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Topic #8004346
MtDewAddict - Alli dying Amanda's hair and Amanda making sure she knows that she's sorry for all that happened. 0 Replies #8004346 2:46PM 26/02/2008
She's not "campaigning" but she wants Alli to know that it was all in the past and she wishes she hadn't said it/done it all.

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Topic #8004361
MtDewAddict - Alex comes in and sits in the bathroom corner seat and stares at Alli/Amanda NT 0 Replies #8004361 2:47PM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8004378
WVpdles - Alex said BB isn't happy that he's not campaigning, FLAMES then back to saying he's hoping it will show what his word means. NT 0 Replies #8004378 2:50PM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8004415
MtDewAddict - Amanda discussing if her hair is level 3 or level 4 dark brown hair. Lots of talk about hair dye. Alex says BB doesn't like him right now 0 Replies #8004415 2:54PM 26/02/2008
He says he's not saying what they said or what they didn't...but they don't like that he's not campaigning. Then, we get flames for a moment...and Alli is talking to him about how his word means more than anything else. Camera switches to couch bedroom...then back to bathroom with Alex/Amanda/Alli.

He says that people aren't going to change their minds, and there is no point in campaigning. He doesn't want to stay he's leaving and then stay...or say he's staying and then leave.

Alli drops a blob of hair dye on Amanda's swimsuit.

Alli is lecturing Alex about him not saying anything and trying to stay. He thinks that people will think better of him if he doesn't campaign. Alli says that's true about Alex "as a person but not in the game." She says it's not a smart way to play. Amanda agrees. She says that not campaigning makes him look bad in the game...and the game doesn't have anything to do with him in real life.

She says that she started out that way last eviction...and that she finally did the last few days and that got her a swing vote, and that's why they stayed.
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Topic #8004426
WVpdles - Alex asked if his word didn't mean something about him in the game and Ali told him no, it means you're 0 Replies #8004426 2:54PM 26/02/2008
a nice person, but that you have poor game. Alex appeared shocked by this.
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Topic #8004464
MtDewAddict - Nat giving Matt crap for watching Alli dye Amanda's hair and not watching Nat paint a mermaid scene on the bowling pins NT 0 Replies #8004464 2:57PM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8004504
MtDewAddict - Nat goes off by herself to paint saying Matt should be spending time with her 'cause it could be their last day 0 Replies #8004504 3:00PM 26/02/2008
He says he will "later, babe." As he's walking off Nat says painting a lot of colors and an underwater scene is more fun than watching Alli paint Amanda's hair one color.
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Topic #8004546
MtDewAddict - Alex is talking to people trying to find out if Matt really IS campaigning because he's starting to figure out that M/N are doing it 0 Replies #8004546 3:03PM 26/02/2008
Alli tells Ryan that Alex is stupid if he's just figuring it out
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Topic #8004556
luvsit77 - Ryan is going to take a nap NT 0 Replies #8004556 3:04PM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8004603
MtDewAddict - Ryan lays down to nap, Sharon is reading the Bible, Alli is making salad 0 Replies #8004603 3:07PM 26/02/2008
Josh prepares to run; Alex is talking to Adam about Matt's campaigning. Amanda is waiting on her hair to finish dying. Nat is still painting.
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Topic #8004627
WVpdles - Ali asked Matt if he had a deal with Alex that he won't campaign, Matt said no just that they won't talk bad about each other which he hasn't NT 0 Replies #8004627 3:09PM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8004631
mansbridge - Josh says, "im not talking to anyone for the rest of the day" 0 Replies #8004631 3:09PM 26/02/2008
to Amanda. Allison and Boston talk in the kitchen. Ryan is sleeping on the couch in BR.
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Topic #8004635
MtDewAddict - Alli asks Matt if he promised to not campaign. Matt says he promised to not talk s**t about Alex b/c they are friends. 0 Replies #8004635 3:10PM 26/02/2008
He's saying he didn't promise that he wouldn't campaign
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Topic #8004679
mansbridge - Sheila angry she is called to DR in the middle of her meal NT 1 Replies #8004679 3:14PM 26/02/2008
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CruiseCritic - Sheila had just made herself a bowl of salsa/relish and didnt have her eyes on #8004763 3:21PM 26/02/2008
and they were talking about Alli being allergic, deathly allergic to the slop and Matt had said they should be able to AT LEAST have some bread

