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Topic #8145380
kimber1 - Josh comes out to read letter from his family 0 Replies #8145380 6:57PM 07/03/2008
says its from his mom - Darlene

Hi Josh, so glad to have the opportunity to write to you. Eating dinner with your sister, Your uncle Bob is doing well and watches all episodes.
Having watching parties. Everyone watching all episodes
Started new house, keeping myself busy with that. We can tell you lost weight, we support & love you on this adventure.

ed. not exact, but the basic drift.
Josh teary and wabbly voice as he reads. big hug from Chelsia after reading.

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Topic #8145419
TheMike - Sheila says she's glad Josh got the letter. Josh said "don't you want one from your son?" she said "yeah but i'm happy you got it" NT 0 Replies #8145419 7:00PM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8145422
kimber1 - All hg except nat sitting in/around hot tub, talking about how many days left. 0 Replies #8145422 7:00PM 07/03/2008
Josh says it sucks cause the world is going on and we are stuck here. Talk about his new family home.

He feels good he looks thinner on camera.

Talk about getting letters from home if you are HOH, hope that BB starts doing that. Then discussing seasons that actually got videos from home.
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Topic #8145502
kimber1 - Chelsia and Sharon says their moms are probably watching feeds non-stop 0 Replies #8145502 7:04PM 07/03/2008
Chelsia says her mom probably has food and "p*SS pot" so she never has to leave the computer room.

Josh talking about his 98 yr old uncle bob who doesn't really know he's gay. But his letter said uncle Bob was watching every episode.
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Topic #8145556
kimber1 - Josh says he "pulled an Amber in there" crying in DR over his letter NT 0 Replies #8145556 7:06PM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8145711
kimber1 - Josh says he felt bad reading letter in front of Shelia 0 Replies #8145711 7:14PM 07/03/2008
Girls say they think Shelia was geniunely happy for Josh. Say she deserved what she got they way that she played.

Josh says Shelia needs to wear shorts on outside of unitard to avoid bad visuals.

Chelsia gives the speech she would say if HOH and putting Nat up on block - "You annoy the hell out of me, you chased Matt around, you are a nice person and a sweetheart and there is no room for sweethearts in game.

Josh says Nat says she is always nice to everyone and that Chelsia purposely attacked Nat and made fun or her laugh.
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Topic #8145722
DanaRose - Josh says to Chelsia, youre hangin out with the right people in this house your mom would be proud...(adult)... 0 Replies #8145722 7:16PM 07/03/2008
Chelsia laughs and says i cant wait to get outta here, and wipes her nose and does a big SNIFF. Josh smiles too and says me, you and neil will do that the first night we get outta here, Chelsia says Neil does? Josh answered, I dont care...I am! Chels laughs. Josh says i told all of my friends, if youre coming bring it. They insinuate James would do it with them too and James says naa man im done, but ill drink forever! (obviously talking about cocaine)
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Topic #8145743
kimber1 - Josh talking about Nat's file in her head 0 Replies #8145743 7:17PM 07/03/2008
She says she has a file cabinet in her head and file on everyone.

Josh says Nat will give Matt a sympathy vote.
James says it was her who came up with the idea of putting up Matt.
Josh says Nat was complaining about Matt and a lightbulb went off that maybe they could bd Matt.

Chelsia says she confronted Nat about doing Matt's laundry.

James says they can't put Ryan up for 2 weeks, so they will first get out Nat and then Shelia.

James says Adam won't go down easy.
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Topic #8145803
kimber1 - Chelsia/Sharon/Josh/James at hot tub -Operation 0 Replies #8145803 7:20PM 07/03/2008
Crooked Eye conversation. Josh tells Chel that Matt thinks she is James weakness. Chel said she is going to play along with Matt and say "Let's go make out".

Talk about how "BAD" Matts eye is when he wakes up.
Now Talk of Operation Cleaver Beaver.
Sharon Says should I be nervous at all. Josh says no, why.

Josh says let's alternate winning HOH - ed. horse before cart.
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Topic #8145913
DanaRose - Sharon/Josh talking in HT... 0 Replies #8145913 7:25PM 07/03/2008
saying that Natalie went right away last night and told Matt everything they said. Josh said he wants to put up Natalie if he ever wins HOh again
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Topic #8145939
DanaRose - Sharon told Josh that Sheilas on their side. (NOT!) NT 0 Replies #8145939 7:27PM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8145962
DanaRose - Sharon and Josh agreeing that once Matt and Nat leave, its THEIR game NT 0 Replies #8145962 7:28PM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8146538
JimAndJanet - Shebot at hottub with sharon and josh...acting it up....not giving them a clue that things have changed NT 0 Replies #8146538 7:56PM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8146545
TheMike - Matt in pink room laying down, C/J laying in couch room, Nat in kitchen alone, J/S/S in HT 0 Replies #8146545 7:56PM 07/03/2008
nothing really going on
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Topic #8146595
JimAndJanet - Josh bashing Matt left and right (in his own special way) Sheila laughing NT 0 Replies #8146595 7:59PM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8146616
TheMike - Josh badmouthing Matt 0 Replies #8146616 8:00PM 07/03/2008
Josh saying he doens't need Matt to be his trainer, Matt is the one that looks pregnant, he has chicken legs, he needs to get rid of his gut.
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Topic #8146670
TheMike - James tried to kiss Chelsia and she pushed him away 0 Replies #8146670 8:03PM 07/03/2008
Matt, Ryan, Baller going outside to workout
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Topic #8146870
TheMike - Flames NT 0 Replies #8146870 8:14PM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8146902
TheMike - Feeds Back. Josh Sharon Chelsia in HT. Matt Ryan Adam lifting weights. NT 0 Replies #8146902 8:16PM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8146996
TheMike - Nat and Sheila studying nats magical napkin by GP cage 0 Replies #8146996 8:21PM 07/03/2008
They just recited the alphabet and now they are trying to figure out what the math symbols mean.
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Topic #8147139
TheMike - Ryan saying how he will either put up Josh or James 0 Replies #8147139 8:27PM 07/03/2008
Matt really likes the idea of putting up James. If he wins HoH next week he will put up James if he isn't gone this week.
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Topic #8147156
NYTC7 - Bro-lliance in back yard working out, ryan says that he is considering putting james up instead of josh 0 Replies #8147156 8:28PM 07/03/2008
they all think its a good idea, they are mad at james for turning on them.
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Topic #8147225
NYTC7 - Josh laying on couch reading his letter from home NT 0 Replies #8147225 8:30PM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8147247
NYTC7 - Chelsia is working out on the elliptical so game talk has stopped in the BY NT 0 Replies #8147247 8:31PM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8147263
NYTC7 - Josh says that Sharon will finish the bible by the time she leaves NT 0 Replies #8147263 8:32PM 07/03/2008
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