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Topic #8142272
JimAndJanet - Sheila in KT now NT 0 Replies #8142272 3:58PM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8142349
JimAndJanet - Sheila says that she had to put the undies under the unitard cause she was having some rubbing and discomfort "down there" NT 0 Replies #8142349 4:03PM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8142369
JimAndJanet - Sheila asks Adam if he knows what is going on ....she tells him that "they are gonna come after us" 0 Replies #8142369 4:04PM 07/03/2008
meaning chels/james, josh/sharon
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Topic #8142385
JimAndJanet - Sheila asking for adam to have her back NT 0 Replies #8142385 4:05PM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8142401
JimAndJanet - Sheila trying to convince adam that they are the vicitms...or will be and Adam is somewhat blowing her off NT 0 Replies #8142401 4:06PM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8142424
JimAndJanet - Sheila saying Ryan is a flip flopper....Sheila putting Adam in her "group" and saying that they (j/c s/r) is commin after all of them NT 0 Replies #8142424 4:07PM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8142454
JimAndJanet - Sheila keeps telling adam to look in her eyes ....asking him ...don't you get it? You are the only one i have in this house (sheila to adam) NT 0 Replies #8142454 4:09PM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8142458
JimAndJanet - Sheila crying...adam trying to get up NT 0 Replies #8142458 4:09PM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8142518
JimAndJanet - Sheila still crying to adam...she is really scared...adam gave her the 10 grand and then ryan took it away from her...and then 1 Replies #8142518 4:12PM 07/03/2008
sheila mentions that she told chels that ryan took 10 grand from a single mother and that chels said "oh now you are gonna play that card?"
Adam says ..yeah i was right there when she said that. Sheila is convinced that she or adam are going up..Sheila calls chels a B_tch..Adam says chels hates natalie more than her (sheila). Sheila still ranting about chelsia having a potty mouth and no respect.
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mistymn - Sheila was in HOH ealier agreeing for Matt to be put up and she was given the mission to convince Adam NT #8142564 4:15PM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8142570
JimAndJanet - Sheila tells adam "you better wise up..none of these people in this house are your friends" Adam says 0 Replies #8142570 4:15PM 07/03/2008
"No S-it"... Adam tells sheila to go talk to ryan... she dances around that idea and says that what ever happens she is fine with it.. (ugh). Sheila is coaching Adam. He promises her he wont vote her out and she says the same to him
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Topic #8142590
JimAndJanet - Sharon outside in her bikini...goin in the hottub NT 0 Replies #8142590 4:16PM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8142603
JimAndJanet - adam to dr NT 0 Replies #8142603 4:17PM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8142656
JimAndJanet - Sheila telling sharon the same things to sharon....that she told to adam NT 0 Replies #8142656 4:19PM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8142693
JimAndJanet - Chels joins sheila and sharon NT 0 Replies #8142693 4:21PM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8142749
JimAndJanet - Sheila says to sharon "you arent goin anywhere" and Chels looks over to the hammock where matt is and motions to sheila to shhh and 0 Replies #8142749 4:25PM 07/03/2008
Sheila covers and says "i really think I am going up" and winks at sharon and Chelsia.
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Topic #8143089
Brittney024 - Chel/Shar/Adam outside on the couches.... 1 Replies #8143089 4:53PM 07/03/2008
Small talk not a whole lot of game, Matt laying on Hammock (sleeping?) Sharon. Im not in the mood to res, but I know I should.
Adam- my brother is gonna be so stoked when he sees this episode
Sharon- I think we are the most animated cast, we are the most straight up during competitions.
Mattie said something during the comp bout chel and saying she is the eye of the hustler.
He said Adam "Known for doing it big" (during comp)
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Tara555 - I think he said Iowa Hustler NT #8143101 4:55PM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8143126
Brittney024 - Adam says to Sharon that you know that I dont have any alliances in the house. 0 Replies #8143126 4:57PM 07/03/2008
I can hang out with everyone(he actually named the people) Sharon says thats why you cant stress, you just need to lay low so your not a target. Sharon says that this weeks is crazy b/c no one knows what other people are doing, staying with partners or turning. See what everyone is doing and just vote the way that the house does. She said that of course this week she cant do that but that is just the advice that she is givingAdam. She tells him she thinks that he is safe, he wont be on the block.... it could be Sheila, it could be Nat, it could be Joshy, It could even be Matt (lol) But she tells him that is wont be him.
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Topic #8143139
Brittney024 - Sharon asks adam what he would do if he was in Ryans position... 0 Replies #8143139 4:59PM 07/03/2008
He first says I dont know but then says well Id probably put Josh up. Then trys to retract his statement and says well or Sheila. Sharon agrees and says this is the only time you can backdoor someone b/c they cant play for themselves. Adam says if he goes out he doesnt want to get backdoored ever! Sharon says she dont thinkg he will.
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Topic #8143147
Brittney024 - Matt's awake, walks over to Sharon and Adam... 0 Replies #8143147 5:00PM 07/03/2008
Adam tells Matt that it's a real bike (he asked the Dr and they said it is a real bike he won)
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Topic #8143157
Brittney024 - Sharon asks Matt if he is mad he didnt play.. he said well ehh it would be nice 0 Replies #8143157 5:02PM 07/03/2008
to try to win somthing. Sharon is saving her slop pass for different week if she stays. If she doesnt she said that she wants to give it to Josh.
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Topic #8143185
Brittney024 - The boys dont think that she can give away the slop pass Sharon recaping old seasons 0 Replies #8143185 5:06PM 07/03/2008
and when people gave aways there slop passes. Matt asks who else is up... no one. Now talk about how many people they have to break down the comps. Adam says that they must have at least 50. Helicopter goes by, Sharon says thats a low Helicopter. Matt sighes, Adam asks what is wrong. Matt says he just thinks that he may be going up. Adam says he doesnt think that he will put up James or Adam. Adam says he should put up Josh. Matt says good I didnt know what side you where on. Adam says I have to play both sides. Matt says that its stupid to put up sheila. Then says he will talk to him (Matt) Matt asks if he (Adam) heard the roomer. Adam says no, Matt says well at first it had to do with you and me but now it is just me. (ed: what a lier adam was never mentioned)
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Topic #8143220
Brittney024 - Nat/James/Josh/Ryan sleeping other HGs up, not a whole lot of talk. NT 1 Replies #8143220 5:11PM 07/03/2008
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setsuna - Adam talking to Matt in the back yard saying that Ryan needs to put Josh up and Adam will... #8143310 5:18PM 07/03/2008
talk to Ryan about how he needs to put up Josh. Matt is saying he heard a rumor that he might go up and asking if Adam heard it. Then Matt says, first the rumor was about me and you but now is just about me. He asks Adam which side he is on and Adam says he has to act like he is on both sides but Josh should go. They talk about Josh is the ringleader. Matt says it would be useless to put Sheila up, and he likes Sheila.

Then Chelsia comes out and it moves to more general chit chat.
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Topic #8143281
Brittney024 - Ryan out of HOH, playing pool with Adan, he says that he cant wait until they cut him his 0 Replies #8143281 5:17PM 07/03/2008
check, then Adam says thanks for doing that bro (giving him the bike) Matt also outside with them. Now talk about how many people BB has to break down the comps
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Topic #8143395
Stella222 - Sharon and Chel talking in kitchen NT 0 Replies #8143395 5:24PM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8143407
Stella222 - Josh joining in the KT NT 0 Replies #8143407 5:25PM 07/03/2008
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