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Topic #7995584
WVpdles - Ryan/Ali outside talking... 0 Replies #7995584 6:08PM 25/02/2008
Ryan tells her Amanda promised not to put them up.
Ryan says the safe bet is to keep A/A. Ali doesn't agree, because M/N will take them to F2. Ryan says you have to gamble to win, M/N is a gamble.
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Topic #7995715
WVpdles - Ali/Matt in storage room. Ali tells Matt about Amanda's deal. And tell Matt he has to win HoH NT 1 Replies #7995715 6:16PM 25/02/2008
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Kottin - She said "we will just play the game.... for now"" And as she was leaving, Matt said "I love you". NT #7995935 6:30PM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7995802
Amandafan - LOL! Amanda just rubbed Alex's lips and said she was checking for 0 Replies #7995802 6:22PM 25/02/2008
herpes type 1, then went over to Sharon and did the same thing. Sharon looked pi**ed off and walked away...Amanda turned back to Alex who seemed to think it was kind of funny, then said Amanda was trying to pick his nose, and said 'I'll pick your nose', then pretended to, i think expecting Amanda to be grossed out but instead grabbed his finger and tried to pick her nose with it.
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Topic #7995812
WVpdles - Ryan's in HoH with Chel/James 0 Replies #7995812 6:22PM 25/02/2008
Ryan says they're thinking the same as the past few days.
Sharon and Josh have joined them. Talk goes to the HoH blog, and Ali joins them. Talk then changes to food.
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Topic #7995859
WVpdles - Ryan's not a good liar, stuttering around trying to answer Sharon and Chel's questions. NT 1 Replies #7995859 6:24PM 25/02/2008
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WVpdles - Ryan leaves HoH, Sharon tells that Amanda's gonna try to out someone who's lying, but won't say who NT #7995919 6:29PM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7995971
WVpdles - Josh, Sharon and James come downstairs, James goes out with Adam to smoke. NT 0 Replies #7995971 6:33PM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7996222
WVpdles - everyone downstairs, waiting to eat soon, no game talk, just random topics NT 0 Replies #7996222 6:50PM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7996340
WVpdles - Josh - how funny is it that everyone's reading the Bible. Sharon said she started that. NT 0 Replies #7996340 7:00PM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7996357
WVpdles - James/Adam outside smoking. James says operation condor needs to be completed this week. NT 0 Replies #7996357 7:01PM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7996436
Melisah - "It tickles my balls to see people struggling." - James NT 1 Replies #7996436 7:08PM 25/02/2008
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WVpdles - Referring to food comp and Sheila/Alex being on slop NT #7996444 7:09PM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7996452
WVpdles - HGs(not on slop) are standing around counter eating pizza. NT 0 Replies #7996452 7:10PM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7996567
WVpdles - Sharon and Ali are talking on the bathroom couch. Both BSing each other, no new info being revealed. NT 0 Replies #7996567 7:20PM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7996718
WVpdles - Josh/Sharon in bathroom, Josh hates Ali more than Amanda, can't wait til after they win HoH and can go off on Ali NT 0 Replies #7996718 7:35PM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7996753
ttowttow - Sheila telling Matt that she can't sleep at night because she is constantly thinking about the game. NT 0 Replies #7996753 7:37PM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7996793
ttowttow - Sheila and Matt are Talking about what "to death do you part" means. 0 Replies #7996793 7:41PM 25/02/2008
Sheila thinks that later on in the game they might be able to choose new partners. Sheila asked Matt who he trusts more, her or Ali. Matt replied "I guess you."
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Topic #7996849
WVpdles - Sharon tells Josh only way they can win in the end is against C/J, because they've backstabbed their alliances. 0 Replies #7996849 7:45PM 25/02/2008
Josh says if they don't win HoH they have to win PoV or have Chel/James win PoV and take them off. Josh said don't stress about it anymore because they're strong.
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Topic #7997166
WVpdles - In massage room, Sharon is on Alex's back giving him a massage, Josh is filing his nails NT 0 Replies #7997166 8:12PM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7997207
WVpdles - Matt telling James who's in HT. Matt told James he's not his #1 target. NT 0 Replies #7997207 8:15PM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7997211
Tikkanen - James/Matt exchange notes by hottub. 0 Replies #7997211 8:15PM 25/02/2008

Matt claims to not have any deal.

