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BrownCoat Now Chelsia is pouring more tap water for to be blessed. James totally naked in kitchen standing and talking to Josh, Nat, Chel. 0 12:00AM 02/03/2008
WVpdles josh/nat are now outside blessing the other doors. NT 0 12:00AM 02/03/2008
BrownCoat Josh and Nat in BY praying to God to remove Alli. 0 12:02AM 02/03/2008
BrownCoat Josh now reading from the Bible (Book of Joshua), reciting to Natalie. NT 1 12:03AM 02/03/2008
BrownCoat Matt walks in to kitchen and, I believe, just announced he "just J*cked off" NT 0 12:04AM 02/03/2008
WVpdles Josh and Nat have just made tinfoil hats. NT 0 12:05AM 02/03/2008
BrownCoat Josh now making a foil hat to keep aliens from getting to his brain (from "Signs") 0 12:05AM 02/03/2008
WVpdles James is now following Matt's lead and jerking off while Chel and Ali talk NT 0 12:06AM 02/03/2008
BrownCoat Josh/Nat now putting tinfoil over the POV medals as "protection" NT 0 12:06AM 02/03/2008
BrownCoat Josh/Nat saying "I think we've made it a safe place"... while jerking off is going on in the other room. NT 0 12:07AM 02/03/2008
BrownCoat Nat going to bless James/Chels bed WHILE James is jerking off. Nat blesses the bed with the tap water now. NT 0 12:09AM 02/03/2008
BrownCoat James walking Nat/Josh naked with a sock over his twinkie and bragging about, er, "releasing" in to his sock to Ryan and Matt in BY. NT 0 12:12AM 02/03/2008
BrownCoat Nat: "I live in a house with a bunch of SICK people". NT 0 12:13AM 02/03/2008
BrownCoat Chel now in kitchen a little shell-shocked about James "releasing" in bed. Declines a foil hat from Josh/Nat. NT 0 12:14AM 02/03/2008
Shannon72 James just walked outside with a sock dangling from his ding-a-ling. NT 0 12:14AM 02/03/2008
BrownCoat Flames. NT 0 12:14AM 02/03/2008
BrownCoat Back from FOTH. Chel wants to know if Mattie/James jerk-off sessions (individually) was on Stoo NT 0 12:16AM 02/03/2008
BrownCoat Chel puts on stainless steel salad bowl and went to BY. Now Matt, Nat, ryan, James, Chel and Josh in BY. NT 0 12:18AM 02/03/2008
WVpdles James, Ryan and Matt are out side smoking Chel,Josh Nat are in the HT NT 1 12:18AM 02/03/2008
WVpdles adam's up and coming out side NT 1 12:20AM 02/03/2008
BrownCoat Adam now in BY, proudly announces he had jerked off and went to bed hours ago. NT 0 12:21AM 02/03/2008
bbshannon Matt tells James about a Simpsons episode, Nat listens in and Matt tells her not to listen, hes not talking to her 0 12:22AM 02/03/2008
bbshannon James swinging around the sock he jerked off into..gross talk NT 0 12:24AM 02/03/2008
BrownCoat Guys talking about if they've ever "tasted" themselves (ed: I'll be on the sidelines on this one - don't know how I'd write this) NT 0 12:24AM 02/03/2008
Shannon72 James just took off his sock and starts to smell the inside of it. Someone asked him if it spelled like asparagus. 0 12:25AM 02/03/2008
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