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Josh says that he knows that James hates him NT - Quirkydude
7:17PM 09/03/2008
Matt, not Josh NT - SouthernBelladonna
7:21PM 09/03/2008

Sharon says he caused her to think that Ryan/Ali had a deal with James/Chelsia ed.(I'm working from only audio) NT - Quirkydude
7:18PM 09/03/2008

Josh says he didnt' realize how tough natlies life is and he doesnt' want to make it any worse than it is NT - Quirkydude
7:19PM 09/03/2008
Matt not Josh NT - Kittyc
7:21PM 09/03/2008

Matt finishes by telling Sharon to tell Josh that they are not after him... - Quirkydude
7:21PM 09/03/2008

Sharon says that James/Chelsia came to HoH to talk with Josh, but never to her NT - Quirkydude
7:21PM 09/03/2008

Sharon says that James came with nothing and he is leaving with $10 grand..he should be happy NT - Quirkydude
7:23PM 09/03/2008

Sharon says that Adam is playing with the majority...and that how the house goes, he will go NT - Quirkydude
7:24PM 09/03/2008

Chelsia & Josh both tell Sharon they think she is safe NT - Quirkydude
7:27PM 09/03/2008
Sharon thinks she has Sheila........ Chelsia tells her to be "sketchy" of her. NT - Shar
7:29PM 09/03/2008

Sharon tells Josh that Matt & Ryan are coming out ..Josh saying they should go in, but Chel says they should stay...Josh agrees.. NT - Quirkydude
7:29PM 09/03/2008

Matt talking with Nat ...telling her about his conversation with Sharon NT - Quirkydude
7:31PM 09/03/2008

Sharon telling Josh about her converation with Matt NT - Quirkydude
7:32PM 09/03/2008

Josh apologizes to Matt for his earlier actions...says Matt started in on him and he just went off NT - Quirkydude
7:39PM 09/03/2008

Josh tells matt they are cool that matt just set him off NT - raindrop110475
7:39PM 09/03/2008

matt just gave josh a shirt--josh accepted it --and they both said they cool w/ each other ...what!! NT - streetsense
7:39PM 09/03/2008

Matt tells Ryan that Josh made up with him...says it is good to keep the peace NT - Quirkydude
7:42PM 09/03/2008

Matt tells ryan that josh made up with him no need to have drama and chels comes out says she doesnt hate matty and they hug NT - raindrop110475
7:42PM 09/03/2008

Matt says others hate him...Chelsia hugs him and says she does not hate him NT - Quirkydude
7:42PM 09/03/2008

matt sayign ryan claps when nervous and matt bounces his fists tohgether alll feeds switch to josh outside with james NT - raindrop110475
7:43PM 09/03/2008

chel and josh outside making fun of matt saying matt gave shirt to make peace with josh - raindrop110475
7:44PM 09/03/2008

Chelisa changes clothes on-cam at 7:40 house time NT - PartyN
7:47PM 09/03/2008

matt and ryan tellign nat she did well shes like 009 nat confirms she will never tell chel she heard the nasty box thing from ryan NT - raindrop110475
7:47PM 09/03/2008

Nat says she is going to "tinkle" NT - hasshoes
7:48PM 09/03/2008

matt says all money bb has and they cant buy them another inflatable basketball hoop NT - raindrop110475
7:50PM 09/03/2008

sharon telling james josh and chel that sheila is scared of josh and him goign off on her NT - raindrop110475
7:52PM 09/03/2008

sharon tellign the people in HT that matt told her she is safe and that nat wont vote for james cause he threw something at her NT - raindrop110475
7:53PM 09/03/2008

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