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Topic #7891497
scandalous - This is all said in a semi-joking/ semi-serious manner. Amanda has crawled into Alli's bed on the other side of Chels. James came in too and... 0 Replies #7891497 1:34AM 17/02/2008
sits on the foot of the bed. James is sucking on Chels' toes & rubbing her leg.

James went to lick Chels' armpit, but she said EW, no & pulls her arm away.

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Topic #7891514
scandalous - Alli just said she makes over 100k a year NT 0 Replies #7891514 1:36AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7891523
scandalous - James is hanging on Chels & goes to lick her toes again. She asks him to stop. NT 0 Replies #7891523 1:37AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7891555
callmejenn - James and Chels are "fixing" their bed, they are putting square pillows under their mattress. NT 0 Replies #7891555 1:41AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7891573
callmejenn - Flames. NT 0 Replies #7891573 1:44AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7891574
scandalous - Amanda starts talking about a guy she was seeing before she came in & we get flames. I'm out if someone could please take over :) NT 0 Replies #7891574 1:44AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7891616
callmejenn - Feeds come back briefly. James is rubbing Chels shoulder in bed, 0 Replies #7891616 1:50AM 17/02/2008
Several people were on the couch in the BR. Parker, Jen, Ryan I think Natalie and they were calling Matt over.
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Topic #7891627
callmejenn - On the couch. Parker who is cuddling with Amanda, Ryan and Jen. They've called Matt over and asked him to bring Nat in on the deal. NT 0 Replies #7891627 1:51AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7891631
callmejenn - Amanda is rubbing lotion on Parkers hands and stomach. NT 0 Replies #7891631 1:52AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7891644
callmejenn - Matt wandering around the house with a pillow, finally flops it on the couch and lays down. NT 0 Replies #7891644 1:54AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7891673
callmejenn - Jen sticks her hand down Ryans pants and exclaims that he has sweaty balls. NT 0 Replies #7891673 1:59AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7891688
callmejenn - Parker and Amanda are hugging, she is rubbing his back. His back is to the camera, can't tell if there is any kissing. NT 0 Replies #7891688 2:02AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7891727
callmejenn - Matt and Allison and Parker and Amanda are on a bed, chatting. 0 Replies #7891727 2:10AM 17/02/2008
Matt leans over and tries to kiss Allisons neck.

Amanda reaches down and rubs Parkers leg.

Parker lays down and Amanda is leaning up against him.
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Topic #7891746
callmejenn - Allison off to bed. Now Matt, Amanda and Parker are chatting on bed. 0 Replies #7891746 2:13AM 17/02/2008
Parker playing with Amanda's hair and massaging her neck it looks like.

Natalie now comes out to see what is happening with Matt.
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Topic #7891773
callmejenn - Parker saying he is over feeling like he has to tiptoe around Alex because of Amanda. 0 Replies #7891773 2:20AM 17/02/2008
She says what does he care, he doesn't date white girls. He tells her to shut up and throws a pillow in her face.
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Topic #7891788
callmejenn - They are trying to get Natalie to go up and ask Alex if she can sleep with him because Matt and Amanda are up talking and being loud. 1 Replies #7891788 2:23AM 17/02/2008
They want to distract him from Amanda and Parker together so that he dosen't try to get rid of Jen and Parker instead of Ryan and Allison.

Amanda is filing Parkers nails.

Natalie it seems has left to start her mission. Switching to Quad feed so I can see what is going on.
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scandalous - As soon as she leaves Matt says, "it's nice having a puppy dog" NT #7892657 5:07AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7891793
callmejenn - Natalie is now up in the room with Alex. Doing as she was told to do by Matt. 0 Replies #7891793 2:25AM 17/02/2008
She is telling Alex that she can't sleep with everyone talking.

Nat making small talk about the POV.
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Topic #7891939
callmejenn - Amanda went upstairs knowing that she was going to find Alex and Natalie up there. 1 Replies #7891939 2:54AM 17/02/2008
She walks in and says OOPS and then leaves.

Alex comes down and freaks out like he had been caught.

Amanda goes up to go to bed and Alex gets upset about what happened.

