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CruiseCritic Josh is tossing, turning, pillow-hugging. I dont think he is asleep. Everyone else appears asleep NT 0 5:19AM 02/03/2008
CruiseCritic Josh is out of bed NT 0 5:52AM 02/03/2008
CruiseCritic Josh is back in bed and covers up his whole body, head and all. Very restless... 0 5:54AM 02/03/2008
pooh5983 Everyone is still sleeping NT 0 7:20AM 02/03/2008
bbbrat F4 had a brief shot of Diary Room NT 0 8:45AM 02/03/2008
DanaRose BB plays hungry like the wolf to wake HGs NT 1 9:21AM 02/03/2008
catgurl Hungry Like the Wolf plays then we get flames NT 0 9:21AM 02/03/2008
echo House guests its time to get up for the day...announces......rayn in bathroom.. 0 9:35AM 02/03/2008
echo house guest I said its time to get up for the day...said rudley and in an annoyed tone...ryan looks up and says what a dick! NT 0 9:36AM 02/03/2008
echo Sharon tells Josh that james made her pinky swear last nite not to tell josh that matt and ryan have an secret alliance NT 0 9:37AM 02/03/2008
echo Shiela now in bathroom as ryan bruses teeth...sharon and josh discuss putting sheila and adam up today NT 0 9:38AM 02/03/2008
Melisah Josh and Sharon talking about game. 0 9:39AM 02/03/2008
Melisah "I don't think James would steer us wrong." - Josh to Sharon. 0 9:41AM 02/03/2008
Melisah Sharon telling Josh that she can't trust Matt anymore after Matt told her 0 9:42AM 02/03/2008
Melisah HGs doing their morning thing, talking about the wake up song. 1 9:52AM 02/03/2008
Melisah Flames. 1 9:55AM 02/03/2008
Melisah "You can't have sex with animals" - Sharon, to Josh and Chelsia in the kitchen. 0 9:57AM 02/03/2008
Melisah Allison in doing yoga in the BY 0 10:00AM 02/03/2008
Melisah "I'm not going to vote for someone because I made out with them." - Chelsia to Sheila. 0 10:04AM 02/03/2008
Melisah Houseguest repositioning themselves. 0 10:08AM 02/03/2008
Melisah Sharon and Josh speculating why James just told Sharon about the alliance between 0 10:10AM 02/03/2008
Melisah Ryan's trying ("trying") to do some damage control with Sheila... NT 0 10:11AM 02/03/2008
Melisah "That woman has, like, serious [f'ing] mental problems." - Allison about Sheila to the BY crew. 0 10:14AM 02/03/2008
Melisah Sheila/Allison having it out in the bathroom. 0 10:17AM 02/03/2008
Melisah Sharon on HoH balcony listening to Sheila/Allison argue. NT 0 10:17AM 02/03/2008
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