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Topic #7896513
CruiseCritic - SHeila- there is not one guy in this house I would do even if i had gone without for YEARS 0 Replies #7896513 4:46PM 17/02/2008
SHe had thought Alex was attractive until he said how much he wanted Amanda
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Topic #7896523
CruiseCritic - SHeila - even when I was a Penthouse pet did I dress like those girls - 0 Replies #7896523 4:47PM 17/02/2008
even when I had that rocket body and the face. Talking about Amanda with those shorts all up in her ass.

it is what it is says sheila
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Topic #7896544
CruiseCritic - around the feeds again real quick F1 and F2 Sheila and Sharon in WC 0 Replies #7896544 4:50PM 17/02/2008
and F3 and F4 was just Jen and Ryan in hammock and now goes to the three girls in the sauna.

SHeila saying that Jen told her that Ryan really hates that she with a black man. Talking how Jen pulled the race card

(I gotta run - someone please take over)
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Topic #7896624
scandalous - Sheila is (still) going on to about Parker calling them 6's while talking to Chels in the bathroom NT 0 Replies #7896624 4:59PM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7896625
CruiseCritic - all 4 feeds on Nat and Parker in Sauna (someone please take over) NT 0 Replies #7896625 4:59PM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7896643
scandalous - Feeds switch to Nat & Park in the sauna. They're talking about how the partners scenario in general is so crazy. Park says he doesn't blame... 0 Replies #7896643 5:01PM 17/02/2008
her for not using the veto.

Nat says she hopes it's 2/2 and Amanda/Alex have to make the decision.

Park reiterates that he wants James gone soon.

BB uses his "strict voice" telling James to put on his mic.
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Topic #7896659
Taffy - Now Sheila is telling Allison about how Parker can't expect to call them sixes 0 Replies #7896659 5:04PM 17/02/2008
and have their support, even after he apologized. Allison tells Sheila that Amanda asked her why she wasn't campaigning...Sheila goes back to Parker's six rating, says if he was smart, he would have answered with "Sharon is hot" "Allison is hot" etc.
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Topic #7896672
scandalous - Park & Nat are re-hashing the argument btwn James & Park that James claims to be basing his vote on. They discuss the possibility of another twist 0 Replies #7896672 5:06PM 17/02/2008
Nat says she'll sh*t a brick if everyone else in the house really knows each other.

Parker must have said something nice when Nat/Matt didn't use the veto, she said it made her feel better.

Nat saying it's too early to use the veto. She said if it was later in the game "Damn Skippy I'd pull you off."

Parker saying that he still thinks they'll be the final 3 couples (Nat/Matt, Jen/Park, Amanda/Alex)

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Topic #7896739
scandalous - Feeds switch to Sharon & Josh in kitchen. Josh saying that b/c Alex & Amanda can't play for HOH that it's a prime time to get them out... 0 Replies #7896739 5:12PM 17/02/2008
Sharon says what about POV. Josh said "oh crap."

Amanda joins them from outside & strategy talk stopped.

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Topic #7896752
Taffy - Parker tells Nat that they'll be okay, they just have to win POV next time. 0 Replies #7896752 5:13PM 17/02/2008
Parker says he asked Jen infront of everybody if she would vote Ryan out should they make it to final 4 and she said no. Parker says that ticked him off even though she (Jen) changed her answer after whe thought about it. Nat says everybody better stick to their word, she tells Parker that he has hers (Nat's) and "Matty"'s vote for sure.
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Topic #7896757
scandalous - Feeds switch again to Sheila & Chels in the WC talking about having a child can change your life (gotta run if someone can pick up here) NT 0 Replies #7896757 5:13PM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7896936
Taffy - All 4 cams on Sheila talking to Amanda... 0 Replies #7896936 5:25PM 17/02/2008
She tells Amanda that what Allison and her usually talk about is stuff about their lives because they've gone thru so much...Amanda says she's gone thru stuff too...Amanda asks Sheila if she knows about James and Nat getting naked last night...Sheila says she missed it...Amanda complains again about Alex not liking it when she wears her short shorts...Sheila tells her not to mind it, that Alex is a prude and is just mad that she (Amanda) rebuffed his advances...Sheila tells Amanda she may be 45 but she's not rigid and curious, still wants to learn...Amanda tells Sheila she looks great...Sheila says she still could use some botox on her forehead and waddle...Parker and Nat walk in the room and convo changes to what they would name their kids...
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Topic #7897159
Taffy - Matt tells Alex "You have to win HOH" ... 0 Replies #7897159 5:38PM 17/02/2008
Alex "I will, if you want me to" (Alex says this in an "as if was that easy" tone)...they both chuckle...Matt says "they love drama"...Josh comes in and Matt repeats "they love drama...they're waiting for Josh to snap" they're joined by Chelsia...talking about how Sheila went nuts a few days ago and threw a cup at "him" (Adam?...and how Adam yelled at Sheila "What did I ever do to you?!"...Sheila yelled back "You know what you did!...They're not retarded because they want to, the have a disease!" then slammed the door...they (Matt/Alex)thought it was a great show to watch...
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Topic #7897323
Taffy - 4 cams on Nat in BY talking to Adam and James... 0 Replies #7897323 5:47PM 17/02/2008
She tells them how Amanda is always one-upping her. Nat says every time she talks bout something she has or has done, Amanda has done one better...Nat tells them about Amanda asking if they could go three days without drama...Nat says what nerve, considering it is Amanda who's starts all the drama. James says they'll just have to play it by ear, they know who has to go...Nat says Amanda is seriously trying to be her friend, that she's actually forcing herself on Nat...Nat says Amanda keeps telling her what to do and she doesn't like that because she's not 5. Nat says Amanda keeps trying to create drama in the house. the other 2 totally agree.
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Topic #7897551
caren - Natalie coloring Chelsia bangs and James' hair in the bathroom 0 Replies #7897551 6:03PM 17/02/2008
They are discussing James' neck tattoo, done by a prison guy in his uncles cabin, he said it turned into a huge pussball and he picked at it...he said they were really tasty scabs.
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Topic #7897552
Taffy - Chelsia joins the "Amanda is a bitch" gabfest...and it goes on 0 Replies #7897552 6:03PM 17/02/2008
for a while until Sheila joins them too...then the conversation changes to weather and, almost immediately, James, Nat and Adam leave...

