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Josh telling Sharon a different story right now then what he & Nat were talking about . - kandio
1:22PM 11/03/2008

Nat and Sheila in sauna rm...Nat says she thinks Sharon should go, Sheila says - DanaRose
1:22PM 11/03/2008

James, Sheila and Nat all shook on it, they're voting Sharon out, with Josh vote too. They agree that they will - DanaRose
1:32PM 11/03/2008

Nat/Sheila saying they're keeping James, he's the more colorful person and the boys will go after him NT - WVpdles
1:49PM 11/03/2008
Camera shows Matt sleeping in his bed then switched NT - WVpdles
1:49PM 11/03/2008

Natalie saying not to talk to the boys about this she says she's the better person and is going to forgive him b/c that's what a good Christian does - IggysPINKTights
1:51PM 11/03/2008

Sheila/Nat aren't gonna say anything to the boys. Nat - "Done deal" NT - WVpdles
1:52PM 11/03/2008

Sharon(?) was listening to nat and Matty's convo when they were on the block with A/A Natalie doesn't trust her she's sneaky NT - IggysPINKTights
1:52PM 11/03/2008

Nat is going to admit that she voted for James to stay and she will tell them why she says she has a gut feeling and they will believe her NT - IggysPINKTights
1:53PM 11/03/2008

Natalie says she doesn't care if the boys get mad at her Sharon is mentally tuff NT - IggysPINKTights
1:53PM 11/03/2008

Nat said she knows this is right, like she's knew she was gonna be on BB and they were gonna win PoV and they're gonna be F4 NT - WVpdles
1:56PM 11/03/2008

Josh/Chel/james gonna branch out and make friends outside their 3. Josh will take Nat, Chel with Sheila and James Ryan or Matt NT - WVpdles
2:02PM 11/03/2008
josh was gonna take Sheila, but then when Chel ended up with Nat. Josh said I better take Nat, you go with Sheila NT - WVpdles
2:04PM 11/03/2008

Josh/Ryan/Adam in BY talking about pictures NT - hamstah
2:17PM 11/03/2008

Chel/Sheila/Nat talking in sauna about mothers in past BB's NT - hamstah
2:18PM 11/03/2008
sheila talking about her son and thats all she has.Chelsia sorry for saying Sheila is playing the single mom card NT - hamstah
2:20PM 11/03/2008

matt's awake...outside talking with ryan, random talk NT - weebles
2:19PM 11/03/2008

F1 F2 : chelsia, nat, sheila inside talking-- sheila rambling --- NT - streetsense
2:22PM 11/03/2008

Josh/James playing pool in BY NT - hamstah
2:22PM 11/03/2008

nat called to Dr-- NT - streetsense
2:22PM 11/03/2008

matt adam inside--preparing burgers--no feeds on them NT - streetsense
2:24PM 11/03/2008

Small Nat DR leak on F2 NT - hamstah
2:24PM 11/03/2008

Josh telling James Nat/Sheila/Josh/Chelsia are voting to keep him NT - hamstah
2:25PM 11/03/2008

josh telling james hes got nat, sheila --around the pool table--- (after ryan went inside ) NT - streetsense
2:26PM 11/03/2008

All 4 feeds on Josh/James playing pool NT - hamstah
2:27PM 11/03/2008

ryan adam matt inside making the burgers--but no feeds showing convo NT - streetsense
2:28PM 11/03/2008

josh: how did you come up w/ this plan? how did you crack natalie - streetsense
2:30PM 11/03/2008

Now all four feeds on Matt/Ryan/Josh talking about protein shakes NT - hamstah
2:31PM 11/03/2008
their in the kitchen NT - hamstah
2:32PM 11/03/2008

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