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Topic #7992319
KactusKathy - Lockdown! HGs all need to go outside. Sheila finishes up doing her hair. Wants coffee first. All others in BY. NT 0 Replies #7992319 1:01PM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7992353
Disneyisme - Nat laid down on the bench and was taking directions from Alex on how to lift. Mind you she is in her bikini... 0 Replies #7992353 1:06PM 25/02/2008
She couldn't even move the has 95 lbs on it. She got up and said no way she could do it and said "see! I'm not the strongest chick in the house!"
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Topic #7992386
KactusKathy - Nat/Amanda watches guys press. Amanda wants to lift. Nat says she'll do 95. Tries, but can't. 0 Replies #7992386 1:11PM 25/02/2008
Amanda gets in pool instead, with Alli. Do some water aerobics 2gether. Guys/Nat continue working out. Sunbathers all quiet.
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Topic #7992486
KactusKathy - Sharon/Josh/James/Chelz talkin' about wanting a grill. Nat glad it's finally nice out. Talkin' about BB letting HGs trash the house. Speculate 0 Replies #7992486 1:24PM 25/02/2008
about someone coming back into house (Neil). Nat coaches Amanda on doing her aerobics. Matt joins 4...sitting next to Sharon. Chelz says she's never worked out in her life. Ry falls in pool. Looks funny as he wasn't trying to. Sheila alone on porch couch...observing. Alex hurts from working out....*whine*
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Topic #7992584
KactusKathy - Nat/Ry talking about how BB can't show much of what all happened last night. Too much boobies! Sho2 should have luv'd it. 0 Replies #7992584 1:34PM 25/02/2008
Sure they're the wilded HGs in BB history!
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Topic #7992628
KactusKathy - Alex/Adam/James playing pool. Amanda, Matt, Alli doing towel-exercises. NT 0 Replies #7992628 1:38PM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7992674
KactusKathy - Ry talks about how Jen snacks all healthy - carrots, fruit. He eats chips & snack foods. Alli only does yoga, but not pilates. Alli does yoga moves. 0 Replies #7992674 1:44PM 25/02/2008
Alli misses Sheila (yuk)...didn't see her on couch.
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Topic #7992740
KactusKathy - Matt teaches Alli how to use a weight to twist & work out her core-muscles. 0 Replies #7992740 1:51PM 25/02/2008
Amanda decides to take Alex/James on at pool table. Everyone really relaxed & getting along.
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Topic #7992765
WieKacie - Alex/Adam/Amanda playing pool together. NT 0 Replies #7992765 1:54PM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7992901
NYTC7 - Alli talking to Matt 0 Replies #7992901 2:14PM 25/02/2008
Alli - Chel told her that they are aligned w/ Josh/Sharon

Alli talking about making an alliance w/ M/N, A/R, A/S

Alli says she has to talk to Ryan

Alli would have to have a guarantee that they would be safe

Alli says she's going to shower and talk to Ryan

Matt - whatever deal she offers you, I'll offer that and then some

Alli - Jen was 10 times worse than Amanda and I got that bitch out of here

Matt - it's better to keep Nat over Amanda b/c Nat is genuinely honest

Amanda comes out so convo gets cut short
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Topic #7992930
WieKacie - Lock down is over. HGs inside eating. Alex is washing dishes. Alli and Matt still outside. NT 0 Replies #7992930 2:19PM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7992939
NYTC7 - Matt/Adam/Alli backyard convo 0 Replies #7992939 2:20PM 25/02/2008
Alli - the 3 of us can go all the way to the final 3

Alli - Ryan and I won't win, b/c of Jen, no one wants Jen to have the $

Adam - as long as 1 of the 3 of us win HOH we'll be ok

Alli - Matt you need to talk to Ryan a bit

Alli - I think it's weird that 15 seconds after my attack she starts having a seizure, i was there before her and release after her, isn't that weird?

