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Adam goes into Hoh and tells Ryan that J/C/J are all paranoid. - BB_Addiction
12:18AM 11/03/2008
After Adam left the BY, James immediately says Adam is playing both sides & Chelsia declares that she knew they shouldn't have told him. NT - scandalous
12:21AM 11/03/2008

Matt smooths things over with Nat in the Sauna room (ed shocker!), meanwhile J/J/C propose their thoughts about Matt/Nat being a couple... - scandalous
12:20AM 11/03/2008

Ryan stuffing his face with chips talking game to Adam........ NT - BB_Addiction
12:21AM 11/03/2008

Matt grillin' Nat: What do you say if someone tells you I've been kissing someone?... - scandalous
12:25AM 11/03/2008

Nat and Matt leave Sauna room and Nat says he owes her a massage. NT - BB_Addiction
12:25AM 11/03/2008

M/N sauna - kandio
12:25AM 11/03/2008

Matt goes out to BY and tells James his chances are looking really good right now... - scandalous
12:26AM 11/03/2008

..Matt vaguely telling James about the Sharon situation. (even tho he JUST told Nat he wouldn't talk to anyone about it) NT - BB_Addiction
12:27AM 11/03/2008

James pushes Matt to say what Sharon did that made him upset, Matt says someone made a bold claim about me & I have a lot of thinking to do tonight NT - scandalous
12:27AM 11/03/2008

Nat, Ryan, Adam in HoH on F1 and 2. Nat telling R & A about what just went down with Matt. - BB_Addiction
12:30AM 11/03/2008

I heard Matt tell Nat in the sauna " you know I have someone on the outside and I am - CruiseCritic
12:32AM 11/03/2008

Chelsia asks James if he trusts Josh and he tells her that Josh will protect her. NT - BB_Addiction
12:36AM 11/03/2008

Flames on all 4 feeds.... NT - BB_Addiction
12:39AM 11/03/2008

M/N/A/R kitchen - kandio
12:58AM 11/03/2008

Nat wants to look up slander. Still talking about a twist. Nat says this season has had the most twists - kandio
1:07AM 11/03/2008

HG's in the backyard they all agree that eric was a lame AP Matt says james would have been a great ap. - KingMac
1:20AM 11/03/2008

HG's all speculating if anyone else is hooked up, or are there any other twists. (just wait till wed!) NT - KingMac
1:21AM 11/03/2008

hg's are begging for a movie night - ariel1981
1:23AM 11/03/2008

natalie is saying she won't have a one night stand - ariel1981
1:25AM 11/03/2008

matt/adam/ryan playing basketball - ariel1981
1:29AM 11/03/2008

all went into kitchen talking about twists and james kinda flipped out - ariel1981
1:34AM 11/03/2008

matt is quizzing nat on how many laps in the pool equal certain miles... - ariel1981
1:35AM 11/03/2008

all feeds cut to BY - ariel1981
1:36AM 11/03/2008

james is saying that their relationship is $5ook - ariel1981
1:38AM 11/03/2008

josh/nat/adam all going to bed NT - ariel1981
1:44AM 11/03/2008

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