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All four feeds still on BY - Adam, Sheila, Shar & Josh - convo now moves towards movie "The Breakup" (ed. I'm out for a bit) NT - Sue
11:04AM 11/03/2008
James walked outside, but didn't join Sheila/Adam/Josh, he went to lounger NT - WVpdles
11:06AM 11/03/2008

Sheila was wondering if she would get to see the Oscars while in sequester, and Sheila said prob not because it will be like b4 coming in - WVpdles
11:09AM 11/03/2008

Sheila apologizing to Adam if she in any way messed up his game in the beginning NT - WVpdles
11:11AM 11/03/2008
Adam - and judgemental. Sheila - and you have grown on me and in a good way not like a fungus. Sharon and Adam clap. NT - WVpdles
11:12AM 11/03/2008

BB: Josh to DR NT - WVpdles
11:13AM 11/03/2008

Chel has come out and joined Sharon/Sheila/Adam and now James. Nat comes out, thinking about putting on swimsuit NT - WVpdles
11:15AM 11/03/2008

James calling out Sharon telling her since she's staying she better not play quiet anymore. To call out the F*ers in the house. The roofer and the guy - WVpdles
11:19AM 11/03/2008

James says the wakeup song was the "devil's symphony" NT - WVpdles
11:22AM 11/03/2008

Shelia goes to massage room to paint her nails with Nat NT - WVpdles
11:23AM 11/03/2008
Sharon joins them NT - WVpdles
11:24AM 11/03/2008

chelsia: sharons definately gonna play the game different now. I think those words will really have an impact (being serious) - streetsense
11:24AM 11/03/2008

Sheila says she's amazed none of the girls have used their secret weapon against the boys yet. Nat said she will later down the line NT - WVpdles
11:26AM 11/03/2008
Nat said IF the boys turn on the girls she would THEN pull out her weapon NT - zzziiinnnggg
11:30AM 11/03/2008

J/C/J/S alone in BY, girls are discussing whether they can have soy milk. Chel planning on locking herself in HoH if she wins. - WVpdles
11:37AM 11/03/2008
James gets up and leaves NT - WVpdles
11:37AM 11/03/2008

Matt said no more Nat cooking after Chel told them broiling is bad for you, Ryan thinks that's why he's been feeling sh!tty NT - WVpdles
11:58AM 11/03/2008

Sharon and Josh playing pool. sharon - chel says it's gonna be physical. They both agree it's not gonna be physical. - WVpdles
12:00PM 11/03/2008
Josh told her to not get caught up in the moment, cuz she knows she's staying NT - WVpdles
12:00PM 11/03/2008

Chelsia to DR NT - TracyTurnblad
12:01PM 11/03/2008

Ryan/Adam/Matt out wandering the BY NT - WVpdles
12:03PM 11/03/2008

All four feeds on Josh and Sharon playing pool NT - TracyTurnblad
12:04PM 11/03/2008

Josh/Shar went inside. Outside Matt says: lets see who the two vote for NT - Sue
12:08PM 11/03/2008

Adam: she will vote for them too. Matt: Who? Adam: She-bot: Matt & Ryan: Naaaaah NT - Sue
12:09PM 11/03/2008

Josh back outside with Ry/Ball/Matt...James in KT NT - Sue
12:11PM 11/03/2008

Josh scrubbing his flip flops in a bucket in BY NT - DanaRose
12:13PM 11/03/2008

Josh sitting on large lounge - Matt/Ry/Ball playing some sort of ball game out of screen. Singing rap songs. General boring stuff.... NT - Sue
12:14PM 11/03/2008

Matt sits in hammock watching Adam and Ryan shoot BY hoops NT - DanaRose
12:14PM 11/03/2008

Chels laying on her bed alone in silence NT - DanaRose
12:15PM 11/03/2008

BB: Sheila to DR NT - DanaRose
12:15PM 11/03/2008

Sheila to DR NT - TracyTurnblad
12:15PM 11/03/2008

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