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callmejenn Matt goes out to brag to Alex and Parker...he just got more action and he hasn't even had to kiss her. NT 0 3:23AM 17/02/2008
callmejenn Alex is telling Matt that he needs to go and talk to Nat...even just 5 mins....that's what she wants and thats what he needs to do. NT 0 3:25AM 17/02/2008
scandalous Park had asked Alex if he likes Amanda, he says I did, but all we do now is argue...(delayed, I'm trying to get all of this) 0 3:33AM 17/02/2008
callmejenn matt, parker and Alex are in kitchen. Amanda is upstairs on the couches by zooms in to show she is sleeping! NT 0 3:35AM 17/02/2008
scandalous Alex says she's ruining things that could be for them... 0 3:39AM 17/02/2008
scandalous When Matt is telling the boys about his bj, Amanda had crawled over from outside the HOH door to behind the upstairs couch... 0 3:46AM 17/02/2008
scandalous Matt was telling the boys how Nat has to do the deed from the side... 0 3:52AM 17/02/2008
scandalous Parker said he's dying (from lack of sexual release). Alex said he's had blue balls every morning b/c... 0 3:54AM 17/02/2008
scandalous Matt's braggin that he hasn't had to kiss her; that he just tells her to kiss it & she says "ok" NT 0 3:56AM 17/02/2008
scandalous Alex is rehashing what Nat was talking about when she came up to HOH, not knowing the boys & Amanda sent her up there NT 0 3:57AM 17/02/2008
scandalous Parker said Nat will want Matt every night, Matt said he just turns over. Parker says, I wish I had that!... 0 3:59AM 17/02/2008
scandalous Matt says that Nat wants HOH so they can go up there & f*ck, Matt says no way, he'll stay out of "the oval office" as much as possible NT 1 4:01AM 17/02/2008
scandalous Matt said if it's he & Park at the end of HOH comp, he'd throw it b/c he doesn't want the room with Nat that quick...he doesn't have an "easy" dick NT 0 4:04AM 17/02/2008
scandalous Park just admitted they asked him in the DR about running in on Jen & Ryan & he mentioned her bringing her funky-*ass next to him in bed NT 0 4:06AM 17/02/2008
scandalous The boys are discussing how much money Alli makes & how they need to get her out of there b/c she doesn't need the $$ NT 0 4:07AM 17/02/2008
scandalous Matt said he wanted to go sleep in the bathroom, Alex said he's scared to go this point it's obvious that Amanda's awake again... 0 4:09AM 17/02/2008
scandalous The guys are saying they don't like Chelsia's body, that she has no ass, but she has a beautiful face & would "be a good hook-up" NT 0 4:14AM 17/02/2008
scandalous Parker & Alex agree that if Neil was still there, the boys would had to have been gone yesterday (b/c of physical comps) NT 0 4:17AM 17/02/2008
scandalous Amanda might have been asleep on the couch at this's hard to tell NT 0 4:18AM 17/02/2008
scandalous Alex went to the bathroom & Matt & Parker are laughing that he has no idea that they sent Nat up there NT 0 4:19AM 17/02/2008
scandalous Well, my feeds went down, so it's unclear (to me) if Alex found Amanda on the couch... 0 4:33AM 17/02/2008
scandalous The hamsters have all been in bed for at least 15 min. Ed. OH, what a night! NT 0 4:35AM 17/02/2008
pooh5983 It looks like everyone is still sleeping 1 6:43AM 17/02/2008
EvelDickthebest 8:33 in the BB House all asleep NT 0 8:33AM 17/02/2008
cdnhockeygoddess Amanda sleeping (?) on her back with her hands down her pants. NT 0 8:46AM 17/02/2008
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