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More Alli/Ryan - Shannon72
8:39PM 01/03/2008

Matty working free weights in BY in the mirror(with the make-up on) - JJDaisy
8:42PM 01/03/2008

Ryan tells matt he'd rather have James vote, cuz james is open to anything NT - WVpdles
8:42PM 01/03/2008

Josh takes Nat upstairs so she can listen to CD NT - WVpdles
8:44PM 01/03/2008

Matt and Ryan in BY working out. Ryan told Matt that's he's talked to Alli. - Shannon72
8:45PM 01/03/2008

Sharon in hammock while Matt/Ryan work out NT - leleana
8:48PM 01/03/2008

Chels puts teeth whitening stips on James' teeth NT - leleana
8:50PM 01/03/2008

Ali's going to bed, she said Ryan told her to NT - WVpdles
8:53PM 01/03/2008

James says "look, it's one of my stains", camera zooms in on the sheets (ed. ewwwww!) NT - BlueMoonStarr
8:54PM 01/03/2008

Alli getting ready for bed. Telling J/C that that is her safe haven from everything in the house. - Shannon72
8:56PM 01/03/2008

Sheila and Nat are in the HoH telling (truthfully) Josh what Ali was saying earlier NT - WVpdles
8:58PM 01/03/2008

Nat/Sheila/Josh in HOH - Shannon72
9:00PM 01/03/2008

Nat telling Sharon and Josh that Ali's pitty party is a joke-she did it to herself - JJDaisy
9:07PM 01/03/2008

not sharon... Sheila... oops NT - JJDaisy
9:10PM 01/03/2008

Josh told Sheila/Natt that Alli will be portrayed as the villian in the house. - Shannon72
9:13PM 01/03/2008

Sharon back in HOH with Sharon and Nat re-hashing Ryan's hating on Sheila and - JJDaisy
9:18PM 01/03/2008

Sharon/Sheila/Nat/Josh in HOH - Shannon72
9:20PM 01/03/2008

Josh said that if Alli is not voted out then he is going to voluntarily ask to leave. NT - Shannon72
9:25PM 01/03/2008

Sharon and James comparing notes - leleana
9:28PM 01/03/2008

Sharon joins James in BR cuddling on round seat,ryan in front of mirror - JJDaisy
9:30PM 01/03/2008

Alli and Chelsia in BR - Shannon72
9:34PM 01/03/2008

Alli to Ryan: If they put up A/S, we can survive NT - leleana
9:35PM 01/03/2008

Sharon deep in thought as James brushes his teeth after a coment about Josh - JJDaisy
9:36PM 01/03/2008
that was James reply about letting josh cry another week NT - WVpdles
9:37PM 01/03/2008

Sharon to Josh: I think it'll be 1-1 - leleana
9:42PM 01/03/2008

Ryan and James are smoking and Chel is standing in hottub. - Shannon72
9:43PM 01/03/2008
In case people read that wrong, Chelsia is confirming Natalie's abortions; Chelsia has not had abortions. NT - msmjd
9:52PM 01/03/2008
Natalie squirts, not Amanda. NT - Shar
9:47PM 01/03/2008
Thanks for the correction! I thought that sounded wrong! :-) NT - Shannon72
9:50PM 01/03/2008

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