - F4 is not HoH, it is Allison and Ryan. NT 2 Replies #7883478 10:54AM 16/02/2008
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MrGameShow - Order of the sleepers on feeds - #7883527 11:03AM 16/02/2008
F1: Jen and Parker
F2: James and Chelsia
F3: Sheila (sunbathing)
F4: Amanda and Alex
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cat8mysn - Thank you :) NT #7883583 11:13AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7883542
KaySeeDubya - Sharon is up. NT 0 Replies #7883542 11:06AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7883548
KaySeeDubya - Sharon back in bed already. Sheila is still the only one up. NT 1 Replies #7883548 11:08AM 16/02/2008
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cat8mysn - Sharon sleeping is now on F1- No more Parker and Jen NT #7883596 11:14AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7883672
cat8mysn - F2 has also switched to Alli and Ryan instead of James and Chelsia 0 Replies #7883672 11:24AM 16/02/2008
I honestly have no clue who is really on F4 because so help me it does not look like the HoH room and the male in the bed has tattoos(i know it's not Matt though) but the female has very long hair.

Sheila is now laying flat on her back on a blue striped towel actually in the yard (no lounger) coffee cup at her head on the right side.

Bottom line- There is nothing really going on in the house.

(Ed. note- Hubby busted me and figured out the person sneezing was Parker..drat!)
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Topic #7883676
cat8mysn - Feed 4 person is up and in the bathroom and it it is official...F4 is HoH NT 0 Replies #7883676 11:24AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7883699
cat8mysn - Alex is up for a while...he is putting on mic, peeked outside and is now in the kitchen milling around NT 0 Replies #7883699 11:28AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7883703
cat8mysn - Alex grabbed another striped towl and is laying out about 6 feet from Sheila...Matt is now up NT 0 Replies #7883703 11:29AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7883709
cat8mysn - F1 Matt putting on mic and heading out, F2 Alli and Ryan sleeping, F3 and F4Alex and Sheila laying out NT 0 Replies #7883709 11:30AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7883733
cat8mysn - Matt now out of the bathroom, grabs something out of the cabinet and is now brushing his teeth. (No hand wash first) NT 0 Replies #7883733 11:33AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7883763
cat8mysn - F1 and F2 is Matt in the Bathroom...he seems very concerned with something on his forehead 0 Replies #7883763 11:37AM 16/02/2008
Sheila and Alex are talking but I can't make out what Sheila is saying..we get a brief glimpse of who appears to be Adam F1 shows Sheila and Adam's bed is empty but I didn't see Adam get up.
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Topic #7883765
cat8mysn - FLAMES! Must be wakey wakey time BB style NT 0 Replies #7883765 11:37AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7883785
cat8mysn - Correction...yellow shirt man was Josh, not Adam NT 0 Replies #7883785 11:40AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7883842
cat8mysn - Matt,Alex and Sheila all out sunning...Sheila said they don't know what time it is in the house... 0 Replies #7883842 11:48AM 16/02/2008
Sheila said she THINKS the house lights came on around 8am except in the HoH room where they remain off. Josh fixing "breakfast" on F1 and F2.

Matt mentioned the "pillow fight" started around 2am-3am and continued until after 5am. Josh just said it was almost noon, Sheila can't believe it.
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Topic #7883856
cat8mysn - BB gave them a bacon/casserole pan and their is a brief suggestion that BB may have messed with the clocks.... 0 Replies #7883856 11:50AM 16/02/2008
....Matt quickly points out where the sun is, verifying that it is indeed somewhere close to noon. (Smart man)

Ryan is up and waiting for the WC, then mentions to Sheila the BB "was nice today"

Sheila is off for a shower.

