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Telbrook Matt and Adam are talking about Adam's business ventures---Adam really seems to have business sense. Then flames when Adam starts to talk about how 0 4:10PM 02/03/2008
Shannon72 Flames continuing 0 4:10PM 02/03/2008
Shannon72 Adam made a comment about Nat having googly eyes (ed. well if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black) NT 0 4:13PM 02/03/2008
Shannon72 Adam told Matt that if they win (A/R) they will be targeting Matt 0 4:19PM 02/03/2008
Shannon72 Adam and Matt - more talk on couches in BY 0 4:23PM 02/03/2008
Telbrook Matt and Adam discussing the way to get to James is through Chelsia: 'He loves her, man.' NT 0 4:23PM 02/03/2008
Shannon72 James and Chelsia in hammock 0 4:32PM 02/03/2008
Melisah James is completely against Matt. 0 4:32PM 02/03/2008
Shannon72 Alli / James / Chelsia on hammock (more) 0 4:37PM 02/03/2008
Melisah Ali rehasing drama with Josh... 0 4:37PM 02/03/2008
izabbfan Natalie and Sheila are cooking....Sheila peeled and cut potatoes, they are making asparagus too NT 0 4:39PM 02/03/2008
my0wn Ali, James & chel near the hammock 0 4:40PM 02/03/2008
Shannon72 Alli telling J/C that they are not going to win at the very end because of Ryan's relationship 0 4:40PM 02/03/2008
Shannon72 Ryan/James/Adam in BY smoking and a few girls in ktichen making dinner. NT 0 4:43PM 02/03/2008
my0wn James, Ryan, & Adam outside smoking near the pool table 0 4:51PM 02/03/2008
my0wn Ali talking to James near the pigs, going over the puzzle in the cage & other odd things in the house NT 0 4:55PM 02/03/2008
Shannon72 Alli and James near guinea pig cage looking at the objects and wondering if they will have anything to do with comps. 0 4:55PM 02/03/2008
Shannon72 Alli and Chel in bedroom 0 4:57PM 02/03/2008
my0wn Ali & Chel in the bedroom 0 4:59PM 02/03/2008
Shannon72 James heading up to HOH where Josh and Sharon have been camping out 0 5:07PM 02/03/2008
Shannon72 James told J/S that they don't have to worry about J/C. 0 5:12PM 02/03/2008
Shannon72 Up in HOH - Sharon/James/Josh 0 5:17PM 02/03/2008
Shannon72 Alli and Ryan in backyard 0 5:25PM 02/03/2008
Shannon72 Josh making fun of Matt's lazy eye and how it goes nuts in the morning which is why no one talks to him in the morning. 0 5:31PM 02/03/2008
Shannon72 Sharon asked James what went down between James/Chel/Alli and James said it was just kissing. James also said he masterbated too but that was it. NT 0 5:34PM 02/03/2008
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