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Sheila saying adam didnt want to take parker and jen out of game - raindrop110475
8:37PM 21/02/2008

females minus Sheila talking about STD's NT - Broodmore
8:39PM 21/02/2008

"Operation Condor" is what Adam says it's all about. James, Ryan and James say the game isn't about's all about "operations" - MtDewAddict
8:39PM 21/02/2008

Sheila says she gets why men dig women but she loves men ( nat matta and alex there) NT - raindrop110475
8:40PM 21/02/2008

Alex, Matt, Nat, and Sheila talking - Broodmore
8:40PM 21/02/2008

James Ryan and Adam just joined Chel, Sharon, and Amanda in the HOH - MtDewAddict
8:43PM 21/02/2008

The HOH room is talking about how "Expect the Unexpected" could be getting HIV from a HG and we get flames NT - MtDewAddict
8:44PM 21/02/2008

Alex makes new dumb plan-- Give Pov to adam and sheila have them take us down and then one of ali or sharon goes up they vote out that person NT - raindrop110475
8:45PM 21/02/2008

HOH crew are talking about where HIV came from. Amanda says immunizations. - MtDewAddict
8:46PM 21/02/2008

Amanda says that her brother and his fiancee are waiting for marriage...then talking about marriage and engagements. NT - MtDewAddict
8:48PM 21/02/2008

Adam says that he has loose diamonds...instead of cash for savings. NT - MtDewAddict
8:48PM 21/02/2008

Adam talking about a $6800 watch and various jewelry...and about going to strip clubs...various bragging stuff NT - MtDewAddict
8:50PM 21/02/2008

Adam tellign everyoen how much moeny he has Jewel encrusted phone pimp chains and pinky rings and a 6800 dollar rolex NT - raindrop110475
8:50PM 21/02/2008

Matt basically saying he was a pimp for real brought women to houses for sex and since statue of limitations is up they cant get him - raindrop110475
8:52PM 21/02/2008
Adam** not Matt NT - MtDewAddict
8:53PM 21/02/2008
Yep thats right it was adam NT - raindrop110475
9:04PM 21/02/2008

Adam and Sheila are heating up slop...Matt checks to see if it's still raining. Everybody else up in HOH NT - MtDewAddict
8:54PM 21/02/2008

Matt tells Alli "being on the block sucks" Alli tells him to "SMIIIIIIIILLLLLEEE" NT - MtDewAddict
8:55PM 21/02/2008

Alli says that Matt should know he has her vote because Alex and Amanda have both crossed her...and Alex has never gotten to know her NT - MtDewAddict
8:56PM 21/02/2008

Alli asking Matt to tell Ryan he's too good for Jen. She says that (Jen) treats (Ryan) like crap. - MtDewAddict
9:01PM 21/02/2008

Ali thinks fact that people didnt like parker or Jen affects weather they are sequestered shes talkign to matt NT - raindrop110475
9:02PM 21/02/2008

ali says she pays 900 a month in student loans a total of 112K says she has 3 jobs NT - raindrop110475
9:03PM 21/02/2008

Alli telling Matt that Alex had no right to say anything about her not deserving to be there because she makes a lot of money. - MtDewAddict
9:03PM 21/02/2008

Amanda says that a hysterectomy is when "you have to have your whole cervix taken out, right?" NT - MtDewAddict
9:05PM 21/02/2008

Sheila says that she needs a Tylenol PM because she can't sleep. The protein shake didn't do anything she's still starving. - MtDewAddict
9:07PM 21/02/2008

everybody clearing out of HOH so James and Chel can sleep NT - MtDewAddict
9:10PM 21/02/2008

Sheila is avoidign Adam because hes cranky since hes on slop NT - raindrop110475
9:13PM 21/02/2008

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