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Topic #7951668
bcbmom - Matt Alex and Amanda in kitchen talking about POV comp 0 Replies #7951668 9:50AM 22/02/2008
says they don't want to compete in the rain. Amanda says she wouldn't mind.
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Topic #7951767
bcbmom - Amanda and Ryan in bathroom talking (not sure who about my internet froze) NT 0 Replies #7951767 10:05AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7951772
bcbmom - Not Amanda but Allison and Ryan NT 0 Replies #7951772 10:06AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7951792
bcbmom - Sharon and Matt in red room...can't hear what they are saying NT 0 Replies #7951792 10:07AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7951836
CruiseCritic - Sheila says she thinks that Matty has her back from day one and Alli tells her 0 Replies #7951836 10:13AM 22/02/2008
that he is talking to everyone and she thinks he is playing everyone. They have been chatting about the game and who is going up.

Alli says Amanda is lost and has been clinging to her since Jen left

Sheila saying that Alli was mad - Natalie enters the room
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Topic #7951851
CruiseCritic - Nat - if Alex and Amanda win POV they will save themselves and we will need 0 Replies #7951851 10:15AM 22/02/2008
one more vote for us to stay. Sheila wondering who they would put up in their place

Sheila says - we dont know who is going to play POV today - it will be what the house wants and cant go against what CHel/James want

SHeila tells Nat she wont have anything to worry about -

Alli - have you and matty considered who you would go for if you win - and Nat says for sure J/Chel
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Topic #7951871
CruiseCritic - Alli and Sheila tell Nat that no matter what they have them on her side 0 Replies #7951871 10:19AM 22/02/2008
Sheila and Alli wondering who would go up if A/A win POV

Nat - the thing that makes me mad is that we had an alliance

talk about Josh now

Talking about who was in HOH room and Nat saying house going against her and Matty

Alli - from a strategic standpoint it didnt make sense to vote for Parker

Nat - our whole thing was with that was (hard to hear Nat talking in a whisper almost)

nat says that chels and james promised Mat/Nat that if they left it the same (last week) they promised they would not put them up

Sheila telling her they did the right thing.

BB- CHelsia/james, please go to the DR
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Topic #7951886
CruiseCritic - Feed just showed Sharon leaning on wall trying to listen and Josh comes in and 0 Replies #7951886 10:21AM 22/02/2008
tells them meeting in LR.

Adam comes in and says Sheila are you ready? and they double high -five eachother.

Sheila asks if she should put her sneakers on and Nat says yes, just in case.

Alex in LR holding a cross with face paint on (football marks under eyes in red/black) and bandana with stars on his head
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Topic #7951891
CruiseCritic - Sharon next to Josh on couch and Amanda just did some stretches on the floor and sits 0 Replies #7951891 10:23AM 22/02/2008
next to Josh on the couch.

Josh asking about what kind of jeans do they have. Amanda and Josh only ones in there right now with them

Close up of cross next to Alex.

WOndering if it is physical or not - group gathering and closeup of guinea pigs
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Topic #7951892
CruiseCritic - FLAMES NT 0 Replies #7951892 10:23AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7952067
WieKacie - Feeds Back. Josh/Sharon picked for veto. NT 0 Replies #7952067 10:48AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7952086
WVpdles - Flames again NT 0 Replies #7952086 10:50AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7952106
SoftTail - Nat & Ryan playing with guinea pigs NT 0 Replies #7952106 10:53AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7952153
WVpdles - Back to Ali in HoH bathroom suggesting to James/Chel that Matt/Nat should go because they're more likely to win HoH... 0 Replies #7952153 11:00AM 22/02/2008
Josh comes in and says Sharon is reading her Bible preparing for PoV
Adam now joins them.
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Topic #7952175
WVpdles - Ali back downstairs, telling Sheila that she wants Matt gone this week because she can't put him up NT 0 Replies #7952175 11:04AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7952194
wasteotime - Alli and Ryan & Sheila and Adam are NOT playing in the veto comp NT 0 Replies #7952194 11:08AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7952259
wasteotime - Sheila and Alli talking Strategy in the Spa Room 0 Replies #7952259 11:15AM 22/02/2008
Alli saying she has more of a personal reason to get rid of Alex and Amanda but a more strategic reason to vote out Nat and matt
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Topic #7952304
wasteotime - Alli in HOH talking to James, Chels, Adam and Josh 0 Replies #7952304 11:23AM 22/02/2008
Alli suggesting that MAtt And Natalie should be the couple to go this week if they don't vin POV. Alli, whispering even though she's in HOH and doesn't have to...urg! is suggesting that Alex and Amanda will be weaker because they are on slop. Adam says he will vote for Matty to stay either way
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Topic #7952343
KingMac - OMG Chelsia says maybe the POV will be trying to get out of a noose. 0 Replies #7952343 11:26AM 22/02/2008
Allison says- that is F** up,
Josh says- and than the b** dies like her dad.
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Topic #7952367
coz - Chelsia said they should hide Alex's cross NT 0 Replies #7952367 11:28AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7952369
wasteotime - Natalie is reading the Bible out loud to Amanda NT 0 Replies #7952369 11:28AM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7952477
wasteotime - Josh thinks Adam has an alliance with Matt 0 Replies #7952477 11:34AM 22/02/2008
Josh noticed how nervous Adam got talking about voting out Matt. Chelsia thinks there is something up with Adam; that maybe he is part of a BB twist?? Josh and Chelsia talking about how Adams "thing" is blaming Sheila for the decisions that he doesn't agree with. They all agree that that is how Sheila and Adam are playing the game...blaming each other and not getting along so they can squeak by
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Topic #7952516
wasteotime - James telling Josh about last night 0 Replies #7952516 11:36AM 22/02/2008
That Alex called Sheila out saying that she like girls!
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Topic #7952555
Roxystar - Chelsia: "She's getting on my nerves tho. (talking about Natalie) 0 Replies #7952555 11:38AM 22/02/2008
She will just start talking and something will try to say something and she will just keep going and going."
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Topic #7952724
Roxystar - Matt and Alex in the Storage Room.. 0 Replies #7952724 11:50AM 22/02/2008
Matt: We have to offer them a deal. (joshuah and sharon)
say Adam and sheila have an alliance going with the ones upstairs.

Alex: yea

Matt: One of us has to win POV.
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