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Topic #7949180
WVpdles - Cameraman takes a shot of the words 'one always begins by deceiving others' then pans to Amanda in bed crying NT 1 Replies #7949180 12:19AM 22/02/2008
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NEWORDER720 - Something is up w/ the producers and Amanda... NT #7949486 12:58AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7949195
WVpdles - Amanda's praying to God to win PoV NT 0 Replies #7949195 12:21AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7949213
beckstar - nat about to give matt/alex and adam a private strip tease...but not getting naked 0 Replies #7949213 12:22AM 22/02/2008
in exchange she gets a 2 min. cuddle with matt lol.
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Topic #7949242
WVpdles - Amanda and Chel are gonna watch NT 0 Replies #7949242 12:26AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7949282
WVpdles - Because she was trying to hide her face, Alex asked Amanda 'what are you a virgin?' she got up and ran out of the room NT 0 Replies #7949282 12:33AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7949286
beckstar - apparently amanda is a virgin NT 0 Replies #7949286 12:33AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7949290
WVpdles - Alex said we found the other thing. Amanda's a virgin NT 0 Replies #7949290 12:33AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7949397
WVpdles - When Alex comes in the room Amanda says 'can you believe that Natalie'(referring to her strip) NT 0 Replies #7949397 12:48AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7949403
WVpdles - James carried Chel from the massage room up the stairs to the HoH door NT 0 Replies #7949403 12:49AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7949410
WVpdles - Alex told Amanda from the way she jumps around if she is a virgin she'll go down as the biggest CT NT 0 Replies #7949410 12:50AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7949445
coz - Amanda just said that she would eat ***** to win the POV comp. NT 0 Replies #7949445 12:53AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7949456
WVpdles - Matt,Nat,Adam,Sheila having a pow-wow in the bedroom, this is all about Amanda(meaning the noms) NT 0 Replies #7949456 12:54AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7949496
MtDewAddict - Alex is rubbing himself in the dark through the sheet as he's asking Amanda if she is REALLY a virgin 0 Replies #7949496 1:00AM 22/02/2008
Then the conversation goes to the POV

Alex tells Amanda that she better do whatever it takes to win, even if it's eating or drinking stuff.

Amanda says "I would eat s**t to win, would you eat poop?"
Alex "Yes. I would even eat your s**t"
Amanda "Would you drink my pee?"
Alex "To win?"

Alex is still groping himself through the sheet in the dark.

Alex tells Amanda "She's are two, don't get me wrong..."

He asks her several times if she really IS a virgin, and she won't answer.

Alex says "It all makes sense now. I get all of them...all the goodies. They keep popping up. Now the bootylicious f*****ng chick, my ass, let everything all hang out, is a virgin. You are. You ***** are. That's great, I compliment you. It's great, I give you such credit."

Amanda ignore all that and starts to talk about Sheila and the game.
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Topic #7949554
MtDewAddict - "Go to bed, shut up. SHUT UP" --Alex. Amanda is talking. 0 Replies #7949554 1:06AM 22/02/2008
Alex--How could you be a virgin? You wear shirts that let your t**s show. You're a f*****g nut case.

Amanda--My highschool bf cheated on me all the time.

Alex--Why didn't you want to have sex?

Amanda--I dunno.

Alex--Didn't you ever want to have sex?

Amanda--Yea, I want to every single day.

Alex--You don't even know what it's like!

Amanda--I know what other people have said it's like.

Amanda--I like to give head!

Amanda flips her hair in Alex's face.

Alex--Get your f*****g hair outta my face, fat a**.
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Topic #7949587
MtDewAddict - James and Chel making out in HOH bedroom then giggling, play fighting. 0 Replies #7949587 1:09AM 22/02/2008
She gets on top of him and more making out
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Topic #7949608
MtDewAddict - They are under the covers until Chel says that it's too hot under there NT 0 Replies #7949608 1:11AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7949621
WVpdles - Chel asked James if him hooking up with her was a task from BB NT 0 Replies #7949621 1:13AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7949853
Oyabungaijin - updates 0 Replies #7949853 1:38AM 22/02/2008
James and chelsia talking about nicknames...James triggers trivia by talking about ex
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Topic #7949925
nyxxie - Alex wakes up and says "Something's up"...(Paranoia?) 1 Replies #7949925 1:47AM 22/02/2008
Amanda says he keeps waking her up.
Alex says that Amanda is shaking the bed. They bicker.
Amanda is confused why Alex says that.
He turns back to sleep.
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IggysPINKTights - He wakes up and says "Something's up." #7949944 1:50AM 22/02/2008
Amanda says "With what the couples?"
Alex says "I don't know we're good we're good stfu go back to sleep."
Amanda tells him that HE woke her up he says I know and turns over..she says what's up he tells her to stop shaking the bed.
She asks him what he thinks is up and he tells her Nothing we're good hello goodbye stfu go back to sleep (lol )
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Topic #7950002
Photobug - J/C chatting about Chel's roommate NT 0 Replies #7950002 2:01AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7950015
Photobug - All feeds switch to downstairs...everyone sleeping NT 0 Replies #7950015 2:03AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7950041
Photobug - Adam up...goes to W/C doesn't wash hands and grabs something to snack on 0 Replies #7950041 2:16AM 22/02/2008
stops to stare at the memory wall for a minute then heads back to bed
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Topic #7950046
caith - chelsia/james WANT to win PoV so they can make an EPIC, RUTHLESS move... 1 Replies #7950046 2:18AM 22/02/2008
after james carried chelsia up to HoH room they began talking game, snuggling, kissing and suddenly (around fri 1:15 bbt), they began talking serious game and decided they HAD to win PoV, so they could make some kind of deal with amanda/alex to take them off the block, replace them with with either sheila/adam or alison/ryan, THEN get sharon/josh plus amanda/alex to vote off natalie/matt (james mentions that matt wanted to go home in a BIG way!). they then discuss that besides blowing the entire house apart, plus blowing everyone's minds, amanda/alex would owe them and sharon/josh already owe them, and if all kept their deals the next HoH would put up amanda/alex and another pair, giving chelsia/james another week.

the feeds switch to amanda/alex on two feeds and two feeds on another sleeping pair in another room. then, coincidentally(?) as chelsia/james solidify their plot, alex, who has been fast asleep, wakes straight up saying, "something's going on", amanda is awakened by alex's outburst and asks, "what?" alex replies, "i don't know, maybe something upstairs, go back to sleep".

feeds switch back to chelsia/james waxing philosophically...

if anyone has transcripts, please post, i couldn't catch it all because chelsia/james started off just goofing around before the idea struck them.
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sunflower05 - basically they want to win pov take off alex/amanda and ensure that matt/natalie are voted out NT #7950050 2:20AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7950067
caith - all asleep...ryan awfully close to ali...both on backs facing each other...almost looks like ryan has his arm lying under sheets on ali's leg. NT 0 Replies #7950067 2:37AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7950080
Taelyn - James get up goes to sauna and starts chewing on his **FEET** the picking at his body NT 1 Replies #7950080 2:58AM 22/02/2008
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caith - chewing toenails on clean left foot --- no clippers(?) NT #7950183 4:36AM 22/02/2008
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