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scandalous This is all said in a semi-joking/ semi-serious manner. Amanda has crawled into Alli's bed on the other side of Chels. James came in too and... 0 1:34AM 17/02/2008
scandalous Alli just said she makes over 100k a year NT 0 1:36AM 17/02/2008
scandalous James is hanging on Chels & goes to lick her toes again. She asks him to stop. NT 0 1:37AM 17/02/2008
callmejenn James and Chels are "fixing" their bed, they are putting square pillows under their mattress. NT 0 1:41AM 17/02/2008
callmejenn Flames. NT 0 1:44AM 17/02/2008
scandalous Amanda starts talking about a guy she was seeing before she came in & we get flames. I'm out if someone could please take over :) NT 0 1:44AM 17/02/2008
callmejenn Feeds come back briefly. James is rubbing Chels shoulder in bed, 0 1:50AM 17/02/2008
callmejenn On the couch. Parker who is cuddling with Amanda, Ryan and Jen. They've called Matt over and asked him to bring Nat in on the deal. NT 0 1:51AM 17/02/2008
callmejenn Amanda is rubbing lotion on Parkers hands and stomach. NT 0 1:52AM 17/02/2008
callmejenn Matt wandering around the house with a pillow, finally flops it on the couch and lays down. NT 0 1:54AM 17/02/2008
callmejenn Jen sticks her hand down Ryans pants and exclaims that he has sweaty balls. NT 0 1:59AM 17/02/2008
callmejenn Parker and Amanda are hugging, she is rubbing his back. His back is to the camera, can't tell if there is any kissing. NT 0 2:02AM 17/02/2008
callmejenn Matt and Allison and Parker and Amanda are on a bed, chatting. 0 2:10AM 17/02/2008
callmejenn Allison off to bed. Now Matt, Amanda and Parker are chatting on bed. 0 2:13AM 17/02/2008
callmejenn Parker saying he is over feeling like he has to tiptoe around Alex because of Amanda. 0 2:20AM 17/02/2008
callmejenn They are trying to get Natalie to go up and ask Alex if she can sleep with him because Matt and Amanda are up talking and being loud. 1 2:23AM 17/02/2008
callmejenn Natalie is now up in the room with Alex. Doing as she was told to do by Matt. 0 2:25AM 17/02/2008
callmejenn Amanda went upstairs knowing that she was going to find Alex and Natalie up there. 1 2:54AM 17/02/2008
callmejenn Amanda goes upstairs and tries to talk to Alex. He says he dosen't want to talk until the POV ceremony. 0 2:58AM 17/02/2008
callmejenn Alex gets out of bed and is getting dressed, pants and a sweatshirt. 0 3:06AM 17/02/2008
callmejenn Alex comes into the house and says to Parker shes nuts and she is going to ruin my game. 0 3:11AM 17/02/2008
scandalous Amanda huffs and goes out of the room & sits on the stairs talking to Parker (long) 0 3:17AM 17/02/2008
scandalous Meanwhile....Nat's giving Matt a hand job NT 0 3:17AM 17/02/2008
callmejenn top 2 feeds are Matt and Nat. Nat is under the covers cannot confirm or deny action but it sure sounds like the same action as last time. 0 3:19AM 17/02/2008
scandalous Nat's now on top of Matt; Amanda is upstairs eavesdropping on Parker & Alex NT 0 3:21AM 17/02/2008
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