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Topic #8002948
milajoy - Ryan and All confronting Chel about her saying she wants to be in F4 with Josh & Sharon. NT 0 Replies #8002948 12:33PM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8003015
xXkrypticXx - More talk btw Ryan Allison and Chel 0 Replies #8003015 12:41PM 26/02/2008
R- I trust you guys... If we do win HOH you are totally safe
A- I believe that you were flustered or something (about Chels saying she wanted j/s and c/j f4)
A- The way Josh has acted this week has really freaked me out
C- I know
A- And than last night Sharon got caught like spying on m/n
R- I dont want to sit here and lie to you guys... You guys are totally safe if we win HOH next week.
A- Just remember Josh in the past few days
C- who would you rather see go.. be honest
A- personal reasons a/a strategic reason m/n

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Topic #8003364
WVpdles - In HoH room, Chel reporting back to James what Ali and Ryan said NT 0 Replies #8003364 1:14PM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8003411
WVpdles - James told Chel she needs to stop worrying about trying to break people, with Amanda it was ok because the whole house was behind her... 0 Replies #8003411 1:20PM 26/02/2008
but if she goes into a comp intimidated by M/N then she'll lose.
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Topic #8003422
WVpdles - James told Chel, we're done. We're goin gup next week. And if you're not preferred to play PoV we're going home. NT 0 Replies #8003422 1:21PM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8003429
IggysPINKTights - James telling Che if she keeps thinking 0 Replies #8003429 1:22PM 26/02/2008
on how intimidated Nat makes her she won't do well in HOH.
To NOT go against people b/c she won't get votes.
To let things happen .
Che says they will be nominated no matter what James says..then there's no point in stressing over it.
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Topic #8003450
IggysPINKTights - Ryan goes to talk to Che and James 0 Replies #8003450 1:26PM 26/02/2008
James says he doesn't want to game talk.
Ryan says I just want to tell you that you saved me by not nomming me so I'm going to return the favor.
James says whatever I appreciate it and if you have to that's fine I just don't want to be backdoored.
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Topic #8003459
IggysPINKTights - James says that her stressing over who leaves over and over is going to make her not do well in comps 0 Replies #8003459 1:27PM 26/02/2008
to just let things happen and then deal with it.
Both sides are coming after them so there's no point in stressing over something you can't control.
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Topic #8003466
WVpdles - James told Chel to say nothing to J/S, let them hang themselves with the vote. NT 0 Replies #8003466 1:27PM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8003530
IggysPINKTights - James and Ryan playing pool NT 0 Replies #8003530 1:34PM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8003555
IggysPINKTights - Alex is saying I'm not campaigning and Matt is saying I know but they want us to budge ;) 0 Replies #8003555 1:37PM 26/02/2008
Alex and Matt talking about packing.
Matt and Alex talking about where the votes are going...Adam is there too.
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Topic #8003601
IggysPINKTights - Nat talking about her dog having seperation anxiety NT 0 Replies #8003601 1:40PM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8003615
WVpdles - Ryan in HoH with James and Chel 0 Replies #8003615 1:42PM 26/02/2008
James - Amanda is easier to break.
Ryan thinks he can trust M/N more and he would put them on the block next week.
James brought up that it was orginially Ali's idea to get rid of M/N.
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Topic #8003814
WVpdles - Amanda stopped James from putting a metal bowel in the microwave. He was going to melt cheese over his triscuits NT 0 Replies #8003814 2:02PM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8003826
Gorf - Matt and James in Kitchen, Matt accused James of talking trash about him in what he says 0 Replies #8003826 2:03PM 26/02/2008
is a joking matter.

James took it and started a mini argument with matt and wanted to know who said he was talking trash.

Matt said he was just joking and busting his balls. James said if it was true then just come out and say it. Matt said if it was true he would have said something sooner

Convo gets akward and turns to food talk.

Matt leaves to go outside
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Topic #8003827
WVpdles - Amanda told James she knows she can't beat the promise being made that they'll never get put up and always use PoV on them NT 0 Replies #8003827 2:03PM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8003857
WVpdles - James told Adam Matt promised Ali he'd never put them on the block and always use the PoV on them NT 0 Replies #8003857 2:07PM 26/02/2008
Adam seemed surprised then said Ali probably promised him more.
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Topic #8003876
WVpdles - Chel tried some of James cheese/triscuits and seemed surprised it's good NT 0 Replies #8003876 2:09PM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8003913
helena - James, Chelsia, and Adam eating in kitchen. Josh walks by. 0 Replies #8003913 2:12PM 26/02/2008
Adam says to Chelsia, "That is your boy." Chelisa tells Adam, "That isn't my boy, but points to James and says THAT is my boy." Adam asks her who he(meaning Adam) is. Chelsia responds with, "You're my bitch."
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Topic #8003927
WVpdles - BB: Chel and James please report to the HoH room 0 Replies #8003927 2:13PM 26/02/2008
They have the camera and are now taking photos.
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Topic #8004013
WVpdles - Josh told Sharon, what Chel heard from Allison NT 0 Replies #8004013 2:21PM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8004087
WVpdles - Josh told Sharon he was at the Amanda exploding point, he could go off on anyone for anything NT 0 Replies #8004087 2:26PM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8004134
WVpdles - James told Sharon Ali's playing both sides has a deal with both Amanda and Matt NT 0 Replies #8004134 2:29PM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8004285
MtDewAddict - Nat and Josh in hammock. Nat saying again she's not going to campaign, but Josh says it's a good idea to remind people of Amanda's actions NT 0 Replies #8004285 2:41PM 26/02/2008
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Topic #8004325
MtDewAddict - Josh asks Nat who they'd put up if Matt/Nat stay and win HOH 0 Replies #8004325 2:44PM 26/02/2008
Natalie says she'd put up James/Chel and whoever else goes up against them in the if it's a 2/1 vote for M/N to stay, she'd put up whoever the 1 vote against them was.

She says that James/Chel for sure

Nat says that if they stay and DO NOT win HOH, then they know they'd be put up again for sure.
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