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Allison telling Sheila she and Ryan will be laying low this week. NT - crateriko
9:24PM 21/02/2008

Ali saying that Jen said some story in sequester that jen said her bf was in Iraq and didnt approve of her being there - raindrop110475
9:24PM 21/02/2008

F1 guys talking about the "pool shed" referring to Howie and the "jack shack" - cat8mysn
9:37PM 21/02/2008

Alex says slop tastes likethe last ass he licked NT - raindrop110475
9:43PM 21/02/2008

josh and sharon sleeping... others in kitchen eating cereal NT - kcs32787
10:05PM 21/02/2008

J/C, Nat, Adam & Alex in Kitchen talking about "rubbing one out" at 5am NT - StephOH
10:54PM 21/02/2008

Kitchen crew discussing how bad the cold showers are NT - StephOH
10:56PM 21/02/2008

ryan asked sheila/ali how bad jen really is? ali said "total A" (as in ahole) NT - beckstar
10:58PM 21/02/2008

Adam looks at memory wall & says yeah, Jen's pic is first, so she's gonna win hahaha NT - StephOH
10:58PM 21/02/2008

Alex tells Chel you guys better hope I go home, because I have gotten the worse deal out of all of us NT - StephOH
10:59PM 21/02/2008

ali saying how awkward it is that she is friends with ryan but doesn't like his gf - beckstar
11:01PM 21/02/2008

HG's in KT talking about insurance, random topics - StephOH
11:04PM 21/02/2008

ryan must have left as ali is talking about ryan wanting to propose to jen - beckstar
11:04PM 21/02/2008

Ryan & Adam in BY smoking talking about nom's & POV - StephOH
11:07PM 21/02/2008

adam/ryan outside smoking talking about bb sparing no expense on them (sarcasm) - beckstar
11:07PM 21/02/2008

ali/sheila saying matty thinks sheila would keep alex/amanda instead of him/natty. - beckstar
11:10PM 21/02/2008

Amanda calling James out, doesn't understand how in 3 years he has - StephOH
11:11PM 21/02/2008

sheila takes off as ryan/ali are going to bed...ryan comes to bed shirtless - beckstar
11:13PM 21/02/2008

Ali/Ry in bed Ali tells Ry shes not going to say anything else bad about Jen, - StephOH
11:14PM 21/02/2008

ryan/ali chat about jen (longish) - beckstar
11:24PM 21/02/2008

amanda/nat convo - beckstar
11:29PM 21/02/2008

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