Matt - the only thing i heard about you (alli) was that you were going to play me like i was playing you

Alii - i never said that

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Topic #7993011
NYTC7 - Matt saying he was in the finals for Tila Tequila but he decided to go to BB finals instead NT 0 Replies #7993011 2:30PM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7993031
NYTC7 - Alli says she knew that they were casting 2 people from boston & as soon as she saw matt she knew that was where he was from NT 0 Replies #7993031 2:33PM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7993049
NYTC7 - flames keep coming on b/c they are talking about casting NT 1 Replies #7993049 2:35PM 25/02/2008
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itsobvious - sharon's whispering so softly i can barely hear NT #7993141 2:48PM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7993151
itsobvious - alex is annoying us complaining about being put up NT 0 Replies #7993151 2:51PM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7993154
sunflower05 - James/Sharon are talking about what Matt said last night about how Matt would put up Josh/Sharon up if he gets hoh, and how they don't completely 0 Replies #7993154 2:51PM 25/02/2008
trust Allison now.
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Topic #7993323
KingMac - Josh says he thinks its retrated that alex carries the cros around.... 0 Replies #7993323 3:14PM 25/02/2008
The cross was made from the steel from the twin towers and alex carries it cuz his dad died in 9/11.
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Topic #7993375
WVpdles - James is talking about purposely losing food comp, so A/A and A/S are on slop and hiding the pickles, salsa & coffee so they have to eat plan slop NT 1 Replies #7993375 3:20PM 25/02/2008
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WVpdles - Sheila has been counting the days left on slop and she can't function without coffee NT #7993408 3:22PM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7993631
SouthernBelladonna - James, Ryan and Alex are playing pool. Ali, Matt, Chel, Nat, Josh, and Sheila are in the bathroom. 0 Replies #7993631 3:40PM 25/02/2008
Small talk all around.
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Topic #7993649
SouthernBelladonna - Ali pulls Chel and Josh into the SR. Ali saying they don't know Amanda. NT 0 Replies #7993649 3:41PM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7993656
WVpdles - Ali, Josh and Chel in storage room, saying she's concerned they've only known Amanda for 2 weeks 0 Replies #7993656 3:42PM 25/02/2008
1st week she was a bitch and now she's completely different. Josh asks if she's flipping and Ali says she wants to Ryan then they'll meet in HoH.
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Topic #7993669
WVpdles - They've now gone up to HoH. Ali - she hasn't forgotten one thing amanda has done. NT 0 Replies #7993669 3:43PM 25/02/2008
Ali talking about both of their emergencies. Amanda thinks it was a sign and now they are all buddy buddy and have a clean slate. Ali says it doesn't mean anything. Ali's annoyed Amanda's not eating or doing what doctors says.
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Topic #7993704
WVpdles - Ali has to talk to Ryan about voting. Chel thinks the HoH is physcial like last year when they had to hang upside down. 0 Replies #7993704 3:46PM 25/02/2008
She will make sure A/A don't get it. Chel still wants M/N gone. Ali's fear is A/A will revert to like they were if they get HoH.
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Topic #7993726
SouthernBelladonna - Ali now in HOH with Josh and Chel. 0 Replies #7993726 3:48PM 25/02/2008
Ali talking about not forgetting the mean things Amanda did to her the 1st saying her getting sick was worse than Amanda's...but Amanda thinks it's some sort of sign that all was forgiven because they made up...Ali keeps repeating she was dying and that Amanda isn't taking care of her her health...

Ali says them getting sick has not made her forget not liking Amanda...

She says she has to talk to Ryan...that they haven't about votes..she's scared of A/A getting HOH next week...

Chel saying she thinks HOH will be physical this week and A/A won't get it...Chel says she will say or do anything to make sure

Ali asks what C/J want...Che affirms they want N/M gone.

Ali goes back to worrying about keeping Amanda.

Chel asks her if she's made a deal with Amanda...Ali says no.

Ali says she thinks if N/M go this week, the next 2 to go should be A/A then S/A.

Now saying Matt has been trying to work Ali.

Ali again saying Ryan is the decision maker, but her fear is that A/A are shady.
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