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Topic #7999403
KWren11 - Natalie in the hot tub explaining why her breasts produce milk... 0 Replies #7999403 12:10AM 26/02/2008
She explains that she got pregnant at 19 and had an abortion -- then at 23 she got pregnant again...
Both times she was using 'birth control' and condoms and she must be 'fertile Myrtle'...
Her first abortion she had to wait so she was two months along.
Her second one she found out she was pregnant the night before her boob job (she was only one month along, with a different/new boyfriend)... which was scheduled because she says after her first abortion her breasts thought she had a baby, filled up with milk, and then shrank...
So the night before her boob job she had her boyfriend give her his 'pee' to use in the pregnancy test they use at the hospital...
Then she had her boob job the next day and two weeks later had an abortion (#2) and that is why she thinks her breasts squirt milk...
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Topic #7999526
Bloody_Mary - Natalie just told a story about having a rotten tampon inside her - she forgot about it (More..) 0 Replies #7999526 12:37AM 26/02/2008
Now she's telling the story to Sheila, Amanda and Ali. Nat says it was in there for 5 or 6 days and her boyfriend could smell it. She couldn't dig it out, but finally she got it and it was "brown and red and nasty."

They asked her if her boyfriend had oral sex with her. (I missed her answer but I think she said no.)

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Topic #7999739
WVpdles - Alex is helping Amanda use her glucose meter NT 0 Replies #7999739 1:04AM 26/02/2008
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Topic #7999740
WVpdles - Sharon's giving Chel a massage, Josh and James are watching NT 0 Replies #7999740 1:04AM 26/02/2008
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Topic #7999839
WVpdles - Nat went to the DR because she has a bloody nose NT 0 Replies #7999839 1:22AM 26/02/2008
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Topic #7999905
BBaz - All feeds on Nat & Adam talking in sauna room. Nat in sauna, Adam on massage table. 0 Replies #7999905 1:43AM 26/02/2008
Just general convo (Atlantic City, riding dune buggies, blah, blah)
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Topic #7999937
BBaz - F3 & 4 now on Amanda & Matt in front of memory wall discussing one of them leaving, 0 Replies #7999937 1:54AM 26/02/2008
saying goodbye to eachother in their speeches, Amanda saying tomorrow will be bad. Matt thinks packing will be the worst. Matt says he won't be campaigning. They're both nervous. Amanda thinks M/N will be fine, he disagrees. Matt can't believe neither of them one veto. Amanda says "if it's 3-0, you guys win for sure". Matt doesn't think he has A/S vote because Sheila is 'a wild card and runs the show'. They both think J/C and A/R are both strong couples.
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Topic #7999968
BBaz - Amanda to bed, Matt now in sauna room with Adam & Nat 0 Replies #7999968 2:04AM 26/02/2008
Discussion about M/N acting really nice and grateful to BB during their speeches. Matt gets on Natalie for being sweaty and sitting against the pillows...tells her to go take a shower. She says "whoopty-do...we all traded body fluids last night". He says "that's different, that was yesterday". She brings up something (inaudible) and he warns her not to say anything or start stick to the script and not even agree if others say things. She agrees.
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Topic #8000016
BBaz - Adam & Matt outside. Matt says "we need HOH this week" 0 Replies #8000016 2:16AM 26/02/2008
Adam says ", you & Allison. And the goal is to get Josh out". Matt agrees that's the goal. Matt says they "need a Operation Queen or something" (sounded like Adam added "Operation Fairy". They also say "Operation Drama Queen" and laugh. Both making fun of saying goodbye to him by talking with lisps and limp wrists, etc. Matt claims he caught Josh trying to spy on him today. Matt also said Amanda's still up because she wants to see who is still up talking. Says she said to him today "you've got Baller's vote, don't you?" and that he played if off by saying "we all remember what Baller's vote meant last time with Parker" and also that "Shiela runs *****" and that Amanda agreed.
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Topic #8000045
CruiseCritic - Adam and Natalie under red blanket on couch in BY talking with Matt 0 Replies #8000045 2:38AM 26/02/2008
and sounds like they plan to go to final 4 together. Matt even told both of them about his earlier deal with Ryan that Ryan can punch him in the face if Matt puts him up (If Ryan and Alli vote to keep him and he and Nat get HOH)