Now Amanda is downstairs with Parker telling him all about it. Hugging him and such.

Sorry this is vague, didn't catch all the details.
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scandalous - Just a little filler: when Amanda opened the door, she said ooops, sorry and went back down... #7892665 5:15AM 17/02/2008
Alex flew downstairs after her and started screaming at her telling her to "not even think that and to get that thought out of her head!!!" He was referring to her thinking that something untoward was going on with him and Natalie. (Of course, she knew it wasn't b/c they set him up to begin with.) He called her something derogatory and went back to bed.

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Topic #7891966
callmejenn - Amanda goes upstairs and tries to talk to Alex. He says he dosen't want to talk until the POV ceremony. 0 Replies #7891966 2:58AM 17/02/2008
When he says this she goes running out of the room. Parker is in the kitchen. They talk about nobody doing the dishes. He is getting a drink. Amanda is on the stairs drinking a glass of milk.

Parker is saying he has a bad feeling about all of this (Im assuming about his going home this week because of him and Amanda) she is promising him.
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Topic #7892027
callmejenn - Alex gets out of bed and is getting dressed, pants and a sweatshirt. 0 Replies #7892027 3:06AM 17/02/2008
He has left the room and is on his way downstairs and goes outside. Amanda is going outside. Tells Alex that he can't sleep out there. She tells him that he can't sleep out there. He tells her he'd rather her get the room.

Parker is walking around the house....looks like he is finally getting ready to go to bed.

Alex is telling Amanda that she opens her mouth too much. He is wondering how everyone knows that he tried to make a move on her.

Parker is peaking out the window to see what is going on.

Alex says that anything that he had for Amanda is gone...she says K and storms off into the house. Exclaiming to Parker that Alex is an *****.

She is telling Parker that Alex said she dresses like a slut.

Amanda is wondering if Parker is going to talk to Alex.
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Topic #7892070
callmejenn - Alex comes into the house and says to Parker shes nuts and she is going to ruin my game. 0 Replies #7892070 3:11AM 17/02/2008
Referring to Amanda.

Amanda is coming out of the room, she is hiding on the floor listening to what Parker and Alex are saying to each other.

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Topic #7892127
scandalous - Amanda huffs and goes out of the room & sits on the stairs talking to Parker (long) 0 Replies #7892127 3:17AM 17/02/2008
Alex eventually gets up, puts on pants & a blanket & heads outside to the couch. He tells Amanda to go in the f*cking bedroom on his way by.

Amanda follows him outside & they argue. Amanda is telling him he can't sleep out there, he said, "then I won't sleep."

She said I don't know what you snap sometimes.

Alex is pissed b/c he thinks that Amanda ran downstairs to tell Matt & Parker that he & Nat were doing something sketchy in the HOH room.
Alex says she needed someone to talk to her b/c Matt won't talk to her.

Amanda said she didn't think anything. He asked why she ran out, she said she didn't want to interrupt.

He said interrupt what!? He said he didn't want her saying anything b/c then the whole house would know.

He then said, "how many people did you tell that I tried to make a move on you?" She said 2!!!!!

He said, "well the whole f-in house knows."

He said for her to keep her mouth shut.

He says she doesn't understand, she doesn't get it. She said everything was ok until he started a rumor (?) He said she came down all decked out to go in the diary room, and she said they wouldn't listen to her.

Amanda said everyone walks around in their underwear, why does it matter,he said because you tell everyone everything, every different night you start something new. He said I don't care what you wear. Anything I had for you, it's's done.

She said fine & stomped off. Gave Parker the short version walking by as she went to HOH
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Topic #7892131
scandalous - Meanwhile....Nat's giving Matt a hand job NT 0 Replies #7892131 3:17AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7892142
callmejenn - top 2 feeds are Matt and Nat. Nat is under the covers cannot confirm or deny action but it sure sounds like the same action as last time. 0 Replies #7892142 3:19AM 17/02/2008
Alex and Parker are downstairs talking, Amanda is still listening in front of the HOH door.
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Topic #7892160
scandalous - Nat's now on top of Matt; Amanda is upstairs eavesdropping on Parker & Alex NT 0 Replies #7892160 3:21AM 17/02/2008
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