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Topic #8128744
IggysPINKTights - Sheila and Natalie say that Sharon is stupid if she's still alligned with James 0 Replies #8128744 7:17PM 06/03/2008
Natalie says that they will all gun for James b/c he will no longer have Che next week.
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Topic #8128815
BrownCoat - Josh/Adam feeds switch to James w/Sharon. James saying, "I'd (poop) my pants up there on the block" 0 Replies #8128815 7:21PM 06/03/2008
Sharon: "You gotta remain calm, I at least get to try this time. Last time, I was just out". Sharon goes back to reading Bible.
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Topic #8128861
IggysPINKTights - Nat says that when her and Josh stuck their hands in the water and urned it into holy water that people laffed at them but it WORKED! 0 Replies #8128861 7:23PM 06/03/2008
the prayer working b4 POV.
Talking now about who the replacement nominee will be
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Topic #8128869
BrownCoat - Feed now to Adam Ryan Matt in LR. Guys trying to figure POV's/HOH's in future. NT 0 Replies #8128869 7:24PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8128928
BrownCoat - Adam Josh both have tried to go to DR, camera shaking "no" to them. Guys (easily) amused by this. Adam wants the BB Rule Book to figure 1 Replies #8128928 7:27PM 06/03/2008
out how many players get to play in POV tomorrow. Josh joins them on the couch watching chess between Matt/Ryan.
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BrownCoat - Actually, trying for Storage Room. Can't get in and the guys are hoping they get beer AND the BB Rule Book. NT #8128974 7:31PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8128956
IggysPINKTights - Sheila and Natalie chanting "We need to win" they talk about how they HAVE to win 0 Replies #8128956 7:29PM 06/03/2008
Natalie will buy her mom a house and Sheila will put it in the bank and work on her book and sell her apt.
Now talking how they can spend the money and how to double it.
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Topic #8128992
IggysPINKTights - Sheila says that this is the first time she thinks of the money but that's all James talks about 0 Replies #8128992 7:32PM 06/03/2008
and now it's harder for him b/c he needs to eliminate more people.
Nat says that's why him Che and Josh were so upset b/c their plans went (thumbs down side)
Sheila says...that's why she doesn't make plans.
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Topic #8129083
BrownCoat - Feeds now following James/Chelsia. Chel saying "how do I know that ppl are just not out to get me" James, 0 Replies #8129083 7:37PM 06/03/2008
"do you think I'm going to backstab you?" Chel, "no, but..." James, "you going to do that to me?" Chel, "noooo". Now both on bathroom couch. Chelsia is nervous and jumpy after the DR session she just had.
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Topic #8129110
IggysPINKTights - Nat says b4 she started stripping only one guy had seen her naked and she did it to go to college 0 Replies #8129110 7:39PM 06/03/2008
she says her teenage years when her mom "got it" was tuff .
Her mom and dad had gotten together again when she was 12 when she was 15
She says her mom thought president clinton and the secret service were going to get her..then the next day she'd be fine
Her dad went out to sea (Navy) no dad mom wasn't really there.
She didn't buy them tampons.
They had noticed all these behaviours and her mom says she didn't want to be with their dad anymore that she wanted to go back to Oregon.
Her dad was still at sea had no idea.
Mom didn't want to tell their dad.
They never said goodbye .
Her G-Ma gave her money to move she didn't say by to anyone and she just moved mom wouldn't let them tell anyone no one knew where they had gone.
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Topic #8129119
BrownCoat - Chel to James, "honestly, would you take me off if you win POV" James, "No... because you have the votes... 0 Replies #8129119 7:40PM 06/03/2008
...but, I will if you want me to" Chel, "f'ing Pawn". James, "I'll let you know if there's a vote that will scurry over (to Sharon)". Chel, "I'm really scared" James, "tell me what you want and I'll do it". Chel, "I don't want you to screw yourself over". James, "How am I going to do that?". Talk moves in to how hard she's got to go for POV win. Says slop is killing her.
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Topic #8129156
BrownCoat - James telling Chel that he'd be "really bitter" if it was a way to get Chel out. Chel counting votes 0 Replies #8129156 7:43PM 06/03/2008
believes Josh promised Ryan that Josh would vote however Ryan wanted if Ry didn't put Josh up. They're counting the votes for Chel. James confident, Chel unsure.
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Topic #8129167
BrownCoat - Chel feels Ryan might be taking easy way with nom'ing her. NT 0 Replies #8129167 7:44PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8129224
BrownCoat - James to Chel: "do you have 100% confidence in me?" Chel: "do you have 100% confidence in me?" James: 0 Replies #8129224 7:49PM 06/03/2008
"no you don't in me do you?". Chel: "I mean, 99% confidence". James: "no, you don't". Talk moves, James says "you have 1 vote anyway" (refering to himself). Chel says, "even if you are the only one?"(voting for her). James, "yeah, I will". Chel: "I can't let you do that".
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Topic #8129254
BrownCoat - James: "I'm not going to lie, the Bro-sh@t that you called, already happened" (meaning James/Matt/Ry/Adam alliance). LOL Adam comes in and says, 0 Replies #8129254 7:51PM 06/03/2008
"I don't know how I'm voting Chelsia... sucks doesn't it? Not knowing how people are voting, huh, sucks!?" He's joking with her... busting her a bit.
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Topic #8129276
BrownCoat - Adam: "you need to win Chelsia" Chel: "no pressure" Adam still busting on her a bit. NT 0 Replies #8129276 7:52PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8129298
BrownCoat - Adam floating by James/Chel saying: "What if it's a vacation vs winning POV?" James says (in front of Chel), "I'd take the vacation!" NT 0 Replies #8129298 7:54PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8129310
BrownCoat - Adam feels that that Josh will vote with however Ryan says. James says, "it would be bittersweet if she (Chel) went home, I'd have a vendetta" NT 0 Replies #8129310 7:55PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8129337
BrownCoat - Talk between Adam/James/Chel breaks up as Josh walks in to take shower and Ryan/Matt are done w/chess. NT 0 Replies #8129337 7:57PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8129363
BrownCoat - Chel says to James, "wouldn't it be weird to have a baby on BB? Let's get pregnant." Joking of course (ed: I hope). NT 0 Replies #8129363 8:00PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8129465
BrownCoat - Josh/James/Chel trying to figure out if Ryan is going to backdoor somebody. FLAMES then back. Josh feels Sheila may be the "ultimate pawn". NT 0 Replies #8129465 8:09PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8129478
BrownCoat - Chel asks Josh, "what would you do if it stays the same" Josh says, "I mean, Sharon was my partner". 0 Replies #8129478 8:11PM 06/03/2008
Chel asks, "what if Ryan TELLS you to vote Sharon out" Josh only answers with, "it could go 3-3" and "I think the Veto will be used and I'm going home".
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Topic #8129488
BrownCoat - Josh says to James/Chel (really to Chel), "there's a good chance you are both (sharon and chel) are staying". NT 0 Replies #8129488 8:12PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8129523
BrownCoat - Josh tells Nat (who walks in), "you about killed someone to be on the guys team" Nat says she just wanted to be on Matts team. NT 0 Replies #8129523 8:14PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8129539
BrownCoat - James just said, "you know, you've got a 50% chance of going home, but I'm only telling you the facts". Chel doesn't flinch. NT 0 Replies #8129539 8:16PM 06/03/2008
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Topic #8129556
BrownCoat - James tells Josh: "Ryan wants sharon gone". Josh kind of surprised says, "he does want Sharon gone?" James affirms. NT 0 Replies #8129556 8:18PM 06/03/2008
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