Matt trusts ABalla, but not Sheila. He will let people know how he feels about them before he leaves if voted out. He thinks Josh/Sharon are starting rumors about him. Matt thinks Josh/Sharon will put up Sheila/Adam or Matt/Nat (or Alex/Amanda).

James: Next week, I'd rather to be on the block, so I can play for POV, rather than get backdoored. I know I'm going on the block.

Matt: First couple of days, I was scared of eviction. Now, I don't care. I know who I'm going after. You (James) are #2 (laughs), not #1. I'm not giving up.

James: You'll get to vote (on the jury). You can ***** someone. I really think the house will flip on me and I'll see you or Alex (in the jury house).
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Topic #7997286
Tikkanen - James/Matt continue by hottub. 0 Replies #7997286 8:21PM 25/02/2008
Matt: Who told you Amanda offered a deal?

James: I heard it thru the grapevine. ... I heard it thru Ryan. He's in the best position, since he doesn't owe anyone anything.

Matt: I know word on the street is I'm going home.

James: You never know about Ali. She'll go downstairs and tell Sheila whatever we talk about, and flip the house. She's letting the dogs eat each other, and letting others slip by. Some people scheme 24/7. There are no convos about life.

Matt agrees. Last night we didn't talk game. We talked about crazy ***** we did. I got poor Natalie who's walking around by herself. She doesn't take ***** lightly. That's all I need is her flipping out and messing things up.

James: She (Natalie) will break down after the show.

Matt: I have to tell her that I'm the only one that matters to her in the house. I won't lie to my partner. I need to sit her down and talk to her like an 11 year old. Amanda isn't making it easy on her.

(they go inside).
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Topic #7997347
Tikkanen - Matt/Natalie/Amanda in bathroom. 0 Replies #7997347 8:25PM 25/02/2008
Natalie wants the massage for last night. Matt declines.

Matt: The votes aren't going our way.

Natalie: Sharon likes Alex.

Amanda says she heard Matt/Natalie are staying. She thinks James wants Alex/Amanda out.

Matt: They aren't voting. It doesn't matter. I want to talk to Natalie for 5 minutes, and learn a little about her life, not game. I didn't talk to James about game either. The more you scheme, the more it works against you.

Amanda is worried sick. Everyone's saying everyone is starting something.

Matt: We'll do something like last night, swim later, get minds off the game.

Amanda thinks it'll be worse tomorrow with rumors. She also announces her period starts tomorrow.
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Topic #7997380
Tikkanen - Ali plays chess against Ryan/Adam with Sheila/Matt watching. Ali was in highschool chess and Latin clubs. NT 0 Replies #7997380 8:28PM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7997403
WVpdles - Josh telling J/C in HoH that he's waiting to hear back if they can throw food away. He was told food has to be stored in the kitchen or storage room, 0 Replies #7997403 8:30PM 25/02/2008
so no hiding in HoH.
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Topic #7997507
Tikkanen - Matt/Natalie in bedroom 0 Replies #7997507 8:37PM 25/02/2008

Matt tells Natalie to lay low, tone down the behavior like last night. He thinks it draws unwanted attention to them. He thinks she's too nice and trusting and talks too much. Matt wants her to leave game talk to him. It's us and Allison.

They hug and leave.
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Topic #7997547
Tikkanen - Matt/Adam/Ryan in backyard smoking rehashing Natalie talk. James/Josh/Chelsia bash Sheila and Amanda. NT 0 Replies #7997547 8:40PM 25/02/2008
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