All 4 cams switch to Allison packing in the bedroom and talking to Parker...BB calls Allison to DR...

Now it's Parker and Matt on all 4 cams...Parker says he has nothing nice to say about "those" people...says he hopes "he" gets carpel tunnel, Parker hopes "his" f*cking wrists fall off, he says he knows it is probably a robotic camera but still...(I think he's taking about BB, ed)

Parker says he's going to wear his little crown on Wednesday...Matt: "yeah?"...Parker: "no"

Parker says he's hungry but doesn't know what to eat.

all 4 cams now on Nat working on Chelsia's hair as James looks on...Nat's excited, squeals "it's gonna look so cute!"...Now Nat is working on the back of James's mowhawk.
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Topic #7897808
BIGBROTHERinBuf - James Please go to the DR 0 Replies #7897808 6:23PM 17/02/2008
James gets called to the DR just to cover up his tattoo. I has the "C" word so he covered it with band-aid.
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Topic #7898269
alex_2203 - Sharon and Josh are in the pink bedroom (?) talking strategy 0 Replies #7898269 7:03PM 17/02/2008
and everyone else (except parker) is in the kitchen some are playing some kind of game on the breakfast nook and the rest are cooking/eating. Parker is in DR.
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Topic #7898318
alex_2203 - flames NT 0 Replies #7898318 7:06PM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7898343
Taffy - 2 cams on Some of the HGs eating at the kitchen counter... 0 Replies #7898343 7:07PM 17/02/2008
2 cams on Josh and Sharon talking game, as usual. They're figuring out the sequence of events to come...Eviction, new HOH on Wed., etc.
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Topic #7898438
Taffy - All 4 cams on Sharon, Josh and James talking about how many days till eviction. 0 Replies #7898438 7:16PM 17/02/2008
James talks about someone telling Ryan he's going home...Josh goes "What?" James says they're getting so cocky telling people who's safe and who's not as if they know (I Don't know who "they" are. ed)
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Topic #7898560
Taffy - Jen and Allison have a heart to heart... 0 Replies #7898560 7:28PM 17/02/2008
Jen says she hopes to God that America sees that the reason she's on the block is that she wouldn't vote Allison and Ryan out...Jen says how horrible would she be if she voted her boyfriend out the first week...

Allison tells Jen not to worry, that she sees everything, knows everything that goes on in the house...they both apologize for being not nice to each other. Jen says they're the only two (Allison and Allison) who will understand each other.

Allison says there are so many people that are hard to read, Allison says she can't believe they'll have to wait 3 more days...Jen agrees, she says she wishes they'd at least know what is being shown on TV...

Jen asks Allison if she's going to take advantage of any endorsements that come out of this...Allison says "yeah, if they come, yeah"...Jen says she hopes Ryan and her (Jen) get endorsements together cuz that would be so cute...Allison agrees...they both say they miss their families and "it's so tough"... "so weird"

Allison says she doesn't care if Jen and Ryan sleep in the same bed...Jen says she already asked, the day after Valentine's and was told no by BB. Allison says she has to go check her laundry and leaves...

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Topic #7898645
teamdonatolove - Amanda and Jen discuss how much they get paid by CBS.. 0 Replies #7898645 7:35PM 17/02/2008
$750 a week apparently is not enough
they discuss further, but then get
blocked out by flames..

I guess CBS doesn't want to look patronising
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Topic #7898652
Taffy - Ryan Speaks! 0 Replies #7898652 7:35PM 17/02/2008
Nothing game related though...Amanda, Jen and him are comparing notes about how they're taking care of college classes and paying bills while they're in the house...discussing deductions...Amanda is hoping to get a "crapload" back from taxes this year...Amanda and Jen compalin that it has been a long boring day today...All 4 cams on this
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Topic #7898776
Taffy - Jen is giving Ryan a haircut in the bathroom while Parker watches... 0 Replies #7898776 7:46PM 17/02/2008
All of a sudden Amanda rushes in and jumps on top of Parker...Now Amanda is sitting on Parker who's laying on the couch watching Ryan get his haircut...Ryan complains to Jen that she's going too high, she says she's everybody is quiet, just the sound of the razor fills the air...
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