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Sharon asks how he is and James says it is not my day. NT - FrouFrou
3:01PM 09/03/2008

M/N/R...hoh...talking about winning hoh...Matt says when the show is over - kandio
3:01PM 09/03/2008

chelsia saying she will flop her used tampons on floor and josh should not flush toilet when he uses it NT - streetsense
3:02PM 09/03/2008

Chelsia and Josh agreeing to be disgusting and freak people out with hygeine and being nice. NT - FrouFrou
3:02PM 09/03/2008

Matt telling Nat to ***** up Josh's castle. NT - FrouFrou
3:04PM 09/03/2008

Nat is ruining the slop...pouring something on it. Matt is trying to get her to go throw it on Josh. - SouthernBelladonna
3:05PM 09/03/2008

Josh throwing out the rest of his slop castle. NT - FrouFrou
3:06PM 09/03/2008

Nat is called to the DR. NT - SouthernBelladonna
3:07PM 09/03/2008

chelsia hanging out in kitchen w/ matt ryan making burgers--being very cheery NT - streetsense
3:10PM 09/03/2008

James to Sharon: I was here to play a game. Guess the game played me. NT - BBTenAddict
3:10PM 09/03/2008

Sharon says she doesn't understand why they would keep Matt in the game. She says Matt/Nat will win the money now. NT - SouthernBelladonna
3:13PM 09/03/2008

Che says she is done caring. She's not flushing the toliet, she isn't doing dishes or anything. NT - SouthernBelladonna
3:14PM 09/03/2008
Chelsia said she won't flush her dirty tampons. NT - Shar
3:31PM 09/03/2008

Chelsia says she is going to not flush the toilet so the entire house can see. She's not going to do any work around the house either. NT - Semi
3:15PM 09/03/2008

Josh tells James he will "tear it up just for you" James thanks him. NT - SouthernBelladonna
3:16PM 09/03/2008

M/N hide someone's stuff on top of the sauna. NT - SouthernBelladonna
3:17PM 09/03/2008

A few minutes ago (before gamed played me quote), James told Sharon that he told Ryan it was ok to nom Chelsia.... - BBTenAddict
3:17PM 09/03/2008

josh telling all the girls things he was going to say to matt but didnt NT - streetsense
3:17PM 09/03/2008

josh said hes gonna get his 10, 000 go back to his great job and be just fine NT - streetsense
3:20PM 09/03/2008

Josh making fun of Matt's eye saying he would be looking at the wrong prompter NT - McSampson
3:20PM 09/03/2008

Nat hiding the stuff she wants after she threw James stuff out. NT - FrouFrou
3:21PM 09/03/2008

josh bringing up ryan is prejudice and hates black people--according to his own GF NT - streetsense
3:21PM 09/03/2008

Chelsia suggest she and Josh wear white sheets in front of Ryan. NT - Semi
3:22PM 09/03/2008

Josh says he's most surprised that Sheila flipped. NT - SouthernBelladonna
3:23PM 09/03/2008

Matt: Is James going home? Find out on the next Big Brother! (LOL) NT - McSampson
3:24PM 09/03/2008

josh saying cant believe ryan had whole thing going for him and he turned---- NT - streetsense
3:26PM 09/03/2008

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