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adam up and using restroom, doesnt wash his hands,heads back to bed NT - echo
9:14AM 15/03/2008

All feeds back to Sleeping HG. NT - cambik
9:20AM 15/03/2008

josh up and in restroom NT - echo
9:45AM 15/03/2008

josh washes hands, checks himself out in the mirror, heads outside - echo
9:49AM 15/03/2008

flames NT - echo
10:02AM 15/03/2008

flames NT - catgurl
10:03AM 15/03/2008

Flames switched to Trivia at some point (ed. possible surprise comp?) NT - scandalous
10:24AM 15/03/2008

feeds back...r/a/m in by playin croquet , s/c/j in restroom NT - echo
10:28AM 15/03/2008
nat joins them in restroom NT - echo
10:29AM 15/03/2008

matt braggin to r/a he didnt even have to give nat her 2-5 min of kissing NT - echo
10:30AM 15/03/2008

sharon cuttin green peppers for gp's, adam watching, chelsia gettin cereal& yogurt NT - echo
10:36AM 15/03/2008

nat joins mat and ryan in by...cont to practice croquet NT - echo
10:36AM 15/03/2008

josh shaving his face....james comes in and chels in there too...not sure what was said between j/j water running NT - echo
10:46AM 15/03/2008

james is telling chels outside he may use the veto and put adam up NT - echo
10:51AM 15/03/2008
james conts to say adam is sheisty and underestimated in the game NT - echo
10:57AM 15/03/2008

Josh shows up to the Back Yard. Tells J/C about his bad dream. He has been dreaming about tragedies, at least once a week NT - realitydoll
11:17AM 15/03/2008

James finds out about why Natalie is so intense with Matt and tells Chelsea and Josh, who confirms the BJ on day 2 NT - realitydoll
11:18AM 15/03/2008

Jjosh has joined Che and James in the BY. They talk about what the comp with the giant croquet set will be. - SouthernBelladonna
11:18AM 15/03/2008

James tells Josh that the reason Nats so attached to Matt is cuz she gave him...(ADULT) - DanaRose
11:19AM 15/03/2008

james also says matt could also be an option as replacement - echo
11:19AM 15/03/2008

Josh calls Nat d**kwhipped" NT - SouthernBelladonna
11:19AM 15/03/2008

James just called Nat a hooker NT - realitydoll
11:19AM 15/03/2008
Josh called Nat a hooker after he said..I woundered how she knew he had a big di*k NT - kandio
11:21AM 15/03/2008
TY, I was just going to edit to change that, but you beat me to it. :) NT - realitydoll
11:37AM 15/03/2008

James saying he may pull Ryan and put up Adam to Joshua...James thinks that Adam thinks he is playing them all (paraphrasing) NT - realitydoll
11:20AM 15/03/2008

James and Josh discussing Adam. James says Adam last week had to talk about the vote with Sheila first, so now - DanaRose
11:22AM 15/03/2008
James added that he might as well break up another strong pair (Sheila/Adam) NT - realitydoll
11:28AM 15/03/2008

Flames NT - BamaDaisy
11:28AM 15/03/2008

james and josh playing pool...josh doin well at the game, matt snoozing while nat lays next to him in bed reading bible and drinkin coffee NT - echo
11:31AM 15/03/2008
sorry matts eyes are open NT - echo
11:32AM 15/03/2008

Flames were because Josh wanted to shave his head...when it came back from flames Josh said "they see out homosexual going to - SkyDreams
11:33AM 15/03/2008

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