Matt tells Alex that "she" is making him out to look like the bad guy. Alex responds "oh yeah, I know"
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Topic #7883878
cat8mysn - General chit chat on F1 and F2 between Sheila, Josh and Ryan..small strategy talk between Matt and Alex... 0 Replies #7883878 11:55AM 16/02/2008
...could only make out every other word until BB instructed Matt to reattach his microphone. Alex and Matt talking about who to put clue what the reality is, but the chat involves who to put up in "their" place. Not sure who they are talking about because Matt has trashed talked Parker and Ryan in this conversation.
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Topic #7883945
cat8mysn - Matt and Alex talking strategy in F3 Alex seems irritated with Amanda...Alex says he is going to let the whole world know about Amanda ... 0 Replies #7883945 12:07PM 16/02/2008
...if he get outs early. Matt wants the HoH tomorrow (he refers to it as the Oval office) so he can have more space between he and Nat. Matt says tomorrow is going to be a big "shocker" but then says he is going to "leave it just the way it is" (Ya gotta love this guy, he is the only one that say I and me...everyone else says WE.)

Alex is practicing his "speech". Matt says "the difference between me and him is that my partner likes me so I can puppet master her"...then he said something about pulling her strings "under the sheets". Matt is doing ALOT of talking.

(Gonna stick with BY for a while if someone wants to cover the diet chat between Sheila and Josh <yawn>)
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Topic #7883970
cat8mysn - Good point made by Matt...he thinks once they get put out that door they are singles again, that vote out is the "death" part of the twist NT 0 Replies #7883970 12:10PM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7883986
cat8mysn - Parker is up and in the back yard and greets the boys with a loud "MORNIN"...twice NT 0 Replies #7883986 12:12PM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7884038
cat8mysn - Some small fun poked at Sheila... 0 Replies #7884038 12:19PM 16/02/2008
Matt wonders why BB let them sleep late, Parker replies sarcastically "I don't know SHEILA!" (Apparently she asks why, why, why) Now Parker is talking about different celebrities...who gets 24 hour coverage (lots of SPECIFIC information about Britney and K-Fed)

Parker says K-Fed "f&(&@ed" over Brit and says Nick Lachey is a big loser.

Lot's of celebrity dish going on with the boys...Matt,Alex,Parker and Ryan. They begin to slam BB and we get flames...hahaha...apparently they can trash Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson but not BB.
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Topic #7884051
cat8mysn - Parker's roommate is in a Best Buy commercial and Parken mentions who is agent is NT 0 Replies #7884051 12:20PM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7884057
cat8mysn - Filed under LMAO...Parker isn't interested in being on TV and Matt wants to be on a soap opera NT 0 Replies #7884057 12:21PM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7884078
cat8mysn - Amanda perkily skips into the backyard wearing black pumps with her Jessica voice saying "Bueno!" .... 0 Replies #7884078 12:24PM 16/02/2008
....without skipping a beat Alex says in an irritated voice..."Bueno means GOOD! Why do you do that?"
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Topic #7884107
cat8mysn - Jen and Amanda exchange notes on their night, Amanda still griping.. 0 Replies #7884107 12:28PM 16/02/2008
...about Alex "touching her inappropriately" last night and then she got up and left after, according to her Alex made a point to say into the microphone that if they are not going to be attached to each other in the house then it they should not be allowed to be attached to anybody else in the house.
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Topic #7884109
cat8mysn - Parker says that Big Brother is racist and Alex agrees NT 1 Replies #7884109 12:28PM 16/02/2008
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cat8mysn - he thinks that because he has not received anything he has requested ... #7884136 12:32PM 16/02/2008
....such as cold medicine and others have. But then he also went down a list of other things he requested that we as feed watchers know are not allowed in the Big Brother house. He mentioned wanting a "DVD" specifically and mentioned other things that would have put them in touch with the outside world.
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Topic #7884210
cat8mysn - Jen re-tells the comment that Amanda made... 0 Replies #7884210 12:37PM 16/02/2008
She says that Amanda said Alex's words were "if we cannot be emotionally or physically attached to each other in the house then I think we shouldn't be allowed to be emotionally or physically attached to anyone else either." (This was after she responded to Alex's roaming hands whilst he was sleeping)

<One or two word there may be switched around>

BB voice: Attention houseguests, there are fresh batteries in the storage room, have you changed your batteries today?

Amanda just came out and started on the Alex rant again, telling everyone that she just felt to violated. They asked Amanda if she was fully clothed when this happened and she said she was. Us feed watchers know differently. She was cuddled up to him wearing a bra and skimpy underwear.
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