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josh wants ryan nat --Bd matt now cuz hes stronger NT - streetsense
3:27PM 09/03/2008

James wonders if women's groups are going to protest him for throwing pickle jar on Nat. Chelsia says "hell no, do it again" NT - Semi
3:28PM 09/03/2008

Ryan: Sharon is already starting to turn on them NT - McSampson
3:29PM 09/03/2008

Chelsia tells Sharon she doesn't have to campagn. - RubyGirl
3:31PM 09/03/2008

Chelsia says this is it this is what big brother wanted NT - seasickfan
3:31PM 09/03/2008

Che says she hates "those c***suckers and hopes the burn in hell." James says it's only a game. - SouthernBelladonna
3:31PM 09/03/2008

James jumped into the pool with all his clothes on. NT - RubyGirl
3:32PM 09/03/2008

Sheila: Omg Ryan you just flipped this house upside down.. and all around NT - McSampson
3:32PM 09/03/2008

josh saying ryan clearly made wrong decision---he had whole house-- NT - streetsense
3:32PM 09/03/2008

Josh says he's going to dye a strip of his hair pink in honor of James. NT - SouthernBelladonna
3:33PM 09/03/2008

Ryan, Nat, Matt, and Shelia in KT talking about Josh. - RubyGirl
3:35PM 09/03/2008

josh saying he would have stuck to 2 week deal now NT - streetsense
3:36PM 09/03/2008

Ryan says he thinks Josh will vote for Sharon. Josh would be stupid if he went against Sharon when she will still be in the house. NT - RubyGirl
3:36PM 09/03/2008

Che says they are going to follow the others around and make things awkward. - SouthernBelladonna
3:38PM 09/03/2008

chelsia wants to get on. flirt w/ matt do make nat mad NT - streetsense
3:38PM 09/03/2008

josh claiming hes not cowering , being pathetic like everybody else NT - streetsense
3:44PM 09/03/2008

Chelsia calling Natalie a killer because she has had two abortions NT - seasickfan
3:46PM 09/03/2008

sharon and james being silent during chelsia and joshs nat trashing -- NT - streetsense
3:47PM 09/03/2008

Chel asks Sharon if she's going to stick with the "crazies" (them). Shar says yes, but she has to play up to the "Preps" too. NT - SouthernBelladonna
3:49PM 09/03/2008

james looks asleep on grass wet fully clothed-- NT - streetsense
3:51PM 09/03/2008

Che goes inside to make slop for her and Shar. NT - SouthernBelladonna
3:51PM 09/03/2008

james telling shraon hes gone , she needs to abandons chelsia and josh if she wants to have a chance NT - streetsense
3:59PM 09/03/2008

James to Sharon outside, if you stay you need to stay away from Josh & Chel NT - my0wn
3:59PM 09/03/2008

sharon saying josh chelsia "done" checked out" "dont care" NT - streetsense
4:01PM 09/03/2008

Josh has discovered that some of his things are missing. - SouthernBelladonna
4:10PM 09/03/2008
Josh also said that his glasses probably cost as much as her abortion NT - TheMike
4:12PM 09/03/2008

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