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Adam/Alli in bed, Sheila reading the Bible NT - leleana
9:45PM 01/03/2008

Josh/James/Ryan/Chels making fun of Matt's eye - leleana
9:49PM 01/03/2008
And James said he told Nat to call him 'crooked eye matt' next time matt rips on her NT - WVpdles
9:58PM 01/03/2008

Alli alone in bed, thinking to herself. doesn't look too happy NT - leleana
9:50PM 01/03/2008

Ryan notices a hicky on Chels neck. Chels said to James I f'ing hate you! NT - Shannon72
9:54PM 01/03/2008

Matt exchanging mics in the storage room NT - leleana
9:54PM 01/03/2008
Stopped to say something to Alli, couldn't hear what NT - leleana
9:58PM 01/03/2008
he told her she better think of something. they don't think chel/james will vote for her NT - WVpdles
9:59PM 01/03/2008

Chels wants to go to some gay bars with Josh after the show NT - leleana
10:00PM 01/03/2008

Sharon back from DR, joined the BY group - leleana
10:03PM 01/03/2008

Matt to DR, they tease him because he hasn't been talking much NT - leleana
10:04PM 01/03/2008

Chelsey wants to go to Rocky Horror Picture Show with James after the show. Josh says - JJDaisy
10:04PM 01/03/2008

Cameraman's going from Sheila in bed reading Bible to the 'suffering' quote on the wall then back to sheila - WVpdles
10:05PM 01/03/2008

BY talking about who hasn't blown up at anyone - leleana
10:06PM 01/03/2008

Alli telling James she didn't know it would be this cutthroat NT - leleana
10:12PM 01/03/2008
She says this is the worst she's ever been attacked - leleana
10:15PM 01/03/2008

Matt walks in, James jokes "wanna be in our alliance?" - leleana
10:16PM 01/03/2008

James and Alli in BR - Shannon72
10:17PM 01/03/2008

Chels joining James in bed, cut her finger on something NT - leleana
10:17PM 01/03/2008
Think it was her knee. NT - Snarf123
10:22PM 01/03/2008

Matt told Ryan to not trust James. He saw Sharon and James whispering on the bathroom couch. NT - WVpdles
10:20PM 01/03/2008

Matt/Ryan going to play pool - leleana
10:20PM 01/03/2008
Ryan telling Matt what he'll say to James about their "deal" NT - leleana
10:21PM 01/03/2008
that's what Ryan already told James about their deal NT - WVpdles
10:22PM 01/03/2008

Alli to the DR, Nat complains she hasn't been there all day NT - leleana
10:22PM 01/03/2008

Matt/Ryan think they sent Sharon outside earlier to make sure they wouldn't talk strategy NT - leleana
10:24PM 01/03/2008

Ryan says Alli's messed everything up for them NT - leleana
10:27PM 01/03/2008

ryan's ripping on Ali, she's the reason they've lost all comps. She thinks she knows everything but she doesn't. NT - WVpdles
10:28PM 01/03/2008

Ryan to DR, Matt tells Josh/HOH people that he's playing both sides, but is on Josh's side NT - leleana
10:30PM 01/03/2008

Ali just crawled in bed with James/Chel NT - WVpdles
10:32PM 01/03/2008

Sharon: Alli thinks she holds all the cards, but you have to have HOH/POV to have power! NT - leleana
10:33PM 01/03/2008

Chelsia and James ask Allison to come play with them..she gets into bed with them - bbshannon
10:33PM 01/03/2008

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