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Topic #8136292
DaisyDuck - Josh is working on Operation C, Ryan is acting like he likes the idea. He wants to see what happens with VETO comp first. J guaranteed R 2 weeks no 0 Replies #8136292 10:43AM 07/03/2008
block. Ryan seems to be thinking about it.
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Topic #8136319
TracyTurnblad - Joshuah really pressuring Ryan to back door Matt 0 Replies #8136319 10:44AM 07/03/2008
He promised him two weeks of no nominations, and no back dooring. Ryan doesn't seem like he wants to do it, but he's scared because Joshuah told him the whole house wants him to do it!(He doesn't wanna make any enemies)
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Topic #8136326
DaisyDuck - Ryan just asked Josh if Adam was down with the plan. He said Adam doesn't know about it, he then asked if James was down with it, he said 100%. NT 0 Replies #8136326 10:45AM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8136495
EvelDickthebest - Ryan told Josh Nat is the rat NT 0 Replies #8136495 10:52AM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8136526
EvelDickthebest - Ryan seems into this deal and him telling nat is the leak makes me think hes going for it NT 0 Replies #8136526 10:53AM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8136528
NYTC7 - Josh is going up to HOH, tell ryan the house will promise him that he will have 2 weeks of safety 0 Replies #8136528 10:53AM 07/03/2008
in order to backdoor matt

ryan everyone is down with that? you're not bsing me?

josh says EVERYONE

ryan said i would need confirmation for that

matt called to dr

ryan is laughing, he thinks it's pretty good

josh says the whole house wants this, he's working every side

ryan says i know, that puts me in jeopardy

josh says the boys club is hurting you

ryan seems very receptive (could be a show though)

josh - no one wanted me to tell you b/c they didn't know if he was in veto

ryan says i would worry about if i get a 2 week free pass, what happens after?

josh says everyone is scared of matt, he's promised everyone that he would take them to the end, no one wanted me to tell you but i feel like we can work together (paraphrase)

ryan says that sounds liek a great offer, we'll see what happens with the veto and then i would need confirmation from everyone

josh says, that includes backdooring, no backdooring or on the block for 2 weeks, it leaves you open to do what you want and you are doing everyone a favor

ryan says and its not a good thing to be on his side at this point if the whole house is against him

josh, tempting?

ryan, very!

ryan i just hope i can trust everyones word for 2 weeks

josh, everyone is already down with this

ryan - what if i win the veto?

josh says you cant win the veto, it's a game of luck, this will be the easiest game to throw

ryan asked if adam was in on this

josh, no, not until tonight, hes too close to matt

ryan - james?

josh says james is in

ryan said that would be great b/c next week i wont have any power

ryan says its really hard to trust people for that long

josh says i think this one is easy though, i really think you can

ryan says i will definitely consider that, the trust factor of 2 weeks, ummm

josh says you cant totally trust us, anyone who votes against matt will be the target next week

ryan what if that person wins hoh next week though?

josh says that wont happen

ryan says its just that nothing is guaranteed in this game

josh but if you do this big favor for everyone, everyone loves you

josh says the core of the problem is matt, everything goes back to him

ryan says we'll see what happens in the POV

josh asks ryan not to tell anyone

ryan promises he wont

josh, matt would never see it coming

ryan said he already knew this was coming, it already got leaked out to matt, nat told him

josh when?

ryan - last night, he came to me, i cant believe you would do that, he was pissed

josh what did you think?

ryan says he didnt say much, i said, we'll see about that, but it was leaked

josh, by natalie

ryan, shes got a big mouth, shes supposedly mad at him, but he loves that kid

josh, we'd still have the votes

ryan if she was smart enough she would vote 6-0, dont say anything to her, but you know that she cant be trusted

josh, and he ran right up here?

ryan says i didnt know about the 2 week guarantee

josh, you have a sweet deal coming, natalie, that little bitch

ryan - yup, you cant trust her with anything you say esp. about matty, although he treats her like sh!t, shes the leak

josh - thats fine

ryan - if we have this conversation, she cant be involved

josh, then shes the target next week.

ryan we'll see what happens, i will listen to the offer

josh leaves
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Topic #8136548
NYTC7 - Josh to WC, Chelsia and Sharon are there, telling them that Nat leaked everything last night NT 0 Replies #8136548 10:53AM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8136554
NYTC7 - Josh told Sheila that nat leaked everything, she says I TOLD you!!! NT 0 Replies #8136554 10:54AM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8136582
NYTC7 - Josh says he just went upstairs to try and save himself 0 Replies #8136582 10:56AM 07/03/2008
Chelsia says he's laughing, he's not worried

Sheila says theres no backdooring now

josh says yes there is, he was receptive, thats why ryan didnt pick him to play in the veto

