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Sheila telling Josh she'll vote however he wants her to. - Shannon72
5:05PM 01/03/2008
lol NT - TKM809
5:15PM 01/03/2008

Alli just told Ryan/Matt/Adam that Josh is stirring it up again and is getting to rip into her again later tonight - Shannon72
5:08PM 01/03/2008

Nat went to see why someone was yelling 'help' she found James and Adam rubbing their boners on Chel NT - WVpdles
5:17PM 01/03/2008
Adam's hand is down the front of his pants patting 'it' NT - WVpdles
5:18PM 01/03/2008

Sheila told Nat that she hopes C/J is up against A/R because when the vote is 2-0 Alli will know that she (Sheila) voted her out. - Shannon72
5:19PM 01/03/2008

Matt is in bed reading the Bible NT - WVpdles
5:19PM 01/03/2008

James is chasing Sheila and Nat NT - WVpdles
5:19PM 01/03/2008

James consoling Chelsia as she joking cries how she's been raped by two men at one time (Matt and Adam) NT - Shannon72
5:21PM 01/03/2008

All HGS but Ryan/Ali(still playing chess) and Matt are in BY talking NT - WVpdles
5:22PM 01/03/2008

Nat talking to Chel/James/Josh/Sheila saying she doesn't understand why the guys don't use the shower to "take care" of themselves instead - Shannon72
5:26PM 01/03/2008

Josh telling Nat/Sheila that Alli's flirtation with Ryan is disgusting. - Shannon72
5:32PM 01/03/2008

Josh talking to Nat/Sheila about what the Hudson Virus means - Shannon72
5:41PM 01/03/2008

Adam called to DR NT - DanaRose
5:46PM 01/03/2008

Nat, Ryan, Sheila making frozen pizza, complaining that the crust is whole wheat NT - DanaRose
5:48PM 01/03/2008

All feeds on Nat, Ryan and Sheila in KT making something to eat. Wondering what the Hudson River twist is. NT - Shannon72
5:48PM 01/03/2008

Alli kneels down to play chess with Ryan wearing nothing but a towel NT - DanaRose
5:49PM 01/03/2008
lol...its a dress NT - snobound
5:53PM 01/03/2008

Ryan to DR NT - DanaRose
5:53PM 01/03/2008

As Allison is kneeling down playing chess with Ryan, Adam comes in and - Taffy
5:55PM 01/03/2008

Alli talking to Adam in LR (still in towel)... - DanaRose
5:56PM 01/03/2008

Ryan called to DR. Alli talking to Adam asking if he is going to stick to - Shannon72
5:58PM 01/03/2008

Ali telling Adam she knows Josh is going to go off on her night, she can see the tornado brewing and know he's talking to everyone about her NT - WVpdles
5:59PM 01/03/2008

Ali trying to get Josh to start a fight. She keeps asking him why he's mad at her she hasn't done ANYTHING NT - WVpdles
6:02PM 01/03/2008

Ali - I don't understand why you're being so hateful to me. Josh - i made a vow to the whole house not to talk to you. NT - WVpdles
6:03PM 01/03/2008

Alli told Josh that she doesn't understand why he's so angry at her. - Shannon72
6:04PM 01/03/2008

Josh walks off from her with the parting shot, who would want to go out with a creator of a beast like you (referring to Ali setting - WVpdles
6:05PM 01/03/2008

Alli and Josh in KT... - DanaRose
6:06PM 01/03/2008

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