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Topic #8203008
DanaRose - James and Chelsia in KT now hugging. Chels says this is harder 0 Replies #8203008 12:18PM 11/03/2008
than you think, James says i know. Baller comes in and says hes going to change. J/C eating now, James fake crying and he and Chels laughing. James says they're breaking up the one thing that was pure and true in the house. (meaning he and Chelsia.
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Topic #8203011
TracyTurnblad - James saying everyone in the house is pathetic 0 Replies #8203011 12:18PM 11/03/2008
because they broke up "the only thing that was pure and true in the house!"(His relationship with Chelsia)
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Topic #8203021
ariel1981 - james/chelsia in KT adam walks through and they ask if he is okay 0 Replies #8203021 12:19PM 11/03/2008
james is saying it is pathetic that the people in the house have broken up the one pure and true thing in the house - their relationship.
james just asked adam if he would have his vote
says he is going to go up and talk to ryan - possibly about him staying in a tie-breaker?
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Topic #8203023
ariel1981 - josh joined J/C wondering if ryan would keep james NT 0 Replies #8203023 12:20PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8203032
DanaRose - James just asked someone out of view if they wanted chicken nuggets, (i guess thats what he's making now) NT 0 Replies #8203032 12:20PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8203049
WVpdles - James/Nat in massage room. Nat said she's not sure she can trust Sharon, she's sneaky. Nat - if it goes split i'd rather you be here than her NT 0 Replies #8203049 12:22PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8203050
TracyTurnblad - Natalie telling James that she wants to keep him over Sharon! NT 0 Replies #8203050 12:22PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8203056
ariel1981 - james and natalie in SR 0 Replies #8203056 12:22PM 11/03/2008
natalie saying she didn't know james was going to be backdoored
thought it would be josh
she wants josh gone
natalie doesn't trust sharon "she's very sneaky and doesn't talk much"
natalie would rather get rid of sharon and says she is a hard place
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Topic #8203085
DanaRose - James and Nat whispering in sauna room. Nat saying she doesnt know if she can 0 Replies #8203085 12:25PM 11/03/2008
trust Sharon. She and Josh said they'd use the veto on N/M but she knows they wont. James says Adam said he'd give him a vote, Nat says Really? so you only need one more, I will talk to them tonight (meaning Jash and Chelsia) shes worried they'll be pissed voting Sharon out now. Nat saying she's not sure she can trust Matty. I was thinking about it all last I switch, what should I do?? (Looks like James is falling for this bs AGAIN!)
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Topic #8203148
DanaRose - Nat saying she has to talk to Josh, Chelsia and Adam, and if they're voting to keep James, she will too. James says 0 Replies #8203148 12:30PM 11/03/2008
he just shook on it with Adam in KT, Adam's told him he's voting for James. Nat most likely pretending to be sick of Matty, said she doesn't like people talking behind her back, then said thats why she's not liking Chels, she talks too much crap. James says well just talk to them, Nat saying she will, and she's trying to figure out what's best for HER, not Matty. They want me to just go along with them cuz they think im the strongest girl. James says and you'll be outta here in 4th place. Nat says I know, thats what im thinking.
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Topic #8203208
TheMike - Lockdown - All houseguests must stay inside NT 0 Replies #8203208 12:33PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8203238
kandio - N/J..Nat says the boys club want to keep her because she is the strongest women 0 Replies #8203238 12:35PM 11/03/2008
Natt saying if i vote for you to stay they will know how i voted.
Nat wants to know if he will put her up if he wins hoh
Nat says she thought if they voted Matt out she would go next
James says he would swear on her bible.
Nat says she will talk to Adam
James goes...feed change
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Topic #8203255
DanaRose - Nat really seeming like she will vote for James to stay...said she has to make sure 0 Replies #8203255 12:36PM 11/03/2008
that Josh, Chelsia and Adam are definately voting for James too, but she's wondering how will she cover her tracks to the other group?
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Topic #8203317
DanaRose - Nat and Josh in bathroom....(MORE!) 0 Replies #8203317 12:39PM 11/03/2008
Nat says she doesnt think the boys will protect her, she's really thinking what to do. She likes Sharon and all, but hates the idea of backdooring. (IMO:Nat now wants Sharon OUT cuz she was kissing Matty!! LOL) They left conversation at 'we'll talk later'
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Topic #8203339
DanaRose - Josh said something like this will be the best backstab in bb history! NT 0 Replies #8203339 12:41PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8203357
DanaRose - James tells Chelsia everything, Chelsia says Ok yes, tell her im in. NT 0 Replies #8203357 12:42PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8203539
DanaRose - Nat and Josh in sauna room now.....(more) 0 Replies #8203539 12:50PM 11/03/2008
Nat says Sharon is sneaky and would betray her before James would. Josh says i have a problem trusting you cuz i coulda been on the block cuz of you and i dont know why Im not, Nat said i know, honestly, if that woulda happened i woulda voted for you, but i didnt think it would be James. (lie) JOSH SAYS SO WE VOTE TO GET RID OF sHARON? Nat says Yesss, i dont trust her and Alli told Nat at one point that Sharon wanted her and matty out and she believes Alli.
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Topic #8203574
DanaRose - James/Chelsia in SR, Chelsia says I wont put her up, james says 0 Replies #8203574 12:52PM 11/03/2008
so Im not out yet smiling and he and Chelsia jumping up and down laughing
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Topic #8203662
DanaRose - Josh to can i trust you, you...(ADULT) 1 Replies #8203662 12:56PM 11/03/2008
F^*ked me hard, Nat fast talking mocking MATT and downing Matt for kissing girls in the house and talking behind her back.Nat says she caught Matt in a big lie and she was up all night thinking about it. They're going over the votes. and how to make it look like Nat didnt vote for james. lol Nat says Mattys not good at a mental comp
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WVpdles - Nat said sheila was the 2nd person to warn Matt about the BD NT #8203746 1:00PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8203785
DanaRose - Josh and james in bathrm 'quick chatting', Josh goes back to Nat and says James is scared you're 0 Replies #8203785 1:02PM 11/03/2008
f@^king us too. Nat says shes not, Matty's really been lying to her, and i been thinking about all this, i dont believe mATTYS TELLING ME THE TRUTH. I KNOW HES STILL Lying to me and making me look like a dumb ass on national tv
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Topic #8203831
DanaRose - nat says BBs gonna show Matt making out with me and saying stuff to me, and then making out with all the other girls NT 0 Replies #8203831 1:04PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8203840
DanaRose - Nat campaigning hard to get rid of Sharon NT 0 Replies #8203840 1:05PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8203871
kandio - N/J..Nat i dont trust Sharon 0 Replies #8203871 1:06PM 11/03/2008
says she believes Alli on a lot of things.
For some reason the switch the feeds off J/N
C/J C tells James she wont put Nat up if she gets hoh. But cant start being her would not look right..
Back to...J/N
J how can i trust you when you fu*ked me hard
Nat said he told me that he [matt] would do stuff but when i found out about that other stuff...caught him in a lie

