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NYTC7 Nat saying that she's going to give Ali the silent treatment NT 0 1:43PM 02/03/2008
raindrop110475 sharon says she went off on alli cause alli called her a liar NT 0 1:44PM 02/03/2008
raindrop110475 sheila says during POV ceremony alli tried to touch her as compassion and is all for TV so didnt want to be touched NT 0 1:44PM 02/03/2008
NYTC7 Sheila said it made her sick that Ali tried to touch her when A/S went up on the block 0 1:45PM 02/03/2008
Drew talking about veto meeting 0 1:45PM 02/03/2008
NYTC7 Sheila saying that Ali denies being a prude, but she really is 0 1:46PM 02/03/2008
raindrop110475 Sharon said if ALli was so strong she wouldnt care or cry that people made fun of her clothes NT 0 1:47PM 02/03/2008
Shannon72 Sheila saying that Alli tried to touch her during POV meeting to make America 0 1:47PM 02/03/2008
Drew F2 cuts to James and Chelsia in bed NT 0 1:47PM 02/03/2008
kandio Josh,Sharon,Nat,Sheila in BY. Sheila says Alli says you [J/S] are in a alliance w/J/CSharon says 0 1:48PM 02/03/2008
NYTC7 Cut to Chel and James in bed 0 1:48PM 02/03/2008
raindrop110475 James tells chel that if matt and nat vote for alli to stay then try to deny it and put on J/c they wil;l break down nat and make life hell NT 0 1:49PM 02/03/2008
NYTC7 James, if matt does vote for ali to stay, we break down natalie 0 1:50PM 02/03/2008
Drew BB: James, please put on your microphone NT 0 1:50PM 02/03/2008
raindrop110475 James says he needs new word to describe chels besides beautiful triuies stunnign and captivating says she makes him look ugly NT 0 1:51PM 02/03/2008
NYTC7 Cut back to BY and more Ali bashing 0 1:52PM 02/03/2008
Drew BB: Allison, please go to the DR. 0 1:53PM 02/03/2008
Shannon72 Sheila now talking about how Alli got mad about the comments Sheila made to Julie Chen last week. 0 1:53PM 02/03/2008
NYTC7 Nat asks to come up to HOH to hide from Ali, Sharon says OK 0 1:56PM 02/03/2008
Shannon72 Natt saying she and Matt were scared their POV would be taken away before the meeting because 0 1:58PM 02/03/2008
Telbrook Chelse talking about 'Star Crunchers'; her bro would eat them on the toilet and leave the wrappers on the floor. NT 0 2:09PM 02/03/2008
Telbrook C talking to J about her love of photography; she quit because of money problems, but really enjoys it. NT 0 2:13PM 02/03/2008
Telbrook Matt and Adam playing pool in BY...both agree that Allison has to go and want to go to F3 with Josh (who they think the whole house hates) 0 2:24PM 02/03/2008
Telbrook All 4 feeds on Alli and Sharon washing dishes; Adam and Matt preparing to get in the pool. NT 0 2:40PM 02/03/2008
Telbrook Alli trying to get Ryan off the couch to go campaign for votes--Ryan is a little defensive about bothering others right now. NT 0 2:46PM 02/03/2008
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