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Josh says he will put ryan on block says shocking mattw as brains behind this whole operation thats a shocker NT - raindrop110475
7:54PM 09/03/2008

James tells josh sharon and chel they need to stick togetehr if he leaves or house will pick them off chel and josh agree NT - raindrop110475
7:55PM 09/03/2008

matt and baller come outside and sharon yells so balla when are u gonna be on patch for smoking NT - raindrop110475
7:57PM 09/03/2008

james inside apologizing to sheila for pickle thing says he was just really pissed off and she says i jjust cant handle all that stuff today it scares - raindrop110475
8:01PM 09/03/2008

sheila lying to james---says she thought it was gonna be josh--then says definately was a shocker NT - streetsense
8:02PM 09/03/2008

James says Ill just go to sequester and sheila says your gonna give up that soon - raindrop110475
8:03PM 09/03/2008

sheila lying to james--saying she wasnt told anything, they were being mean to her-threw her through a loop-she didn know anything -went to sleep NT - streetsense
8:04PM 09/03/2008

sheila out of blue says if you wanna talk to james and he says I really do I really do - raindrop110475
8:05PM 09/03/2008

enjoying frieds slop pickles sheila says we need more pickles NT - raindrop110475
8:08PM 09/03/2008

James standing at door to toilet listenign to chel pee and commenting on it NT - raindrop110475
8:09PM 09/03/2008

James tells chel that sheilsa is open and chel says I think shes playing - raindrop110475
8:10PM 09/03/2008

chel says her and james have alot more to offer sheila than sharon does NT - raindrop110475
8:11PM 09/03/2008

sheila tells josh sharon has her vote that sheila hates chelsea and wants her out NT - raindrop110475
8:13PM 09/03/2008

Josh is promising sheila he would never use her kid against her NT - raindrop110475
8:14PM 09/03/2008

James to chel says he knows how to get baller he is sealed NT - raindrop110475
8:18PM 09/03/2008

James plans to tell baller he needs someone who can physically take out guys on other side - raindrop110475
8:20PM 09/03/2008

chel says shell kick nats as* that bb will take boxing gloves away from them NT - raindrop110475
8:22PM 09/03/2008

James and chel snuggling in bed soemone is whistling rocky theme off camera NT - raindrop110475
8:23PM 09/03/2008

sheila tthinks with A-1 steak sauce they can make slop burgers NT - raindrop110475
8:25PM 09/03/2008

James says he will be sheilas rook to her queen her defense against slop and josh she can place him where she needs him NT - raindrop110475
8:26PM 09/03/2008

james trying to scheme how to get sheila and adams votes--but not getting hopes up NT - streetsense
8:27PM 09/03/2008

sheila thanks sharon for talkign to josh and gettign him to promise not to use her son in an assualt NT - raindrop110475
8:28PM 09/03/2008

james saying if he stays he has to break away--retool--rethink his whole gameplan--he hadnt thought about game enough- NT - streetsense
8:31PM 09/03/2008

josh goes to talk to james and chel and says sheila slectured him and he said nothing (not true) and he is ready bring it NT - raindrop110475
8:32PM 09/03/2008

Josh telling jame she can get 4-2 for james that sheila will switch is only common sense move NT - raindrop110475
8:33PM 09/03/2008

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