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Topic #8136591
NYTC7 - Chelsia is PI$$ed at Natalie NT 0 Replies #8136591 10:56AM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8136619
NYTC7 - Ryan says that they think that they have natalie 0 Replies #8136619 10:58AM 07/03/2008
matt says that we need chelsia too or james

ryan says i dont trust james

matt says james thinks chelsia is going home

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Topic #8136630
NYTC7 - Josh asks Nat point blank if she said anything to Matt, and she denies it NT 0 Replies #8136630 10:58AM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8136650
NYTC7 - Ryan thinks that he and matt will go up on the block if any one of them get HOH 0 Replies #8136650 10:59AM 07/03/2008
Matt knows that Nat won't screw her over
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Topic #8136656
NYTC7 - Josh and James are tlaking and Ryan and Matt are talking I cant follow both conversations NT 0 Replies #8136656 11:00AM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8136683
NYTC7 - Matt says that he's not talking to Sharon and that Sharon gave him attitude this morning 0 Replies #8136683 11:01AM 07/03/2008
He says that she should be happy that he was talking to her (ed. rolling eyes)
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Topic #8136716
NYTC7 - Natalie is insisting to Josh and James that she does not go back on her word NT 0 Replies #8136716 11:02AM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8136722
doodles444s - Nat telling Josh they should all stop being paranoid and that she is a girl of her word.. NT 0 Replies #8136722 11:03AM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8136738
NYTC7 - Ryan said I knew you wanted to play, but I couldn't call you out, it would have looked bad NT 0 Replies #8136738 11:03AM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8136762
NYTC7 - Ryan saying that he should try to be cool with Josh, work that angle NT 0 Replies #8136762 11:04AM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8136778
Suzan - Natalie is right next to Josh as he's making his bed, goining on and on about how trustworthy she is how 1 Replies #8136778 11:05AM 07/03/2008
she's not gone back on her word in the last five weeks, how she's not giving Matty the time of day. Josh just going about his business making the bed saying things like, sure, uh ha, yea, practically ignoring her while she stands there and continues to sell her attributes.

She also told Josh that everyone needs to quit acting so paranoid that they can trust her.

Nat saying she has a mental filing cabinet on everyone and how they treat her. Sharon now comes in the room and they start general chit chat.
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Suzan - Sharon's gone and Nat telling Josh how matty is trying to suck up to her, how now she's an #8136831 11:07AM 07/03/2008
individual in the game and she doesn't have to go along with Matt. Natalie gets called to change her batteries, Josh heads to the bathroom where James/Chelsia/Sharon are. They are discussing the plan again. Everyone now knows that Natalie (well Adam seems to be excluded), has told Matt everything and can no longer be trusted.
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Topic #8136789
NYTC7 - Matt says I'm not worried until next weeks HOH NT 0 Replies #8136789 11:05AM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8136848
Suzan - Josh and Sheila in the bathroom - Josh: Well we all know who to get out next week NT 0 Replies #8136848 11:08AM 07/03/2008
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Topic #8136857
NYTC7 - Ryan saying that Sharon and Josh needed to practice more 0 Replies #8136857 11:09AM 07/03/2008
Matt says I hope you win, i'm dying to see the campaigning

ryan says that i dont know if she knows how to campaign, josh will do it for her

matt says maybe we should have gotten rid of him, you could put up sheila but thats a waste, you should put him up

matt says chelsia is sh!tting bricks

matt says every girls is going to try to get matt to like them, somehow (according to nat)

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Topic #8136884
NYTC7 - Matt thinks that M & adam will go up next week 0 Replies #8136884 11:10AM 07/03/2008
matt pushing to backdoor josh again

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Topic #8136896
Suzan - Matt to Ryan - oh listen to this, every girl in the house is supposedly going to try and get me emotionally 1 Replies #8136896 11:11AM 07/03/2008
attached to me. They are trying to come up with a plan to, uh, silence, well use someone like Chelsia.

That they are also going to try and turn baller against James. Matt saying he won't listen to the rumors they plan to start that he'll just say whatever. Matt saying he thinks everyone thinks he's closer to baller than he is to him (Ryan). Matt saying they need to get one of their sides out.

Telling Ryan to do what he has to do, that he could put Chelsia against Sheila, but if C is still on their side they still have the sam....Ryan - well Sheila is on their side. M: Loosing a Sharon is better than loosing Chelsia. That Sheila will hook up with the stronger people and float.

Matt now pondering what if Josh was up against Chelsia, where would the votes fall.
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Suzan - Matt saying Sharon won't know what to do without Josh, that it's too early #8136950 11:15AM 07/03/2008
to get out "Sheeler". Ryan adds that she's expendable. That if Sharon gets off the block he might think about that.

Matt saying Josh will go right up if he wins HOH next week. Now Matt suggesting he might go make friends with Josh, Ryan says that's a good idea. That give him the idea he's safe, saying Josh is the bone of that operation and without him they are nothing.

That he's a smart dude, looks at every angle and is very paranoid (that was Ryan's comments). Matt suggests James would come to their side but Ryan saying he can't trust James. MAtt agrees.

Josh sending Matt away saying it doesn't look good for him to be up there so long. Matt says oh, okay I won't chill up here anymore, and Ryan says no he can come, just not for so long. Doorbell rings - Sheila is here.
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