Matt tells Nat to lay low tomorrow. They all want Josh and Sharon to go really baaaad...Matt said he wasnt going to go off on Josh until he gets off the block.
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Topic #8000049
CruiseCritic - Matt says he is going to call Josh a drama queen in they get HOH and they 0 Replies #8000049 2:40AM 26/02/2008
are all going in the house now and are all "souped" up. Matt says he thinks that James is watching them.

Adam has a pickle. Matt says he is hungry and Adam tells him to eat something - - Matt says he wants to eat but doesnt want to bother him (due to him being on slop)

Adam tells him to have a bagel and heads off to bed.

Natalie having a bite of fruit salad and Matt tells her he will see her in bed.

She says they will be there in a minute. She is eating some fruit salad
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Topic #8000054
CruiseCritic - The three have been outside talking strategy since I turned on the feeds and 0 Replies #8000054 2:42AM 26/02/2008
it seems they are psyched BC Josh/Sharon think that Matt/Nat are going home and they are not going home bc thye have Alli/Ryan and Sheila/Adams votes.

they are so excited bc Josh thinks that Alli is for sure voting Matt/Nat out.
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Topic #8000057
CruiseCritic - Nat now in WC brushin her teeth. Matt is already in thier bed and can hear 0 Replies #8000057 2:43AM 26/02/2008
snoring on the feeds (If it is Adam, he fell asleep QUICK)
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Topic #8000058
CruiseCritic - Nat on F1/F2 brushing teeth. F3 looks like A/A and F4 is Matt in bed alone and hard to see if Adam 0 Replies #8000058 2:44AM 26/02/2008
is in bed with SHeila or not
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Topic #8000064
CruiseCritic - Natalie does some quick mouthwash after brushing her teeth and does a little 0 Replies #8000064 2:47AM 26/02/2008
gargling. WIpes her face and heads down the hallway taking off her sweater and goes toward the bedroom. She is stopping at memory wall staring at the pics.

Still looking at the pictures for a minute longer and walks thru LR and goes thru one BR to get into her BR. Hangs her sweater up at the end of the bed, removes her socks and climbs over Matties feet and gets into her side of the bed.

F1 now showing Ryan/Alli sleeping
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Topic #8000066
CruiseCritic - F1 showing a fireplace and closeup of a deers? head. All HGs getting comfy or are sound asleep NT 0 Replies #8000066 2:48AM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8000071
CruiseCritic - Sleeping HGS and someone is snoring very loud! (I am out for now) NT 0 Replies #8000071 2:50AM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8000283
bcbmom - Ali gets up went to bathroom and is now back in bed. 0 Replies #8000283 5:51AM 26/02/2008
Alex lifted head off pillow while amanda rolled and flipped hair now both are back to sleep
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Topic #8001330
NYTC7 - All HG still asleep NT 0 Replies #8001330 8:58AM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8001416
NYTC7 - "I wanna be Sedated" by the Ramones and then FLAMES NT 0 Replies #8001416 9:09AM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8001485
NYTC7 - Feeds back 0 Replies #8001485 9:19AM 26/02/2008
BB - good morning houseguests its time to get up for the day

Josh, Ryan Sheila in WC

Che up in HOH

BB- attention HG there are fresh batteries in the SR, have you changed your batteries?

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Topic #8001493
NYTC7 - Alex now in WC too, James awake but still in HOH bed NT 0 Replies #8001493 9:20AM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8001499
NYTC7 - Josh said he's lost 15 lbs. NT 0 Replies #8001499 9:20AM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8001504
NYTC7 - Josh says the scale is off 10 lbs. Sheila says there's no way she weighs 123 NT 0 Replies #8001504 9:21AM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8001506
NYTC7 - Sheila in shower, Che joins James in HOH bed NT 0 Replies #8001506 9:22AM 26/02/2008
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