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Topic #8125211
Snarf123 - James, Ryan, Matt, Adam and Chels in Boat Room, then LR. 0 Replies #8125211 2:22PM 06/03/2008
Chels says this sucks several times, and most of them assure her she's fine.

They joke about her needing to pass a sort of initiation to be in the club and that she'll have to bang all of them. They all laugh.

Baller leaves to go to the bathroom, and Chels, Ryan and James secretly follow him to see if he's jerking off in the bathroom. Chels flings open the door, but, alas, he's only peeing.

As they walk out to LR together, Ryan puts his arm around Chels and reassures her that she's fine.

Gross talk about Chels' period.
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Topic #8125301
Snarf123 - All Feeds now LR with James and Ryan playing chess. Adam and Chels watch. 0 Replies #8125301 2:29PM 06/03/2008
General chit-chat.

They speculate that noms will be around 7pm their time.

Sharon comes in, mutters something and then leaves.

James to DR, so game is interrupted. Adam pauses to give Ryan some advice on the next chess move.

Lots of HG's wandering in and out of room.

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Topic #8125316
Snarf123 - Sharon wants to feed the guinea pigs. They talk about requesting a pepper for them, even though the HG's aren't allowed one this week. 0 Replies #8125316 2:30PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8125401
Snarf123 - Sharon and Adam in Kitchen talking about how to stop smoking and/or conserve cigarettes. 0 Replies #8125401 2:38PM 06/03/2008
They talk about alternating patch days and smoking days. Adam picks his face in one of the mirrored camera windows.

Chels, Ryan, Matt and Adam in LR. Ryan says this is the first time he's looked up at the screen (is says Nominations Today) and not felt fear.

Matt points out that this house is the House of Paranoia and that he can't wait to see what people say about him in DR sessions -- claims he walks into rooms and people stop talking.

They rehash the Food comp and the looks on people's faces when they made teams for it.
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Topic #8125422
Snarf123 - James returns from DR session to resume chess game with Ryan, and of course, Ryan is immediately called to the DR. NT 0 Replies #8125422 2:40PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8125534
Snarf123 - More in the LR -- James, Chels and Adam mostly. 0 Replies #8125534 2:47PM 06/03/2008
Adam is hurting without cigarettes.

Chels announces that James has a tiny mole on his crack.

James yells "Agent Utah! This is Brody, man!"

Chelsia has never seen the movie "Point Break" and James says her "life is 40% incomplete".

Adam gets up to pick his face again. (gross closeups)

Ryan back from DR, so chess game resumes.

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Topic #8125561
Snarf123 - F1 swtiches to Sheila and Nat in the Spa Room. Lockdown over. 0 Replies #8125561 2:50PM 06/03/2008
Sheila wonders if some people came into this house one way and not their true colors just came out, that they really aren't good.

Nat says yes and then goes on to apply that to Chelsia. (she really has it in for Chelsia)

Lockdown over.
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Topic #8125596
Snarf123 - Matt and Sheila in Hammock. Nat tries to join, and Matt says no, but she sits down anyway. 0 Replies #8125596 2:52PM 06/03/2008
Sheila wants to know if she's going up.

Matt says don't worry. He says he doesn't know who is going up but it's not Sheila or Natty.

He goes on to try to take credit for them not being nominated. Says they were mentioned, but he said NO WAY.

Sheila wants to guess who is going up. Matt says he doesn't know.

Matt says he might go up as a pawn. They thank him profusely, and he leaves.
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Topic #8125617
Timot - Shelia and Natty want Chelsia gone 1 Replies #8125617 2:54PM 06/03/2008
Nat still complaining about not getting as much wine the other night.
Shelia doesn't like that Ryan tossed her name out there
Matty tells them that he's protecting the both of them
Natty says Matty could have Chelsia
James is nothing with out Chelsia
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Suzan - Nat not complaining about the wine - complaining about Chelsia's attitude that night over the wine NT #8125675 2:59PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8125643
Snarf123 - Sheila and Nat still in Hammock. 0 Replies #8125643 2:56PM 06/03/2008
They continue to bash Chelsia. They are suspicious that Matty walked right over to Chelsia after he talked to them.

Sheila worries that Matty is playing everyone. Natty assures her that he isn't -- that Matty hates Chelsia.

Sheila calls Chelsia a bitch, then she says she hates to use that word. Natty says AGAIN that she just hasn't liked her since the whole alcohol thing.

Sheila starts bashing James now. "He thinks he's such a badass." He thinks he's so mature for his age. It's just all a crock. It's bull. Natty tells Sheila about how Matt says he's going to try to kiss up to Chels to make James crazy.

