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Chels and James exchange big smiles when Alli leaves room, then back to snuggling NT - DanaRose
12:32PM 01/03/2008

Adam asks Chelsia if there are hot chicks in Iowa - DanaRose
12:36PM 01/03/2008

All feeds FLAMES NT - DanaRose
12:38PM 01/03/2008

Feeds back, J/C still in their bed, Adam on R/A's couch - DanaRose
12:42PM 01/03/2008

Now matt is in room with J/C, Adam and Ryan - DanaRose
12:48PM 01/03/2008

Ryan asks 'Chelsia when are we showering together' she laughed - DanaRose
12:51PM 01/03/2008

They ask Matt where Natalie is, he says talking to Sheila and jokes that - DanaRose
1:03PM 01/03/2008

James and Adam go to BY for a smoke, Adam says it smells good out here is that you Alli? - DanaRose
1:07PM 01/03/2008

James tells Adam what he has to cover up w/ bandaids on his tattoos... (ADULT) - DanaRose
1:12PM 01/03/2008

Adam and James in HT Adam says he ripped Sheila in 'doctors office' (diary rm) and he laughs the Baller laugh NT - DanaRose
1:16PM 01/03/2008

Adam and James doing cannonballs in pool, Alli went into sauna room and is talking to Nat and Sheila - DanaRose
1:27PM 01/03/2008

allison asks sheila why shes distanced herself from her....sheila rehashing that when she got off the block allison was ignoring her NT - echo
1:32PM 01/03/2008

Flames! NT - Tara555
1:35PM 01/03/2008

allison now crying as she talks...says she asked adam why sheila was distancing herself...allison is shocked by all of this NT - echo
1:36PM 01/03/2008

Allison is crying to Sheila saying it's more than just a game. NT - Tara555
1:36PM 01/03/2008

Sheila tells Allison how stressful it is being the oddman out NT - Tara555
1:40PM 01/03/2008

Sheila is gettin loud...natalie asks if her ears are bleeding... - echo
1:44PM 01/03/2008

Sharon is sitting on the stairs listening to the Sheila/Ali talk in the sauna NT - WVpdles
1:48PM 01/03/2008
josh has joined her a few stairs up NT - WVpdles
1:48PM 01/03/2008

Adam is now standing against the wall listening too NT - WVpdles
1:49PM 01/03/2008
Nat gets up and leaves, Adam goes back outside. Josh upstairs. NT - WVpdles
1:50PM 01/03/2008

Josh tells Nat that Alli is good at manipulating and believes her own lies - leleana
1:53PM 01/03/2008

Nat says she caught one of Alli's lies - leleana
1:56PM 01/03/2008

Josh/Nat/Sharon/Adam/maybe James listening in on Alli/Sheila's convo in sauna NT - leleana
1:58PM 01/03/2008

Alli claiming she feels Sheila deserves to be here more than she does NT - leleana
2:02PM 01/03/2008

Sheila: All I can do, Allison, is go with my gut, Allison, cuz that's how I've done all of my life" - Taffy
2:03PM 01/03/2008

Alli once again saying her parents and brother are gonna be waiting for Josh NT - leleana
2:07PM 01/03/2008

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