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Topic #7955284
SouthernBelladonna - The HOh group talk about who should go. Chel says Matt/Nat are strong, but S/J say so are A/A. almost won the veto. 0 Replies #7955284 3:31PM 22/02/2008
They're saying they should let the house decide...leave the noms.

J/C seem to be pushing for M/N to go...J/S prefer A/A.

Chel pointing out A/A being on slop and being weak and stressed next week...N/M will be coming on strong and will be coming after J/C hardcore.
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Topic #7955307
Broodmore - Josh says he does not trust Adam NT 0 Replies #7955307 3:32PM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7955334
Broodmore - Josh and Sharon reveal their plan 0 Replies #7955334 3:34PM 22/02/2008
They are not going to change the vote. BUt they are not going to tell anyone because they want SHeila to sweat
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Topic #7955518
WVpdles - They also want to see how Alex and Matt continue to act, and see where the rest of the house is as far as votes go NT 0 Replies #7955518 3:46PM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7955532
SouthernBelladonna - Amanda talks to Josh. She wants him to use the veto and vote with her to keep Mat/Nat. NT 1 Replies #7955532 3:47PM 22/02/2008
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WVpdles - Josh replied that he owes her [just didn't say what ;-) ] NT #7955587 3:49PM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7955558
KingMac - Sharon says she gonna feel bad about Nat leaving, Chel says play the Josh card 0 Replies #7955558 3:48PM 22/02/2008
Blame it on Josh that it was his vote.
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Topic #7955563
SouthernBelladonna - Josh to Amanda: If I was you, I would not worry. I won't say what I'm gonna do, but don't worry. 0 Replies #7955563 3:49PM 22/02/2008
He leave and Amanda goes back to crying as she is washing (dying?) her hair in the sink.
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Topic #7955583
SouthernBelladonna - Matt is working Adam...telling him he has his back more. NT 0 Replies #7955583 3:49PM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7955595
SouthernBelladonna - The Hgs who can eat are having another pizza. NT 0 Replies #7955595 3:50PM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7955623
SouthernBelladonna - Adam goes up to HOH and asks what's going to happen. James says he doesn't know what they're going to do. 0 Replies #7955623 3:52PM 22/02/2008
Adam says he thinks they should stick to Operation Condor. James says they're still thinking about it...(he's being a little evasive..not telling Adam about the possibility of N/M leaving)

James tells Adam not to worry about it...Adam says just to let him know so he won't be stuck in the middle.

The leave HOH to go get pizza.
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Topic #7955648
Broodmore - Amanda says BB had to give her hair dye 0 Replies #7955648 3:54PM 22/02/2008
The night of the Bog Blowup she told BB she wanted to go home and would only stay if she got hair dye
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Topic #7955654
SouthernBelladonna - Amanda is dying her hair in the bathroom. She told Sheila that BB gave it to her the night of the fight because... 0 Replies #7955654 3:55PM 22/02/2008
she told them she would only stay if she got hair dye.

In the kitchen, HGs are eating pizza...some eating slop...talking about how cool the comp looked...says the comp advertised Jericho.
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Topic #7955704
SouthernBelladonna - Sheila and Nat are whispering in one bedroom. Josh is in the next one trying to listen to them. 0 Replies #7955704 3:59PM 22/02/2008
Now he's gone....

Nat/Sheila talking about J/S using the veto...getting rid of Ali.

Nat tells Sheila that Ali is spreading the stuff/talking sh*t about Sheila's yeast infection...

Sheila seems upset with Ali...Nat encouraging her to turn on Ali...

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Topic #7955733
SouthernBelladonna - Nat saying she's going to confront Ali about everything tonight. 0 Replies #7955733 4:01PM 22/02/2008
She says she's going to call her her a "two-faced b*tch". Sheila says SHE'S going to call Ali her b*tch.

Amanda joins them and Sheila says Ali is going down...calling Ali a "f**king b*tch"

Josh is in the next room (there's hole in between them)...looks like he's listening to them.

Amanda is saying they shouldn't go off on Ali today...Sheila agreeing...not yet.

Sheila keeps saying she doesn't's f**ked up...talking sh*t on me....
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Topic #7955767
SouthernBelladonna - Josh and Ali are super whispering. You can hear the convo from the other group in the next room. 0 Replies #7955767 4:04PM 22/02/2008
I don't know if they can hear all of it....some because they said something about Sheila being mad at Ali.
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Topic #7955824
SouthernBelladonna - BB keeps showing the hole in the wall between the two rooms. 0 Replies #7955824 4:09PM 22/02/2008
Ali/Josh in one.

Nat/Sheila/Adam in the other.
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Topic #7955853
SouthernBelladonna - Nat says she's livid. 0 Replies #7955853 4:11PM 22/02/2008
She and Sheila are still talking about Ali...saying she's been manipulative from the beginning.
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Topic #7955884
SouthernBelladonna - Amanda joins Nat and Sheila and says they shouldn't do anything until after veto. 0 Replies #7955884 4:13PM 22/02/2008
She thinks Josh will use the veto.
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Topic #7955905
SouthernBelladonna - Nat/Sheila now think they should tell Che/James that Ali is talking sh*t about them so they'll nom her and Ryan as a replacement. 0 Replies #7955905 4:14PM 22/02/2008
Sheila says she has to ge tot them without Ali knowing.
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Topic #7955921
SouthernBelladonna - Alex says the challenge today was cool, but there were a lot of wasted peanuts. NT 0 Replies #7955921 4:16PM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7955995
SouthernBelladonna - Sheila is curled up on her bed now. She looks mad/upset. 0 Replies #7955995 4:23PM 22/02/2008
Nat is also on her bed. Both are quiet.
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Topic #7956009
KaySeeDubya - Josh taking a nap on the couch...Sharon reading the bible...Adam sleeping(?) on the floor NT 0 Replies #7956009 4:25PM 22/02/2008
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Topic #7956015
Broodmore - Amanda thinks she is safe 0 Replies #7956015 4:26PM 22/02/2008
She thinks Josh will ise the veto on her cause he feels bad about what he said to her
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Topic #7956097
SouthernBelladonna - Ali and Ryan in HOH with Che/James. 0 Replies #7956097 4:36PM 22/02/2008
They're talking about Sheila getting crazier.

Ali says taking out M/N would take away a possible ally from Sheila/Adam.

Meanwhile in the SR Sheila is ranting to Matt about Ali. She's fired up...saying Ali screwed her...called her an actress. Sharon is outside the door listening!!! Sharon Runs off and heads to HOH to let them know.

She tells them that Sheila is ranting about Ali.
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Topic #7956101
SouthernBelladonna - Sharon recounting what she heard Sheila say to Ali and the others in HOH. NT 0 Replies #7956101 4:36PM 22/02/2008
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