Sheila and Nat go back inside so Sheila can finish her nails.
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Topic #8125691
Snarf123 - F1 & 2 cut to Matt and Chelsia outside, with Adam listening in. 0 Replies #8125691 3:00PM 06/03/2008
Matt complains about Nat and Sheila asking him who's going up. He says he was like STFU! I wish it was you two!

Chels says she thinks it's funny that some of the girls are still relying on the guys.

Matt brags about how Natalie comes to him for advice on every thing.

Chels says, "So this operation is going to go through, huh?"

Matt says, "Yeah this operation is going down."

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Topic #8125771
Snarf123 - F3 on Sheila and Nat in the Spa Room again. 0 Replies #8125771 3:05PM 06/03/2008
(they keep having the same conversations over and over -- UGH)

They talk about how hard it is to stop smoking. Sheila has smoked cigars, but she didn't inhale.
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Topic #8125822
Snarf123 - Meanwhile, on F1 & 2, Matt talks about how he quit smoking (weed) cold turkey and never went back to it. 0 Replies #8125822 3:08PM 06/03/2008
Matt, Chels and Adam in BY rehashing several events of the game so far.

Matt again tells how much he controls Natalie. Chels says that Natalie came up to Chels several times and said she guided Matty.

Matt and Chels agree that they would like to see Baller win something now.
(Sheila has kept him from it is the assumption.)

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Topic #8125855
Snarf123 - Matt, Chels and Matty talk about the noms. Matt makes it clear they didn't want the hottest girl left in the house to leave. 0 Replies #8125855 3:11PM 06/03/2008
(indicating that Chels is safe)

Chels worries that Sharon gets along better with Sheila and Natty. Matt agrees. They take a few digs at Sharon. They wonder how she got into the house. Matt says she's useless. Maybe they got in based on Jacob's personality Matt suggests.

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Topic #8125870
Snarf123 - Chels says that she thinks the entire cast got in because they were all sexually charged. NT 0 Replies #8125870 3:12PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8125922
Snarf123 - BY crew talking now about how mean Sheila is to Adam. 0 Replies #8125922 3:16PM 06/03/2008
Adam defends himself. Says he's a really really good guy and that he'll give anything to anyone.

Chels points out a couple times when Sheila has been really cruel to Adam.
They tell Adam they like him and that Sheila is way wrong. Adam thanks them.
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Topic #8125964
Snarf123 - 4 Feeds on Nat painting a fingernail polish portrait of Sheila. 0 Replies #8125964 3:19PM 06/03/2008
Sheila is talking about her favorite magazine cover of herself.

Natty is narrating -- "I'm just looking at your pupils and where your eyes are set."

(thanks for the correction, guys!)
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Topic #8126119
coz - Josh: I'm being haunted by Allison. I'm seeing her, I'm hearing her. Sheila: So Good. Josh: haunted. NT 0 Replies #8126119 3:31PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8126341
Amandafan - Josh: I am so ready for America to choose something! NT 0 Replies #8126341 3:51PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8126431
Snarf123 - Matt up in HoH amusing himself with a ball, waiting for Ryan to come out of HoH bathroom. 0 Replies #8126431 3:57PM 06/03/2008
(this was a little bit ago)

Matt talking about Chels being nervous and asking questions. He says that Chels is worried that she'll lose the PoV to Sharon.

Matt floats that maybe Ryan should put up Josh and Chelsia instead.

Ryan says he's keeping the noms as planned.

Matt agrees that it's a great first move and that he can't wait to see it shock everyone.

Ryan says he'll say something about wanting an Epic Battle for the first week of indivduals.

Ryan doesn't want Chels to take herself off if she wins PoV. He wants Sharon to go home. Matt and Ryan agree that Chels will take herself off though.

Matt bad-mouthing Sharon a little. Telling Ryan that Sharon told J/C that Matt had been gunning for them.

Ryan -- I just hope everything works, I just hope we can get Sharon out.

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Topic #8126472
Suzan - Ryan, James, Adam, Josh at hot tub talking sports - girls in kitchen talking about the food comp today NT 1 Replies #8126472 4:00PM 06/03/2008
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Suzan - Chelsia done eating now joins the guys at the hot tub - the subject is now the schools they attended NT #8126514 4:02PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8126799
Julie - Outside lockdown announced, Ryan called to the DR, and now trivia NT 0 Replies #8126799 4:29PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8126800
SavageRider - Trivia NT 0 Replies #8126800 4:29PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8127669
Melisah - And we're back on... 0 Replies #8127669 5:55PM 06/03/2008
HGs talking about evictions in different rooms.
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Topic #8127687
Melisah - They're just milling about, talking about how to set the oven to broil 0 Replies #8127687 5:57PM 06/03/2008
James, Chelsia, Adam, Natalie, Ryan in the kitchen being fun. Sheila, Matt, Sharon, Josh in the red room looking all around concerned.
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