Pickle/mustard sandwiches..cinnamon toast etc
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Topic #8004689
WVpdles - Ali just said 'why isn't allison smiling' to matt and alex in the kitchen NT 1 Replies #8004689 3:15PM 26/02/2008
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caitlinrae - she is talking about what everyone was saying when SHE was on the block NT #8004776 3:22PM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8004795
CruiseCritic - Matt says he really wants to take a nap but he doesnt want to miss anything 0 Replies #8004795 3:24PM 26/02/2008
all 4 feeds on Matt, Alli and Alex at kitchen counter. Sheila is still in DR and her bowl of salsa/relish mixture still at the counter
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Topic #8004809
CruiseCritic - Alli eating a bowl of spinach salad and they are talking how people will keep 0 Replies #8004809 3:25PM 26/02/2008
who they think will be useful to their gameplay.

Matt says - I could be on the block next week if I am here and so could He (refers to Alex)

Matt says he just wants Josh and Sharon out of here
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Topic #8004843
CruiseCritic - Alex staring at Alli eating her salad - not much else going on and she just ate some cucumbers 0 Replies #8004843 3:28PM 26/02/2008
and ate something crunchy (can hear her chewing) Alex says she needed some crunch.

All feeds still only in kitchen with the three of them.

Alli talking how she has played out every scenario. Alex still watching her eat..(looks hungry)
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Topic #8004853
WVpdles - Ali saying Parker actually expected her to lay down and leave NT 0 Replies #8004853 3:28PM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8004871
CruiseCritic - Alli said Parker genuinly expected her to just lay down for him when it came to the vote 0 Replies #8004871 3:29PM 26/02/2008
and he asked her in SR. She is now telling he crawled on the floor next to Adam and Sheila about their vote and told them they would be the biggest liars on national tv if they didnt keep their word.

laughing how his head just popped up. Alex said not right to put fear in someones eyes.
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Topic #8004894
WVpdles - Sharon told Josh in storage room that Amanda told her they're the swing vote. Josh said he's going to bed 1 Replies #8004894 3:31PM 26/02/2008
and not talking to anyone, because he's so pissed he could go off like a nuclear explosion on anyone.
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WVpdles - Sheila back from DR. NT #8004902 3:32PM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8004909
CruiseCritic - Matt coughin and choking a little - Alex asks if he is alright. All 4 fees go to SR 0 Replies #8004909 3:32PM 26/02/2008
with Sharon and Josh. Talking about votes and Josh says he is not talking any more right now and he could go off on EVERYONE right now - but not you.

2 feeds on empty SR and 2 back with Alli, ALex and Matt in kitchen. Little talk of Howie

Sheila comes back and laughingly asks "did my salsa get cold" ? they all laugh and Sheila says she is trying to add some humor

BB - Joshuah please go to the DR
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Topic #8004917
CruiseCritic - Funny - Alli and SHeila showing group how Parker crawled in the BR and feeds (all 4) go to 0 Replies #8004917 3:33PM 26/02/2008
Amanda in WC
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Topic #8004918
WVpdles - Josh to DR. and on the way he saw Ali laying on the floor with Sheila next to her and thought she was dying again. 0 Replies #8004918 3:33PM 26/02/2008
Sheila and Ali were re-enacting Parker crawling to her and asking Sheila to swear into his mic that they were voting to keep him.
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Topic #8004931
WVpdles - Alex asked what the difference is between campaigning and saving yourself. 0 Replies #8004931 3:35PM 26/02/2008
Matt said campaigning is saying bad stuff about other.
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