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Topic #7892176
callmejenn - Matt goes out to brag to Alex and Parker...he just got more action and he hasn't even had to kiss her. NT 0 Replies #7892176 3:23AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7892191
callmejenn - Alex is telling Matt that he needs to go and talk to Nat...even just 5 mins....that's what she wants and thats what he needs to do. NT 0 Replies #7892191 3:25AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7892245
scandalous - Park had asked Alex if he likes Amanda, he says I did, but all we do now is argue...(delayed, I'm trying to get all of this) 0 Replies #7892245 3:33AM 17/02/2008
He said he's tried to be nice to her, tried to be cute, and it seems like she's looking for things to fight about & cause drama, but that he hasn't done anything wrong.

Alex says, and now she thinks I'm messing around with Nat. Alex said if he was going to do anything with anyone it wouldn't be Nat; he said he'd do Sharon before he'd do Nat.

Alex said he doesn't want to have that as a weakness. During the day we're fine, but then after hours....

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Topic #7892272
callmejenn - matt, parker and Alex are in kitchen. Amanda is upstairs on the couches by zooms in to show she is sleeping! NT 0 Replies #7892272 3:35AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7892299
scandalous - Alex says she's ruining things that could be for them... 0 Replies #7892299 3:39AM 17/02/2008
He brings up when Sheila & Alli asked him about trying to make a move on Amanda & she denied you.

He said, "how did you hear?"

Alex said how Amanda said she only told 2 people.

Alex said sometimes he'll put something out there to see where it goes..and she said that's what she was doing when she told the "2 people" about her denying him.

He's saying he does all the little things for her, but she's not appreciative. (keep in mind Amanda's still listening and on cams 1 & 2 Matt is getting another noisy blow job from Nat)

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Topic #7892347
scandalous - When Matt is telling the boys about his bj, Amanda had crawled over from outside the HOH door to behind the upstairs couch... 0 Replies #7892347 3:46AM 17/02/2008
They asked if Nat swallowed, Matt said yes, Park & Alex are just saying how that's amazing.

Alex says I would have taken that, Matt said you can have her, Alex quickly said no, no, no.

Parker says he's put his life in Matt & Alex' hands. They say it's a done deal.
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Topic #7892387
scandalous - Matt was telling the boys how Nat has to do the deed from the side... 0 Replies #7892387 3:52AM 17/02/2008
in case Sheila wakes up, the guys are impressed. Matt says obviously they know (pointing to the BB and the rest of the world). Parker says he's jealous, Matt says he feels blessed.
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Topic #7892409
scandalous - Parker said he's dying (from lack of sexual release). Alex said he's had blue balls every morning b/c... 0 Replies #7892409 3:54AM 17/02/2008
Amanda will get him hard, then he gets soft, repeatedly, then he says, "*****' bitch." (She's still listening)
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Topic #7892425
scandalous - Matt's braggin that he hasn't had to kiss her; that he just tells her to kiss it & she says "ok" NT 0 Replies #7892425 3:56AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7892432
scandalous - Alex is rehashing what Nat was talking about when she came up to HOH, not knowing the boys & Amanda sent her up there NT 0 Replies #7892432 3:57AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7892453
scandalous - Parker said Nat will want Matt every night, Matt said he just turns over. Parker says, I wish I had that!... 0 Replies #7892453 3:59AM 17/02/2008
Now they're talking about how Parker walked up to the bathroom when Jen & Ryan had sex.

They just said they don't care, who's watching @ 4 in the morning. The guys laugh and say you'd be surprised! (Ed. he he he)
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Topic #7892460
scandalous - Matt says that Nat wants HOH so they can go up there & f*ck, Matt says no way, he'll stay out of "the oval office" as much as possible NT 1 Replies #7892460 4:01AM 17/02/2008
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scandalous - This is the point where the cam panned in on Amanda & looks like she's asleep NT #7892461 4:01AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7892479
scandalous - Matt said if it's he & Park at the end of HOH comp, he'd throw it b/c he doesn't want the room with Nat that quick...he doesn't have an "easy" dick NT 0 Replies #7892479 4:04AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7892493
scandalous - Park just admitted they asked him in the DR about running in on Jen & Ryan & he mentioned her bringing her funky-*ass next to him in bed NT 0 Replies #7892493 4:06AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7892504
scandalous - The boys are discussing how much money Alli makes & how they need to get her out of there b/c she doesn't need the $$ NT 0 Replies #7892504 4:07AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7892521
scandalous - Matt said he wanted to go sleep in the bathroom, Alex said he's scared to go this point it's obvious that Amanda's awake again... 0 Replies #7892521 4:09AM 17/02/2008
Alex said I don't know where she is right now, hopefully she's upstairs sleeping.
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Topic #7892555
scandalous - The guys are saying they don't like Chelsia's body, that she has no ass, but she has a beautiful face & would "be a good hook-up" NT 0 Replies #7892555 4:14AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7892566
scandalous - Parker & Alex agree that if Neil was still there, the boys would had to have been gone yesterday (b/c of physical comps) NT 0 Replies #7892566 4:17AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7892570
scandalous - Amanda might have been asleep on the couch at this's hard to tell NT 0 Replies #7892570 4:18AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7892577
scandalous - Alex went to the bathroom & Matt & Parker are laughing that he has no idea that they sent Nat up there NT 0 Replies #7892577 4:19AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7892605
scandalous - Well, my feeds went down, so it's unclear (to me) if Alex found Amanda on the couch... 0 Replies #7892605 4:33AM 17/02/2008
"asleep" or not, but they are now in bed with Amanda's leg draped over on Alex'.

Ed. I had stated before that she asked BB to yell at her for sleeping in a common area, but I can't find any confirmation that it's true...sorry.

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Topic #7892609
scandalous - The hamsters have all been in bed for at least 15 min. Ed. OH, what a night! NT 0 Replies #7892609 4:35AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7892742
pooh5983 - It looks like everyone is still sleeping 1 Replies #7892742 6:43AM 17/02/2008
Feed 1 is Alex and Amanda
Feed 2 it looks like James and Chels
Feed 3 is Jen and Parker
Feed 4 is Matt and Nat
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caith - Feed 2 is Sharon and Josh (sofa bed, James & Chels in boat bed) NT #7892774 7:03AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7892947
EvelDickthebest - 8:33 in the BB House all asleep NT 0 Replies #7892947 8:33AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7892977
cdnhockeygoddess - Amanda sleeping (?) on her back with her hands down her pants. NT 0 Replies #7892977 8:46AM 17/02/2008
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