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Topic #8122526
Chilltown327 - Matt got Sauce 0 Replies #8122526 11:25AM 06/03/2008
Adam cant place an "S" the right way LOL then trivia
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Topic #8122545
admiral - Back to Flaming Trivia NT 0 Replies #8122545 11:27AM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8122809
Fuskie - Food Comp over, Blue Wins 0 Replies #8122809 11:49AM 06/03/2008
Matt, James, Adam, and Natlie get food; Sheila, Josh, Chelsea and Sharon on slop. The bowels they were swimming in for the letters was apparently chocolate.
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Topic #8122810
VanWinkle - Feed came back and Red team is on slop: Sheila, Chelsia, Sharon & Josh NT 0 Replies #8122810 11:49AM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8122816
xXkrypticXx - Feeds back. Matt James and Adam in BY. Sharon Shiela Nat and Josh in showers NT 0 Replies #8122816 11:50AM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8122828
Chilltown327 - Sheila, Sharon and nat showering together 0 Replies #8122828 11:50AM 06/03/2008
Nat says "Sorry but I'm going to get naked. The others say they don't care and Sheila says, "I am too"
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Topic #8122848
WVpdles - Matt telling Adam/James he thinks Ryan will put up either Josh/Sharon on Sharon/Sheila NT 0 Replies #8122848 11:53AM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8122860
Chilltown327 - James gets in the shower with SHaron and a naked Natalie NT 0 Replies #8122860 11:53AM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8122874
Chilltown327 - Nat says "watch ur penis" and James says, its small and shrivelled LOL NT 0 Replies #8122874 11:54AM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8122893
Fuskie - Matt said it was fun because they weren't going at each other 0 Replies #8122893 11:55AM 06/03/2008
HG on Indoor LD
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Topic #8123121
bcbmom - All hgs are cleaned up and getting redressed from food comp 0 Replies #8123121 12:10PM 06/03/2008
sounds like the girls and josh are on slop for the week. tv in living room nominations today
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Topic #8123123
NYTC7 - Nominations are today, it's up on the screen NT 0 Replies #8123123 12:10PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8123192
Fuskie - Ryan says Matt, James, Adam safe 0 Replies #8123192 12:15PM 06/03/2008
Matt lays blame in FC on Sheila who was slow. Adam says it was a team loss. Matt asks if he is still married to her.
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Topic #8123211
NYTC7 - Ryan told James he has nothing to worry about. 0 Replies #8123211 12:16PM 06/03/2008
Ryan also told him that they will need him up there, James said that he can be a shadow walker, he can tell him where votes are in the house, and james can try to get the person ryan wants out out.

james is going downstairs to get nicotine patches for him and ryan

chelsia comes in, game talk stops, she says if it wasnt for sheila they would have won the food comp

matt saying that nat and sheila are best friends now

matt tells ryan if you have to put me up, then do it (ed. he knows good and well that he's not going up)

ryan says it's weird b/c now he doesnt have a partner to run things by

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Topic #8123235
Fuskie - Matt says they won by one food item 0 Replies #8123235 12:17PM 06/03/2008
He makes fun of Nat not being able to spell, saying there were 27 letters in the alphabet.
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Topic #8123239
NYTC7 - Matt says that nat thinks there are 27 letters in the alphabet, x, y, AND Z, (and is a letter! LOL) 0 Replies #8123239 12:18PM 06/03/2008
Chelsia also says that nat thinks the capital of w. virginia is delaware
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Topic #8123435
Timot - Guys upstairs eating sushi 0 Replies #8123435 12:28PM 06/03/2008
Chelsia watching. Can she try wasabi?
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Topic #8123457
NYTC7 - Ryan just said it's going to be a bad week for Sheila, almost sounded like she might be nom'ed NT 0 Replies #8123457 12:29PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8123493
NYTC7 - Ryan said, (talking of Chelsia), I'm not going to evict the prettiest girl in the house just yet NT 0 Replies #8123493 12:31PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8123498
NYTC7 - Adam called to DR NT 0 Replies #8123498 12:32PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8123574
bigjaniefan - matt and ryan discussing who should get nominated, ryan wants to nominate sharon and sheila NT 0 Replies #8123574 12:37PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8123583
NYTC7 - Ryan says who is going to try to F me next week?? 0 Replies #8123583 12:37PM 06/03/2008
Matt says Josh/Sharon

Ryan says I think Sharon, but I don't really have a problem with Josh

Matt says she can't survive w/ out him (Josh) in the house

Ryan, Sheila & Sharon will be nom'ed and if 1 gets off then maybe Josh (thats what he's thinking right now)

Matt says if you put up J/S up though, then if 1 wins POV they have to take themselves off and the other goes home

Matt says now if one of us is up, and 1 wins POV, we've gotta take each other off, let James and Adam think they are with us.

Ryan - i can see chelsia playing both sides, now this gets tricky, i think the safe thing would be to put up sheila/sharon up and get sharon out

matt - sharon will have 3 votes, josh, che, james, and then 3 for sheila to stay, matt, adam, nat, and ryan breaks the tie to send sharon home

matt - nat is good to have in the pocket

ryan - theres no need to be mean to her, she might be annoying, but she's a good girl to have
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Topic #8123617
bigjaniefan - ryan saying if one of them wins pov, take sheila off and backdoor josh, matt pushing for josh and sharon to go up together NT 0 Replies #8123617 12:40PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8123663
bigjaniefan - james enters hoh and guesses correctly who ryan is gonna put up, james doing a good job defending sharon, saying she is smart and if she gets pov, not 0 Replies #8123663 12:43PM 06/03/2008
a good enemy to have. and if sheila is next to her, sheila will probably go home.
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Topic #8123664
NYTC7 - Ryan thinks Sharon/Sheila, Matt says thats not a bad move, Matt is really pushing for Josh 0 Replies #8123664 12:43PM 06/03/2008
Ryan says he can be backdoored though

josh needs sharon, and she needs him

matt - james is ok, he wasnt' upset chelsia wasnt on our team today

ryan - she isn't the strongest competitor

matt- what are you going to say for a reason for sheila/sharon?

ryan - i don't know

matt - are you sure you dont want to just put up josh and sharon together??, remember he made your life a living hell

ryan - but if he doesnt go,then he'd be worse, i told him in the kt i didn't have a grudge, but i definitely want to get rid of sharon

matt - he'll latch on to the girls

ryan - i'm not worried about the girls in this game

matt - we need to get rid of a girl so we have the numbers

ryan - can i use the sexist card for a reason?

james - enters, asks if they are figurign things out?

ryan - i have 2 girls in mind

james - sharon and shelia? sharons a smart girl, you need to worry about her coming off the block, and she might stay against sheila

ryan - this is a hard week, im not targeting one over the other

james - sometimes the path of least resistance is not the best, sheila might be good as a buffer later on

nat enters

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