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Josh and Sharon in Storage Room talking NT - bcbmom
10:05AM 21/02/2008

Josh talking about wanting to know if they are going to be put on the block and their PLAN - CruiseCritic
10:06AM 21/02/2008

Josh asks Sharon if they should go up as a pawm - bcbmom
10:06AM 21/02/2008

Sharon - what i was saying to her is, right now, heres the deal - I - CruiseCritic
10:08AM 21/02/2008

Josh: I think the block is scary Im f**kin scared of being on the block NT - Roxystar
10:09AM 21/02/2008

Josh says they are going home no matter what A/A and Matt wont take them off if he wins POV - CruiseCritic
10:11AM 21/02/2008

Chelsia and James in HOH room - Roxystar
10:16AM 21/02/2008

James: We have to get rid of her.. if not we are just setting ourselves up. (talking about Sharon) NT - Roxystar
10:19AM 21/02/2008
I think it was Amanda actually, not Sharon. NT - Aeropostale676
10:22AM 21/02/2008

Josh in Hoh with James and chels sayign they got played - raindrop110475
10:36AM 21/02/2008

Josh is telling James about a convo with Sheila when Adam is playign both sides that adam wouldnt even says he was evicting jen and parker - raindrop110475
10:37AM 21/02/2008

Josh and james and chel all think it should be amanda and alex and natalie and matt next two NT - raindrop110475
10:39AM 21/02/2008

James says is shady that sheila and ali lied abotu sexuality to play a game NT - raindrop110475
10:39AM 21/02/2008

Josh comes up to HOH - NYTC7
10:40AM 21/02/2008

Chels and josh think the Lesbian thing was wierd Josh is still not sure its not true NT - raindrop110475
10:40AM 21/02/2008

Josh/Chel still discussing Sheila/Alli, neither knows what to believe NT - NYTC7
10:45AM 21/02/2008

Chels explains all the signs that ali and sheila werent couple like sheila asking ali what she really does for living - raindrop110475
10:46AM 21/02/2008

Josh says in Amanda wins POV Josh will become devil and go after her like crazy NT - raindrop110475
10:47AM 21/02/2008

James and chel think they can control ali cause she owes them 2 one for savign her and one for lyign so she would have to vote way they want NT - raindrop110475
10:48AM 21/02/2008

Josh says peeople should gang up on amanda and alex cause they all were ganged up on and that amanda tellign people she willtake them to end now is - raindrop110475
10:49AM 21/02/2008

Josh says James and chel are best friends and james told people last night he was going up - raindrop110475
10:52AM 21/02/2008

James says ali sheila and adam are playing dirty NT - raindrop110475
10:54AM 21/02/2008

Josh says amanda was making eyes at dinnertable over drunk HoHers Josh says u know how amanda makes eyes like she is - raindrop110475
10:57AM 21/02/2008

James says Operation condor are these people dumb NT - raindrop110475
10:58AM 21/02/2008

Josh says was miserable 10 days when alex?amanda were HOH cause she threatened people whenever she was mad about putting them up - raindrop110475
11:01AM 21/02/2008

James and chel looking for technicalities to get out of deal with matt and natalie - raindrop110475
11:03AM 21/02/2008

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