Nat saying only Sheila will come after me..
talking about how the voting will go & who to blame.
saying they have to make peeps think they still hate each other.

Talking about C and her hating Nat
Nat saying she has to talk to Adam

Nat going to tell J who else told about ? she said if i tell you, you cant tell.
Josh saying you have to tell me everything.
saying Sharon told Sheila, Sheila told us.

[A woman scorned]Nat mad about looking like a fool. Telling Josh what Mat told her yestrday in SR.

J/J Josh telling James it was Shila ho told?
Want to talk to Adam

Josh/N Josh telling Nat she will be good in hoh but good enough for 7 weeks.
Nat saying she could not sleep last night, says Matt wont tell her the truth/making a fool of her.
Talking about things Sheila said...Natt bak to Matt making her look like a idiot..On TV

Keep talking about what part of what Matt has done is not part of he plan...kissing Sharon is not.
ovr & over

Says she can tell when he lies..And dose not like it he wont talk to her but he will w/Sharon
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Topic #8203930
DanaRose - Nat's talking on and on about the Sharon/Matt kiss, that they always hang out together now, he'll go cuddle with her in the bed and i get 0 Replies #8203930 1:08PM 11/03/2008
two minutes, thats all i get. Hes making me look like an idiot now. I cant trust Sharon but i thought you were gonna vote for Sharon. Nat says we have to pretend we hate each other, no ones gonna ever think the atheist and the holy girl are together! Keeps saying she cant believe matty lied to her, probably alot.
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Topic #8203981
kandio - N/Josh SR 0 Replies #8203981 1:11PM 11/03/2008
Nat saying nobody would think the holy roller and the Atheist or the Gay guy.
feed change
J/J cant believe Sheila said that to them.

Telling C to say sorry to Nat..Shes going.

But Sheila is w/Nat..[darn]
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