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all 4 feeds on inside now--matt cooking --ryan eating --no talking going on NT - streetsense
2:32PM 11/03/2008

matt ryan josh inside--talking about cheese--ryan called to hoh bedroom NT - streetsense
2:34PM 11/03/2008

all 4 feeds outside--james playing pool by himself --matt adam boxing training NT - streetsense
2:37PM 11/03/2008

james ryan matt adam just posed for a picture outside--josh took it NT - streetsense
2:39PM 11/03/2008

ryan taking pictures of james now --chelsia out there, sheila ,adam, matt NT - streetsense
2:40PM 11/03/2008

josh talking to james inside--saying he has to tell sheila about knowing she was one that told matt about plan-- - streetsense
2:46PM 11/03/2008

Josh and Sharon sitting together and then BB calls Josh to DR right after NT - lakeview
2:50PM 11/03/2008

josh talking to adam telling him hes voting for james---telling him sharon is putting him up - streetsense
2:53PM 11/03/2008

Matt & Ryan (and baller?) eating burgers in the kitchen. They didn't make Nat a burger. - aubrey04
2:56PM 11/03/2008

james telling chelsia he thinks hes still gone NT - streetsense
2:56PM 11/03/2008

chelsia: this could be nat and sheilas sweet revenge for the pickles - streetsense
2:59PM 11/03/2008

matt , ryan talking about having to talk to sheila tonight --saying its gonna have to take 2 of themNT - streetsense
3:01PM 11/03/2008

matt ryan --telling sheila they know whats up and it aint going down - streetsense
3:03PM 11/03/2008

Josh: im judas now stupidest thing I can do voting out my partner talkign to james and chel NT - raindrop110475
3:04PM 11/03/2008

Adam comes out and says to j/c that ryan said on split vote he would keep james - raindrop110475
3:05PM 11/03/2008

Adam just came outside and asked James/Chels - says you won't back door me? James says you have my word NT - Sue
3:06PM 11/03/2008

James and chel promise to protect adam NT - raindrop110475
3:06PM 11/03/2008

james saying matt got too cocky too quick NT - raindrop110475
3:07PM 11/03/2008

Past 20 minutes or so - lakeview
3:10PM 11/03/2008

Sharon just told Adam and Matt she would not put them up and Adam said - CruiseCritic
3:16PM 11/03/2008

matt and nat argument--nat saying im doing whatts best for me-- matt--we are a unit NT - streetsense
3:17PM 11/03/2008

Matt just told Natalie that her intuition is wrong, but do what you want. - CruiseCritic
3:17PM 11/03/2008

nat: you gonna play me for a fool matt: ill go rip her a new ***** if thats wjhat you want to oprove it to you - streetsense
3:19PM 11/03/2008

Nat saying that James isn't going to win HOH. Nat has premotions. NT - FrouFrou
3:20PM 11/03/2008

matt: do you think its a better move? nat: sharon is stronger mental - streetsense
3:21PM 11/03/2008

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