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Sharon mostly worried about screwing people over and not winning in the end - bbshannon
12:02AM 21/02/2008
Josh said James/Chel will most likely put Alison/Ryan up against Amanda/Alex NT - WVpdles
12:05AM 21/02/2008

Amanda is now on Joshs azz trying to convince him to go with her and help her NT - EvelDickthebest
12:07AM 21/02/2008

Amanda joined Josh and Sharon..Josh says it's gonna come down to the POV - bbshannon
12:11AM 21/02/2008
Sunday is bikinis, Monday is their margarita party, Tues is goodbye videos NT - bbshannon
12:12AM 21/02/2008

Josh says that Jen and Parker were always isolated..causing drama. NT - bbshannon
12:14AM 21/02/2008
Josh: the house is at ease. Different atmosphere NT - bbshannon
12:14AM 21/02/2008

Amanda thinks that having nothing to do for 5 straight day caused the drama NT - bbshannon
12:16AM 21/02/2008

Sharon wants to go on the block NT - EvelDickthebest
12:18AM 21/02/2008

Sharon told Josh if they went up as a pawn against A/A that way wouldn't lose A/A's vote for the $$$ NT - WVpdles
12:19AM 21/02/2008

Amanda takes off...Josh says they'll always be the swing vote - bbshannon
12:20AM 21/02/2008
Josh: I dont want to go on the block..its too risky. Sharon thinks they'd really have to trust everyone else NT - bbshannon
12:21AM 21/02/2008

Josh says Amanda would vote against him. Sharon says: She pinky sweared me and kissed it. Josh: Youre crazy NT - bbshannon
12:22AM 21/02/2008

Amanda and Alex give Josh and Sharon kisses goodnight - bbshannon
12:23AM 21/02/2008
They go into the boat room and talk..but they aren't wearing mics NT - bbshannon
12:24AM 21/02/2008

Lots of whispering from Sharon to Josh...Can't tell what she's saying but Josh is not down with it...he's saying..."It's too risky" - Taffy
12:23AM 21/02/2008

Matt is smoking outside with Ryan and Adam..he said he hated cigarrettes NT - bbshannon
12:25AM 21/02/2008
Ryan says he's not as jealous as he used to be. Comparing girls in the house etc. NT - bbshannon
12:27AM 21/02/2008

Ali now in bed with Sharon and Josh. Amanda comes out and says goodnight again. NT - bbshannon
12:25AM 21/02/2008
Sharon giving Ali reasons why her and Josh should go up against Alex and Amanda NT - bbshannon
12:29AM 21/02/2008

Matt said he thought he might like Natalie on the first night..but then she got obnoxious - bbshannon
12:33AM 21/02/2008
Matt talks about making Natalie crying for no reason (he wouldn't talk to her) - bbshannon
12:35AM 21/02/2008
Matt calls Natalie just a chick he's stuck in a bed with NT - bbshannon
12:36AM 21/02/2008

Matt angry that Parker told Ryan and Jen they couldn't have sex - bbshannon
12:38AM 21/02/2008

Boys inside now..all crawling into their beds. - bbshannon
12:43AM 21/02/2008
Matt basically tells Natalie to stop talking and "tune in tomorrow" - bbshannon
12:44AM 21/02/2008

Sheila tried to sneak in some Tylenol PM.. - WVpdles
12:46AM 21/02/2008

Sharon is the only one who seems to be awake. She's brushing her teeth and washing her face getting ready for bed NT - MtDewAddict
12:50AM 21/02/2008

F1 just got a closeup of the empty wine bottle in the HOH room. Chelsia hasn't moved since Josh covered her up. James still passed out in spa room NT - MtDewAddict
12:53AM 21/02/2008

Sharon crawls into bed. She talks to Alli for a few seconds after Alli tosses/turns in bed NT - MtDewAddict
12:54AM 21/02/2008

Alli and Ryan are talking but you can't hear what they are saying. Everybody is tucked away in bed. NT - MtDewAddict
12:56AM 21/02/2008

Feed update at bed time in the BB house - MtDewAddict
1:01AM 21/02/2008
Chelsia moving in HOH bed. NT - mydiggs
1:19AM 21/02/2008
Adam to WC - checks in on James NT - mydiggs
1:22AM 21/02/2008

Nat to SR; Adam in WC NT - mydiggs
1:23AM 21/02/2008

Adam & Nat in Kitchen; he's checking her elbow NT - mydiggs
1:24AM 21/02/2008

Adam & Nat back to bed. James passed out in Spa on F3; Chelsia passed out in HOH on F4 NT - mydiggs
1:28AM 21/02/2008

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