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CruiseCritic SHeila- there is not one guy in this house I would do even if i had gone without for YEARS 0 4:46PM 17/02/2008
CruiseCritic SHeila - even when I was a Penthouse pet did I dress like those girls - 0 4:47PM 17/02/2008
CruiseCritic around the feeds again real quick F1 and F2 Sheila and Sharon in WC 0 4:50PM 17/02/2008
scandalous Sheila is (still) going on to about Parker calling them 6's while talking to Chels in the bathroom NT 0 4:59PM 17/02/2008
CruiseCritic all 4 feeds on Nat and Parker in Sauna (someone please take over) NT 0 4:59PM 17/02/2008
scandalous Feeds switch to Nat & Park in the sauna. They're talking about how the partners scenario in general is so crazy. Park says he doesn't blame... 0 5:01PM 17/02/2008
Taffy Now Sheila is telling Allison about how Parker can't expect to call them sixes 0 5:04PM 17/02/2008
scandalous Park & Nat are re-hashing the argument btwn James & Park that James claims to be basing his vote on. They discuss the possibility of another twist 0 5:06PM 17/02/2008
scandalous Feeds switch to Sharon & Josh in kitchen. Josh saying that b/c Alex & Amanda can't play for HOH that it's a prime time to get them out... 0 5:12PM 17/02/2008
Taffy Parker tells Nat that they'll be okay, they just have to win POV next time. 0 5:13PM 17/02/2008
scandalous Feeds switch again to Sheila & Chels in the WC talking about having a child can change your life (gotta run if someone can pick up here) NT 0 5:13PM 17/02/2008
Taffy All 4 cams on Sheila talking to Amanda... 0 5:25PM 17/02/2008
Taffy Matt tells Alex "You have to win HOH" ... 0 5:38PM 17/02/2008
Taffy 4 cams on Nat in BY talking to Adam and James... 0 5:47PM 17/02/2008
caren Natalie coloring Chelsia bangs and James' hair in the bathroom 0 6:03PM 17/02/2008
Taffy Chelsia joins the "Amanda is a bitch" gabfest...and it goes on 0 6:03PM 17/02/2008
BIGBROTHERinBuf James Please go to the DR 0 6:23PM 17/02/2008
alex_2203 Sharon and Josh are in the pink bedroom (?) talking strategy 0 7:03PM 17/02/2008
alex_2203 flames NT 0 7:06PM 17/02/2008
Taffy 2 cams on Some of the HGs eating at the kitchen counter... 0 7:07PM 17/02/2008
Taffy All 4 cams on Sharon, Josh and James talking about how many days till eviction. 0 7:16PM 17/02/2008
Taffy Jen and Allison have a heart to heart... 0 7:28PM 17/02/2008
teamdonatolove Amanda and Jen discuss how much they get paid by CBS.. 0 7:35PM 17/02/2008
Taffy Ryan Speaks! 0 7:35PM 17/02/2008
Taffy Jen is giving Ryan a haircut in the bathroom while Parker watches... 0 7:46PM 17/02/2008
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